Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

Harvest Moon All Bachelor's HEART EVENTS

Black Heart Event
>> At night
>> Inn
>> Haven't met Cliff before

Doug will say hello to you and introduce you to Cliff. Doug will then
ask you a question. Choose the first one and he's heart event will
increase. However if you did the event in the church. Doug won't introduce
him to you instead Cliff will act very active towards you and Doug being
amased on how he suddenly become very confident with girls.

Purple Heart Event

None Seen so far

Blue Heart Event
>> Fall
>> Accepted Dukes Grape picking event
>> Ask Cliff to help you

When Duke comes to your house and ask you to hell him. Go tell Cliff
to be your partner (Must bring him or he'll leave). He'll then
participate with you in the grapes picking event.

Green Heart Level
>> Winter
>> Snowing
>> Square
>> 11pm

When you go to the square at a snowy day. Cliff will faint and drop a
photo of his family. He'll then be taken to the hospital. Go to the
hospital the next day and give him the photo.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Winery
>> Cliff must be working in Vineyard

Cliff and you overheard Manna and Duke talking about letting Cliff inherit
the Vineyard instead of their duaghter Aja.

Orange Heart Event
>> Starry Night Festival day
>> Mountain Summit

Go up to the mountain and he'll ask you something about the stars. Pick
the first option and he'll like you more.

Red Heart Event
>> Cliff must be working in Vineyard
>> Vineyard
>> Celar

Cliff will be there and decide to show you around. Manna will then come in
and ask if Cliff would marry to her daughter Aja. Cliff replied by saying
"I've already made up my mind".

Extra Heart Event
>> This only occur if you have seen the Red Heart Event.
>> Night
>> Mountain Summit

Cliff will be there. Now talk to Cliff and Cliff will talk about his family.
Cliff will say he love you and ask if you feel the same. Choose the 1st
option to say yes.


Black Heart Event
>> Spring 30th
>> Exit your farm by going North

Kai will be talking to Popuri and May. After talking tothem Kai will come
and talk to you.

Purple or Blue Heart Event
>> Summer

Kai will appear on your farm and ask you to sell him some corn. If you sell
the corn for the lowest price he'll become very happy towards you.

Green or Yellow Heart Event
>> Summer
>> Inn

Kai is there arguing with his father about closing down his shop and never
come back to Mineral town again.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Largest home extention
>> Summer
>> Raining day

Kai ask if he could come to your house to stay for a little while. Choose the
first option and you and him will be spending time in your house for the rest
of the day.

Orange Heart Event
>> Starry Nights festival

See what happens yourself

Red Heart Event
>> Go to sleep

Go to bed and you'll have a dream. Everyone want to throw Kai out of
town. Kai shout out that he love you. Reply saying you love him too
by choosing the first option. You suddenly wake up and Kai will be at
your house and ask if you would come with him to the city. You'll
automatically accepted.


Black Heart Event
>> Poultry Farm
>> First time going to Poultry Farm

Go to Poultry farm and you'll witness Rick and Popuri having fight
about a dead chicken. Popuri will then run off. Talk to Rick and now
head to the goddess pond. Talk to Popuri and choose the "He's a mean
brother" option. She'll get happy but I don't know about Rick

Purple or Blue Heart Event
>> Enlarged Chicken coop
>> Have enough room for his chicken

Rick one day will come by your farm and let you raise some of his
chicken. Choose the 1st option to accept and he'll be very happy.

Green Heart Event
>> Leave chicken outside

One day Rick will come to your farm and say it's dangerous leaving
chickens outside. Choose the first option and he'll be very happy
towards you.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Clinic

Go to the clinic and Rick is there buying medicine for his mother.
Choose the second option saying that you hope she gets better soon.

Orange Heart Event
>> Bar
>> Night

You'll see Rick and Karen talking. Go and talk to them and choose
the 1st option. Rick will then like you more.

Red Heart Event
>> Put chicken outside

When you go to sleep, you'll have a dream of Rick protecting your
chicken from a stray dog. The Stray Dog injured Rick and you quickly
take him to the hospital. Aterward Rick will ask you if you want to
marry to him. Choose the 2nd option to accept.


Black Heart Event
>> Exit your farm at 3pm
> Outside of Saibara

You'll see Gray and he quickly realise you and quickly enter his house.
Saibara then comes out of his room and an argument with Gray. Saibara
is very angry and kick Gray out. Gray realise you heard him and
quickly walk away.

Purple Heart Event
>> Spring Mine

Sometime you can see Gray inside the Spring Mine. Give him a silver ore
and later on he'll repay you by giving you a necklace.

Blue and Green Heart Event


Yellow Heart Event
>> Your farm

Gray one day will come to your farm stating that he want to use your

Red Heart Event
>> Blacksmith

You'll see that Saibara is praising Gray for once. Gray will then propse
to you. Choose the first option.


Black Heart Event

Go into the Hospital the first time. Elli will say that you have a
cut. She'll ask if it hurt. Pick the "Excruiting" option and Elli will
call the doctor to look at your cut. This event increase Doctor's
black heart to pruple automatically.

Purple Heart Event


Blue Heart Event
>> Clinic

Talk to the Doctor and choose the 1st option. He'll then give you a
medicine. Now talk to him again and he'll talk about Elli. Now find
Elli and talk to her, choose the 2nd option. Now talk to the Doctor again
and Elli will appear and talk to doctor.

Green Heart Event
>> Wednesday
>> Afternoon
>> Mother's Hill

You'll see Doctor doing something. Choose the second option and he'll like
you more.

Yellow Heart Event
>> Clinic
>> Wednesday

Doctor would be there and invite you for a chat in his room. To have more
chat he must be orange heart.

Red Heart Event
>> Wednesday
>> Beach

Go to the Beach and you'll see Doctor and Elli arguing. He'll ask
you if you want to come with him to study about medicine. Now
choose the second option to accept.