Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

One way to earn gold
The first thing you need to buy in the game is a basket. It costs 5000G and to get it, ship the three bamboos and the two blue herbs you find near gotz house and near the spring. Also, try digging for oar (It's not much, but it'll add to your profit) Do the same thing when you buy the basket and use it.
the next thing to do is to upgrade your ax two times once you have the money. But this is optional, it will give you enough lumber for extensions though, so try chopping wood everyday. Make a fence near the hen house, about 9 square units should be able to fit in it. Plant some grass and when it's ready, buy a chicken. Place it where the grass is so you dont need to feed it fodder everyday. Make sure to buy some though in case of rainy days.
The rest is up to you...


When your horse is all grown up, make sure to bring the basket with you during the horse races. Bet on yourself a lot of times and win. Change your medals to truffles and place them in your basket. If you fill up the basket with truffles, you'll earn about 15000G