Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

Very good tips for starters

1.Chicken Festival.(7 SUMMER) If you have a chicken that's all grown up and loves you, you should try out at the chicken festival! It's a tournament to see who has the strongest hen! The hen that wins will be able to produce GOLDEN eggs! Here are some of my tips you should try. When the round starts, always start off pressing X. (Even if the chicken isnt clucking.) Whenever you see the opponent's hen trying to scare your hen, simply press the X IMMEDIATELY or your chicken will get the fright.

2.Tomato Festival.(12 SUMMER) C'mon! It's fun to play even if there aren't any prizes! I suggest one of these moves; AIM. SHOOT. DUCK. Do this repeatedly or, if a must HIDE ALL THE WAY! That's what I sometimes do. My team mates usually finish them off!(I suggest to join Ann and Doug. They're good)

3.Harvest Goddess. Once you have enough animals to produce you enough AND have extra food, I suggest this. Bring as many of those extra food that COMES FROM YOU'RE FARM.(Vegetables,fruit,eggs,milk,wool,etc.Wood,weeds won't work) Now go outside the Mine where the hot spring is. OUTSIDE. With your back to the mine and you facing the waterfall, throw in the things that come from your farm. The Harvest Goddess will show herself, and will talk to you. If you give her 5 offerings, she'll give you lumber that you will sell to Gotz for a lot of money. 10 offerings-You'll bump into your sweetheart. 20/15(I can't remember!)offerings-She'll give you a power berry.

4.Harvest Sprites' home. They're house is behind the church.Just follow the path and you'll be there. You can ask for help from them. But don't ask during Spring...

5.Honey and SPECIAL honey.To get honey, simply just plant flowers on your farm. Some bees will come by the next day when your flowers bloom to build a hive on your apple tree. You can harvest honey ALL through Spring, Summer,Autumn, and even through WINTER. If you give a jar to Louis, the guy at Gotz's house with green clothes and a net, he'll come by a few days later standing at your apple tree. He'll say that the bees there are the very ones he was looking for and said that they are very rare. He'll ask the buyer,Zack, to increase the price of the honey.

Hope these tips help you a lot! :3