: : : : : : : VERY useful tips. !!A MUST READ!!

Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

VERY useful tips. !!A MUST READ!!
I've played the game twice to the second year but unfortunately, my sister lost the memory card and I had to restart. I've a LOT of helpful hints so make sure you practice them cos their sooo easy.

1.Making $$
To make easy money,
(in Spring) Go to the Inn around 1pm and buy a few cabbage seeds from Won(the Chinese guy). Each cabbage seed cost 500G but selling one cabbage is 250G. So in one packet, you can earn profit up to 1750G.
(in Summer) I ALWAYS save up for Summer cos there's where I have to buy a lot of seed and make a LOT of profit. Same as Spring, go to Won around 1pm in the Inn and buy yourself some Pineapple seeds. You buy it at 1000G and each sells for 500G!! I buy about 4 seeds and when I harvest them, I earn up to 18000G. [keep in mind that Won's seeds take a very long time to grow)
(in Fall) You can easily make 500G every day by going up to the mountain where there is a lake. Pass the lake on your way to the peak. Just before the entrance to the peak, there is a mushroom looking thing called the truffle. Put it into your shipping bin and earn $$
(in Winter) Winter is the season I feel bored so the only way to earn cash is to either have a hothouse(which I don't recommend because you spend a lot on it and it can be easily destroyed by a snowstorm) or mining. Before Winter comes, make sure you got yourself a basket and before entering the mine, make sure your stamina is full and you have some extra food/grass to eat. TIP: I've mined a lot and a common thing is that I get a lot of ores and then I faint in the mine, bringing me to the Clinic. My basket is still left deep inside the mine so I have to go back for a stupid reason. So make sure when you're low on stamina, munch on some food or get out.

I've mostly played as a guy cos I find all the guys weird or ugly. In my previous games, I've married Popuri both times and had a kid. The secret to marrying is,
~Get the heart to red
~Buy the blue feather
~Expand your house
~Get married and don't forget to give your spouse gift or they'll be unhappy.

She very childish at times so when you come across story modes, just play along with her and you'll get on her good side. She especially loves;
~Egg dishes
~Pink flowers
(To make a hot spring egg which she LOVES, just go to the Hot springs on the hill and at a corner where it looks as though someone smashed it where there are stones on the ground, go there and face the hot spring. Throw the egg in (press x) and then you'll get the egg back, boiled.

4. Child
Like I said, I never finished so I never saw my kid grow up. After one or two season of being married, (when your spouse is happy) there will be event of the wife (you or if you're a guy, your wife) will complain bout tummy ache or stuff like that. Keep waiting and mark your calendars cos after a few more seasons, your kid will be born. I was a guy so my kid was a boy. I'm not sure if playing as girls meant you get a girl. For the first season of having your kid, the baby will stay in bed. Gradually, it'll start crawling and it'll be crawling in the living room. What happens next, I dunno.. yet.

It's okay to buy animals and upgrade your equipment. You should actually!
Here some stuff to follow.
i.Keep buying seeds and harvesting. Save up for Spring and Summer seeds from Won and earn the profit.
ii. Harvest truffles in Fall.
iii. Give a gift to your interest/bachelor/bachelorette EVERYDAY except festival days.
iv.Give gifts to the other villagers on their birthdays.
v. Upgrade your equipments (especially Axe and watering can)
vi. Try to chop wood stumps everyday(espeacially in Winter where there's lots of time)
vii. Buy chickens and win a chicken festival so your winning chicken will lay GOLDEN eggs.
viii. Buy sheep and cows and enter them in their festivals to produce GOLDEN stuff.. (lots of profit)
x. (optional) Buy mayonnaise maker and wool maker and cheese maker. ($$)
xi. Save up profit to expand HOUSE. and (optional) chicken coop.[chicken are easy to take care of. If you run out of folder, it's easy to bring them outside to eat. Easier than cows and sheep).
xii. Marry your soon to be spouse.
xv. Keep everyone HAPPY. (including spuse, dog, horse, animals, villagers, kid)