Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

power berrys
1.go get many eggs then go to the waterfall go infront of it (at the back of the cave)then throw the eggs make sure your the only one their then just keep throwing eggs then the goddes will give you a power berry

2.go to the flower bed(place where many flower grow) then look for the ceddar tree then go infront of it then cut it with an axe then pick dont cut tree then the tree will reward you with a p[ower berry

3.get three cucumbers then go to the lake(the one with an island on the middle)go infont of the two trees at the right side of the screen then throw the three cucumbers then someone will give you a power berry(a black one)

4.at winter go to the lake(with an island on the middle)go near the island then go to the right side of the island(make sure your facing the right side but not realy directly right a little upper but on the right)then press x then suddenly a power berry will come out then you will ofcourse eat it imidietly