Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

easy power berries
the easiest power berry to get is the one from the mountains...
know the flower bed in Mother Hill? (at spring, probably the only place where you can get the toyflowers)

Try hitting the tree in there with an axe, the screen will white out then choose not to cut the tree. You will be rewarded with a power berry.

Next power berry will require you to plant two bags of turnips and one bag of cucumber.. take care of the 3x3 plots and when they grew into crops, throw them into the water fall.. your position must be facing the water and to your back the entrance to the mines.. if I recall correctly around 15 crops will net you the power berry. 10 crops will result to a event with the girl with the highest affection for you. For the 20 crops thrown, you will be given a log and that log will be sold to Gotz for 1000g.

The cucumber will net you the mystic berry. To get it, grab 3 cucumbers and go to the lake (note that it must be sunny and time must be afternoon). Face the lake and throw the cucumber, if successful, Kappa must show himself and say "...". If he did not show, it must be a festival date, or your position must be wrong. Anyways, after throwing three cucumber he will ask you to leave him alone in exchange of the mystic berry. Note that it is not listed in the power berry count (in the status screen, accessed by pressing start). This berry will mostly affect your fatigue count.

The third easy power berry to get is in the mines. Just try to reach deep in the mines, plow around the floors and you'll eventually get it. A tip to finding the stairs: first floor stairs is easiest to find by digging the middle part, the other stairs can be found by digging a 3x3 plot near the four corners of the floor (of course, you must not dig the first shell of sand surrounding the room).

There is also a power berry in the farm. Just dig around the farm and you'll eventually get it. Trust me, its easier to find it without looking for it and just focusing on laying out your field.