: : : : : : : Cliffs heart event at summit before cellar

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Cliffs heart event at summit before cellar
To those that think Cliffs heart event for orange is on the 24th of december same night as the starry night festival it is not, I kept trying to activate this event on this day didnt work so finally one day I figured it out, His orange heart event is on the 30th at 11pm at the summit And for your answer to cliff make sure you answer dont do it and he will like you alot more enabling the next heart event. As well for the heart event in the square it HAS TO BE IN FIRST YEAR ONLY tried to activate every snowy day in the second year and didnt work but when i tried in the first year it activated no problems also people it must be snowing if it is not it wont activate. Hope I helped any one who is stuck on those two heart events