Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Tips

Karen to green heart!
If you really like Karen and she doesnt know you good then this cheat is right. This cheat helps you go up to green heart from spring to fall!

SPRING: Go to the supermarket all the time till you see the doctor buyingg with credit. After the Duke is gonna come in and jack something. Now to pull the trigger! When the game asks you what to say select> You should pay for those. Now Karen will come and kick his butt out of the shop! Now she will know you but you stand in gray. Okay to go up to Purple, go to the wine shop near the blacksmith (between 9am>12pm) and buy some wine. Find karen (read below for time schedule) and give the wine. Next thing she is in purple.

Meet karen everyday. And every 2 days give Karen some wine. And always meet her! And one day when the moon is full... Well urr theres this moonlight fest (look in calender for date) and go to the top of mauntain at the night!

Her birthdays in the 15 so get wine and wrap it (together it cost 400g) and give it