Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Cheats

MAX Upgrade Tools to 400%
in the beginning of the game there's an introduction like your name etc...

there is a story about your character and the mayor is talking to you about your childhood was spent in the farm

after the story you you will able to move your character. then get your tools from the tool box and then use repeatedly you will notice at the stat's menu your tool's have: example (Water Can - 2%) [WARNING: Don't Leave the it will Trigger a Tour Guide to the Town by the Mayor and it will start your fatigue.]

when you fatigue and collapse after the tour guide
you will sent to the hospital and woke up in the next day

when all of your tools reach 400% that means its has the max level. then go outside and take the tour. after the tour in your farm straight to the left to the area and up there should be a Hot Spring go there to restore your strength:)

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