Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Tips

All the extensions..
Never put an animal near the extension, they may get stuck, go to Gotz house at the bottom left corner of the map(select) to get these..

1. Henhouse extension
Cost: 5000g
Lumber: 420
This add 5 more feedboxes to your henhouse, so you can have up to 10 hens in your henhouse, and there is 2 incubators.

2. 1st house extension
Cost: 4700g
Lumber: 370
This add a kitchen, a cabinet, a referigerator, and a large table
with some chairs to your house.

3. Barn extension
Cost: 6800g
Lumber: 500
This adds 10 more feedboxes to your barn, so you can have up to 20 cows and sheep, and this extension adds 1 more stashing place.

4. 2nd house extension
Cost: 10000g
Lumber: 750
This add a bedroom, with 2 beds inside, and this extension is needed if you want to get married.

5. Hothouse extension
Cost: 30000g
Lumber: 580
If you have a hothouse then you can grow any seed in any season, and this is necessary if you want to plant orangecups. This hothouse can
be destroyed if there's a hurricane or blizzard. Most of the time it doesnt get destroyed, just pray that you're lucky!