: : : : : : : one year, all girls. (and money hint)

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Tips

one year, all girls. (and money hint)
Wooing all girls in one year is simple, hardly any work at all. All you have to do is concentrate on each of them:

In spring, Elli and Karen like the flowers. Don't worry too much about Karen for the moment, you can Woo her in winter. But give Elli 5 at least 5 flowers a day. Upgrade your backpack, and you could probably make at least two trips. Possibly 3. Invite her to the goddess festival, and give her something for the Spring Thanksgiving festival. Try and give Karen a few moondrop flowers as often as possible.

In summer, Popuri loves the Pink flowers that bloom. Get a large backpack and her heart should go up in no time. Also, if you have chickens give spa-boiled eggs to Anne right through the year. Plant plenty of pinapple seeds so you get lots of money (im sure you all know about that) but water them after 6pm, so as not to waste valuable woo-ing time.

In autumn, give Mary all the mushrooms you find. Every morning, Anne and popuri go to the mountain by the waterfall. Fill your backpack with eggs each morning and after dipping them in the hotspring, give them all to Anne. That will be 9 a day if you've upgraded your back pack, and have enough hens.

By winter, you should have lots of money. Spend it all on wine and give it to Karen. Also, nows the time to give all the girls gifts and finish the heart process.

Hint on money: Don't worry about it so much! You don't need tons of money to get absolutely everything in the game. Infact you can be downright lazy, plant a few pinapple seeds, and get everything within the first year.