Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Tips

People/Girls Guide

Duke: He owns the Winery. He is also an alchoholic and the husband of Manna and the father of Aja.The winery is named after Aja.He most likly likes wine or beer.

Mannauke's wife and Aja's mother.She is always depressed,gossipy,and talkative.She likes pretty much anything but ore and weeds.

Aja: She went away from the village and you never see her.If you watch TV it will tell you she became an F1 racer(What's That?)

Saibara:He's the blacksmith. He's mean sort of and grumpy,but ok.He likes ore,especially as a b-day present.

Gray: Saibara's grandson. He likes Mary and he's grumpy,but very determined to please his grandpa.

Basil:Mary's Dad and Anna's husband. He likes plants alot and I think he likes it if you plant lots of things on your farm.

Anna: Basil's wife and Mary's mom. She is usually at home and looks sort of dreamy.She might like turnips.

Mary:See girls' half

Ellen: Elli and Stu's grandma. She is always inside and wishes to see the flower of hapiness or something like that. If you can make her apple pie I have a feeling she likes that.

Elli: See girls' half

Stu:Ellen's grandson and Elli's brother. He likes bugs,your dog,and other stuff.(May.)

Doctor: Corney name huh? He's ugly too. Almost makes you want to marry Elli so she doesn't get married to this dork. No Idea what he likes.Medicinal herbs? I never give him anything.

Doug: He's the owner of the Inn. He's pretty nice. He's also Ann's dad. No clue what he likes.

Ann: See girls' half

Cliff: He's a homeless traveler. Give him the job picking grapes for Duke and he'l