Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Tips

To Make the Harvest Goddess Like You More?
Go to the harvest goddess waterfall(remember to bring 9 produce from your farm if you have the largest rucksack)stand behind the waterfall and throw all your produce (first remember to keep 11 more produce in your farm)(if you have the largest rucksack you only have to do this about 3 trip)SOMETHING will happen.After you throw the first 5 she will give you power berry.the second times plus more 10 produce she will come down and ask you if you have a sweetheart,answer yes(the girl with the highest love will come)then go to the hot spring and watch.throw more until it make 20 produce all and again the harvest goddess will come down and give you a lumber and Gotz will come and take it from you,this will make a better relationship with him.