Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Tips

Louis: 2nd of Spring
Bold: 4th of Spring
Saibara: 11th of Spring
Staid: 15th of Spring
Elli: 16 of Spring- 20th of if yours 16TH
Barley: 17th of Spring
Lillia: 19th of Spring
Aqua: (Aqua sprite)- 26 of Spring
Greg: 29th of Spring
Sasha: 30th of Spring

Popuri: 3rd-10th if yours 3rd
Harris: 4th
Cliff: 6th
Basil: 11th
Timid: 16th
Ann: 17th-22nd if yours is 17th
Kai: 22nd
Mayor Thomas: 25th
Zack the Shipment Guy: 29th

Gotz: 2nd
Stu: 5th
Hoggy: 10th
Manna: 11th
Chef: 14th
Karen: 15th-23rd if yours is 15th
Doctor: 17th
Priest: 20th
Anna: 23rd
Rick: 27th

Kano, the Photographer: 2nd
Gray: 6th
Ellen: 13th
Duke: 15th
Won: 19th
Mary: 20th--24th if yours 20th
May: 26th
Jeff: 29th


Lillia- She is very friendly, she also works at the Poultry Farm.
Rick- He is Popuri's brother
Popuri- She is a lovely pink-haired girl
Barley- The owner of Yodel Farm
May- She is a young girl
Saibara- Owner of the Blacksmith
Gray- Grandson of Saibara
Duke- Violet coat Guy
Manna- Wife of Duke
Jeff- Seler in supermarket
Sasha- And likes to gossip at Rose Square.
Karen- The girl with a little edge.
Basil- Writer of books about plants
Anna- Another gossiper, but she is extremely nice.
Mary- Works at the library, only person who likes poisonous mushrooms.
Pastor- Priest
Doug- Inn Guy
Ann- Tomboy Girl
Won- Seller of rare seeds and dogball
Cliff- Brown Chlotes and hair
Kai- He comes only in the summer
Zack- Buyer
Greg- Fisherman
Gotz- Carpenter
Louis- He is looking for rare bees.
Thomas- He is the mayor
Harris- Police
Kano- Photographer.
Ellen- She takes care of Stu and Elli.
Stu- He is a very young Boy
Elli- She works at the Clinic
Doctor- Doctor