Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Cheats

Power Berries
There's 10 power berries ready to be collected. This is how you can get all of em.

1 - Buy it from the television for 5000 G.
2 - Check somewhere around the outside of the Winter Mine.
3 - On one of the floors in Winter Mine.
4 - On one of the floors in the Mine behind the waterfall.
5 - By fishing at the sea.
6 - Give the Harvest Goddess 5 items produced on your farm. Stand behind the waterfall, and she'll come down to get it.
7 - By winning the Swimming Festival.
8 - By cutting the tree on the Mother's Hill (you can't miss it, it's the big tree before the dozens of flowers). The tree wil respond and ask to spare him. Do what the tree says and it'll give you the berry.
9 - Plant more than 90 flowers in the Summer, when they bloom Anna will stop by the farm and ask if she can pick some. If you tell her she can have as many as she likes she will reward you with a Power Berry" instead of "By planting more than 0 flowers. A girl will come by asking if she can pick it up. Say yes, and she shall reward you.
10 - Buy it at the Horse Race for 1001 medals.