Harvest Moon: Back to Nature Cheats

Swimming Festival

On the 1st of Summer, there'll be a swimming contest held at the beach. To everyone that have a hard time winning it, here's some tips and guidelines made just for you.

Before going there, make sure your stamina are fully restored. To do this, rest for an hour at the Hot Spring. After that, if you think you're fully prepared, go to the beach anytime between 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. Talk to the Mayor. He'll explain the controls needed for this. Rapidly press X and press triangle to take a short break. OK, when the contest begin, quickly and rapidly press X. Keep on tapping until the face is red. Quickly press triangle and hold it. Wait until its back to normal. Then again quickly and rapidly press X until you reached the finish line. The Mayor will reward you with a Power Berry if you haven't won the swimming contest yet.

Note : When I say press the X button quickly and rapidly, what I really mean is really really quickly and rapidly. Practice, and you shall succeed.