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400% tools in 2 days
On the first day BEFORE you go outside and meet the mayor, get out your tools from the toolbox. Now use them repeatedly and gain points towards it going up. You will not pass out because you have to see the event where Thomas comes and shows you the town. Then the first thing you need to do is go to the hot springs or else you'll pass out from the work. Afterwards fill your watering can. On the second day use your watering can over and over until 400 % then go outside because you have to meet WON! Then go back to the springs and rest. Because the game doesn't let you pass those two events, you can finish all of your tools in the first 2 days!
All the extensions..
Never put an animal near the extension, they may get stuck, go to Gotz house at the bottom left corner of the map(select) to get these..

1. Henhouse extension
Cost: 5000g
Lumber: 420
This add 5 more feedboxes to your henhouse, so you can have up to 10 hens in your henhouse, and there is 2 incubators.

2. 1st house extension
Cost: 4700g
Lumber: 370
This add a kitchen, a cabinet, a referigerator, and a large table
with some chairs to your house.

3. Barn extension
Cost: 6800g
Lumber: 500
This adds 10 more feedboxes to your barn, so you can have up to 20 cows and sheep, and this extension adds 1 more stashing place.

4. 2nd house extension
Cost: 10000g
Lumber: 750
This add a bedroom, with 2 beds inside, and this extension is needed if you want to get married.

5. Hothouse extension
Cost: 30000g
Lumber: 580
If you have a hothouse then you can grow any seed in any season, and this is necessary if you want to plant orangecups. This hothouse can
be destroyed if there's a hurricane or blizzard. Most of the time it doesnt get destroyed, just pray that you're lucky!
An Invitation from Ann!
Ann celebrates her birthday every Summer 17! To be invited to her birthday...

1) From Spring, start offering spa boiled eggs, eggs, milk, flowers to her until her heart is blue!

2) In Summer 10-13 days before her birthday you will recieve an invitation in your mail box (paper rolled with yellow ribbon tied)

3) In Summer 17 bring the invitation anytime from 10 am until 8 pm. It is not a grand celebration but this tip will increase your relationship with them!
Animals only give golden products
All you have to do is win the competition, for example, for golden eggs win the chiken festival.
(Also its better make sure that the animal has many hearts)
Best Hot House Layout
if u use the 3x3 4 times u'll only be able to Harvest 32 of the crops u've planted,
if u follow the order below u'll be able to Harvest 40
1st - O O O X O O O
2nd - O X O O O X O
3rd - O O O X O O O
4th - O X O O O X O
5th - O O O X O O O
6th - O X O O O X O
7th - O O O O O O O
the O(s) r where u plant
the X(s) r where u walk,
i hope this helps someone <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Louis: 2nd of Spring
Bold: 4th of Spring
Saibara: 11th of Spring
Staid: 15th of Spring
Elli: 16 of Spring- 20th of if yours 16TH
Barley: 17th of Spring
Lillia: 19th of Spring
Aqua: (Aqua sprite)- 26 of Spring
Greg: 29th of Spring
Sasha: 30th of Spring

Popuri: 3rd-10th if yours 3rd
Harris: 4th
Cliff: 6th
Basil: 11th
Timid: 16th
Ann: 17th-22nd if yours is 17th
Kai: 22nd
Mayor Thomas: 25th
Zack the Shipment Guy: 29th

Gotz: 2nd
Stu: 5th
Hoggy: 10th
Manna: 11th
Chef: 14th
Karen: 15th-23rd if yours is 15th
Doctor: 17th
Priest: 20th
Anna: 23rd
Rick: 27th

Kano, the Photographer: 2nd
Gray: 6th
Ellen: 13th
Duke: 15th
Won: 19th
Mary: 20th--24th if yours 20th
May: 26th
Jeff: 29th


Lillia- She is very friendly, she also works at the Poultry Farm.
Rick- He is Popuri's brother
Popuri- She is a lovely pink-haired girl
Barley- The owner of Yodel Farm
May- She is a young girl
Saibara- Owner of the Blacksmith
Gray- Grandson of Saibara
Duke- Violet coat Guy
Manna- Wife of Duke
Jeff- Seler in supermarket
Sasha- And likes to gossip at Rose Square.
Karen- The girl with a little edge.
Basil- Writer of books about plants
Anna- Another gossiper, but she is extremely nice.
Mary- Works at the library, only person who likes poisonous mushrooms.
Pastor- Priest
Doug- Inn Guy
Ann- Tomboy Girl
Won- Seller of rare seeds and dogball
Cliff- Brown Chlotes and hair
Kai- He comes only in the summer
Zack- Buyer
Greg- Fisherman
Gotz- Carpenter
Louis- He is looking for rare bees.
Thomas- He is the mayor
Harris- Police
Kano- Photographer.
Ellen- She takes care of Stu and Elli.
Stu- He is a very young Boy
Elli- She works at the Clinic
Doctor- Doctor
Chicken Glitch
Never ever bring your chicken to the spa place.If you know how to make spa boiled egg, do not try to use your chicken because if you do your chicken will stay and walk on water and you can not get to it. This means you may have to start your day over again.
Doug's birthday?
Want to be Doug's friend but can't find his birthday. The manual forgot to print his birthday, it's actually 10th of Winter!
Early Puppies!
Some cheats said that Barley will take your dog in Spring Year 3. But mine was taken Summer Year 2. Here's how... Remember to lift your dog always to increase relationship... in no time...Your dog's heart will be completely ten after a year and two seasons(Summer Year 2). Barley will take your dog for a week and return it. After a week you will have puppies! (*note give puppies to stu to increase relationship with them)! he will be very happy!
Event Guide
Girl/Boy Meetings
Each girl has a series of cutscenes with the main character and with the rival for that girl. The timing of the cutscenes seems to depend on a slew of factors, including: heart level, time of day, season, year number, day of the week, and even the weather.

It would also seem that If you raise the girl's affection level prior to receiving the cut scene, you will (apparently) neither get that scene nor will you get any following scenes. I'm not convinced that heart level is quite as important as some reviewers say, as I've noted that the affection level is a bit forgiving - a girl on the "edge" of purple will sometimes give her blue heart scene, and so on. Other times, it would seem that some heart levels have multiple scenes. But without a look at the game code, there's really no way to be certain.

In my experience, Mary/Gray scenes and Popuri/Kai are notoriously hard to get, and seem sometimes to depend not only on the hourly time, but also on the minutes. On the flip side, Ann/Cliff and Elli/Doctor scenes are much easier. I have no idea why that is.

Here is a list of all the scenes I have actually seen with my own eyes. I tried to note the exact day of the week, season, location, weather, and heart level. Note that these are not, of course, the only time these scenes can be found but rather the time and conditions under which I, personally, found them. A few of them are missing pertinent information because I saw them a long time ago and was short-sighted enough to neglect to write down the info. Grr.

Enjoy, and please feel free to post this anywhere else you like. Do, also, please email me if you find more scenes - I love Harvest Moon and I want to view them all. Thanks!

- Elesia, erinjeffreys@yahoo.com

Ann - Heart 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 11:20 am
Location: Inn
Description: "She's Cute"

Ann - Rival 1.0 - Black
Time: Fri 6, Spring 1, 12:00-2:30 pm
Location: Church
Description: "Carter's Lunch"

Ann - Heart 2.0 - Blue
Time: Sun 15, Spring 1, 4:30 pm
Location: Inn (outside)
Description: "Imagine me Married?"

Ann - Rival 2.0 - Blue
Time: Mon 9, Spring 1, 6:30 pm
Location: Inn (upstairs)
Description: "Cliff's Dinner"

Ann - Rival 3.0 - Blue/Green
Time: Sun 7, Spring 2, 6:10 pm
Location: Inn
Description: "Forever"

Ann - Rival 4.0 - Blue/Green
Time: Sun 14, Spring 2, 11:30 am
Location: Vineyard
Description: "Stories"

Ann - Heart 7.0 - Married
Time: Automatic
Location: Mother's Hill
Description: Ann's Sunny Day Nap

Elli - Heart 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 9:00 am
Location: Clinic
Description: "No Pain"

Elli - Rival 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 2:30 pm
Location: Clinic
Description: "Cute Babies"

Elli - Heart 2.0 (note: as soon as purple heart)(note: weather irrelevant) - Purple
Time: Mon 9, Spring 1, 3:50 pm
Location: Clinic (outside)
Description: "Fun Work"

Elli - Rival 2.0 - Purple
Time: Tues 3, Spring 1, 10:30 am
Location: Clinic
Description: "Cold?"

Elli - Heart 3.0 (note: triggers automatically)(note: Horse Race does not conflict) - Blue
Time: Tues 17, Spring 1, 12:00 pm
Location: Farm
Description: "Lunch Sandwiches"

Elli - Rival 3.0 - Blue
Time: Sun 14, Spring 2, 2:00 pm
Location: Beach
Description: "Not Leaving"

Doctor - (note: This seems to trigger regardless of Elli's heart level, but *may* be necessary for the Elli/Doctor marriage path)
Time: Wed 29, Summer 2 11:10 am
Location: Church
Description: "Confessional"

Karen - Heart 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 11:00 am
Location: Supermarket
Description: "You Should Pay"

Karen - Rival 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 6:40-7:00 am
Location: Church (outside)
Description: "Forest Walk"

Karen - Rival 1.2 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 1:20 pm
Location: Poultry Farm
Description: "Cad!!"

Karen - Heart 2.0 - Purple
Time: Mon 16, Spring 1, 7:30 pm
Location: Goddess Spring 1,
Description: "Love Life Troubles"

Karen - Rival 2.0 - Purple/Blue
Time: Sat 6, Spring 2, 12:00 pm
Location: Poultry Yard
Description: "Daughter"

Karen - Rival 3.0 - Blue
Time: Sun 14, Spring 2, 4:50 pm
Location: Supermarket (outside)
Description: "Making Up"

Karen - Rival 6.0 - Red (note: Popuri must be married for this event to trigger)
Time: Fri 4, Spring 2, 12:00-12:50 pm
Location: Poultry Farm
Description: "Missing Popuri - Karen's Proposal"

Mary - Heart 1.0 - Black
Time: Tues 3, Spring 1, 10:00 am
Location: Library
Description: "Writing?"

Mary - Rival 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 2:00 pm
Location: Town Square
Description: "Looking For"

Mary - Heart 2.0 - Purple
Time: Wed 11, Spring 1, 2:50 pm
Location: Library
Description: "Care to Read"

Mary - Rival 2.0 - Purple
Time: Sun 13, Summer 1, 5:00 pm
Location: Library (outside)
Description: "Book Advice"

Mary - Heart 3.0 - Blue
Time: Automatic
Location: Farm
Description: "Woodcutter and King"

Mary - Rival 3.0 - Blue
Time: Tues 2 / Wed 24, Spring 2, 10:00-4:20 pm
Location: Blacksmith
Description: "Burns"

Mary - Rival 4.0 - Blue/Green
Time: Tues 30, Spring 2, 3:40-4:00 pm
Location: Library
Description: "Book Review"

Mary - Rival 5.0 - Blue/Green
Time: Wed, Spring 2 / Summer 2, 11:10-4:10 pm
Location: Church
Description: "Confessional"

Popuri - Heart 1.0 - Black
Time: Mon 2, Spring 1, 12:00 pm
Location: Poultry Farm
Description: "Pon the Chicken"

Popuri - Heart 2.0 - Purple
Time: Mon 23, Spring 1, 1:00 pm
Location: Poultry Yard
Description: "Leave the village"

Popuri - Rival 1.0 - Black/Purple (note: Weather irrelevant)
Time: Sun 30, Spring 1, any time
Location: Vineyard
Description: "Kai's Arrival"

Popuri - Rival 1.2 - Black/Purple
Time: Wed 2, Summer 1, 12:00 pm
Location: Poultry Yard
Description: "Nice Girl"

Popuri - Heart 2.0 - Purple/Blue
Time: Fri 10, Summer 1, (Year 2) 1:00 pm
Location: Beach
Description: "Leaving"

Popuri - Rival 2.0 - Purple/Blue
Time: Fri 11, Summer 1, 5:10 pm exactly
Location: Beach
Description: "I like the Summer"

Popuri - Heart 7.0 - Married
Time: Automatic
Location: Farm
Description: "Hurt Bird"

Won 1.0
Time: Tues 3, Spring 1, 6:00 am
Location: Farm

Won 2.0
Time: Tues 3, Spring 1, 6:20 am
Location: Town Square

Won 3.0
Time: Tues 3, Spring 1, 6:40 am
Location: Gotz' House

Time: Tues 3, Spring 1, 11:00 am
Location: Ranch
Description: "Horse" (can buy/sell livestock afterwards)

Time: Sun 13, Summer 1, 6:00 pm
Location: Beach

Time: any day, Summer 1, anytime after hurricane, must have bottle from ocean
Location: Beach
Description: "Perfume"

Time: any day, Summer 1, 5:00 - Midnight
Location: Inn
Description: "Kai's Fight"

Time: any day, Fall 1 / Winter 1, starts automatically
Location: Farm
Description: "Gray's Rebellion"
(note: In this scene, Gray comes to stay at your farm for a few days and breaks up some stones and weeds while he's there. I got this once, long ago, and I cannot get it to trigger again. I would welcome any information from anyone who knows how to consistently trigger this scene.)

Time: any day, Winter 1, must be snowing
Location: Town Square
Description: "Memories"

Time: any day, Winter 1, must be snowing
Location: Gotz' House
Description: "Mountain Storm"

Time: Wed 3, Spring 2, any time
Location: Supermarket
Description: "Celebration Sale"

Time: Sun 14, Spring 2, 10:50 am
Location: Inn
Description: "Food Thief"

Time: Sat 20, Spring 2, 6:10 pm
Location: Exiting Farm House
Description: "Letter"

Time: Sun 21, Spring 2, 9:00 am
Location: Winery
Description: "Aja"

Time: Tues 23, Spring 2, 6:00 am
Location: Exiting Farm House
Description: "Letter from Aja"

Time: Sat 5, Spring 3, 2:30-3:00 pm
Location: Gotz House
Description: "Monkey Attacks"

Fishing rod/pole
Fishing Rod:

To obtain the fishing rod you must go to "Mineral Beach" on Saturdays, Sundays, or Mondays, between 7and 10 am and Greg will give you the rod. You can also find him on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights after 7 pm. Be sure to leave an empty slot in the Tools section of your rucksack.

Fishing Pole:

To obtain the fishing pole, you must get 50 fish in your pond, then Greg will come and give you it.
Gray (scene where he appears in your house)
You need to be friends with Gray, give him gifts of ore everyday. In the Fall or year 1 or 2 you will wake up one morning and Gray will be in your house. He will ask you to use your watermill to make a hammer. Let him do so. He will weed your field in return. A few days later Gray will come to your house and ask you to use the hammer. You do and it breaks. Mary will see this. Go to the Village Square and there will be a scene between Mary and Gray. Gray will come back to your house and thank you.
Jewelry gifts.
Jewelry are very ideal for any one of the five girls. They can be gained by using certain amount of medals.

*Necklace : 35 Medals.
*Earrings : 33 Medals.
*Bracelet : 42 Medals.
*Power Berry : 1001 Medals.
Kai don't leave us!
It is summer again and Kai visits the town always! Want to make Kai stay the whole year? Here's how...Every summer, fireworks festival is celebrated...just invite Kai to go with you to watch the fireworks... before this will happen, Kai and Popuri will argue(why Kai don't want to go with Popuri)... he will answer "because i made a promise to someone"... and Popuri will later found out that it was you!

When summer ends and fall comes , he(Kai) will not say goodbye to you!
Name: Karen
Age :17(I'm not sure)
Parents: Sasha and Jeff
Loves: Wine
Likes:Flowers but she likes toy flowers only
Dislikes: Grape Juice
Lives:At the Supermarket
Sunny Days and When the store is opened
6 am - 7:50 am in the Supermarket
8 am - 10 am Outside the Supermarket
10:10 am - 12:00 pm In her room
1:00pm - 3:00 pm in the store near the cashier
3:10 pm - 7:10pm in her room
7:30pm - 10:00pm at the beach
Lots of dough
In the fall, make sure you have plenty of spaces for crops. The only crop you should plant is sweet potatoes. They grow fast and get you lots of money. Don't waste time on any other crops during that season. Work goes by faster when you have the elfs helping you.
Multiple balls
Ok get your dog and his little ball after Won gives one to you, then take your dog into your house and throw his ball up against a wall( preferably in your room extension) then try to grab the ball the same time your dog does. This tip is useful when wanting to do that gold ball thing because you make enough balls to fill your cabinet then make trips back and fourth to the bridge until you've thrown how many ever balls.
one year, all girls. (and money hint)
Wooing all girls in one year is simple, hardly any work at all. All you have to do is concentrate on each of them:

In spring, Elli and Karen like the flowers. Don't worry too much about Karen for the moment, you can Woo her in winter. But give Elli 5 at least 5 flowers a day. Upgrade your backpack, and you could probably make at least two trips. Possibly 3. Invite her to the goddess festival, and give her something for the Spring Thanksgiving festival. Try and give Karen a few moondrop flowers as often as possible.

In summer, Popuri loves the Pink flowers that bloom. Get a large backpack and her heart should go up in no time. Also, if you have chickens give spa-boiled eggs to Anne right through the year. Plant plenty of pinapple seeds so you get lots of money (im sure you all know about that) but water them after 6pm, so as not to waste valuable woo-ing time.

In autumn, give Mary all the mushrooms you find. Every morning, Anne and popuri go to the mountain by the waterfall. Fill your backpack with eggs each morning and after dipping them in the hotspring, give them all to Anne. That will be 9 a day if you've upgraded your back pack, and have enough hens.

By winter, you should have lots of money. Spend it all on wine and give it to Karen. Also, nows the time to give all the girls gifts and finish the heart process.

Hint on money: Don't worry about it so much! You don't need tons of money to get absolutely everything in the game. Infact you can be downright lazy, plant a few pinapple seeds, and get everything within the first year.
People/Girls Guide

Duke: He owns the Winery. He is also an alchoholic and the husband of Manna and the father of Aja.The winery is named after Aja.He most likly likes wine or beer.

Mannauke's wife and Aja's mother.She is always depressed,gossipy,and talkative.She likes pretty much anything but ore and weeds.

Aja: She went away from the village and you never see her.If you watch TV it will tell you she became an F1 racer(What's That?)

Saibara:He's the blacksmith. He's mean sort of and grumpy,but ok.He likes ore,especially as a b-day present.

Gray: Saibara's grandson. He likes Mary and he's grumpy,but very determined to please his grandpa.

Basil:Mary's Dad and Anna's husband. He likes plants alot and I think he likes it if you plant lots of things on your farm.

Anna: Basil's wife and Mary's mom. She is usually at home and looks sort of dreamy.She might like turnips.

Mary:See girls' half

Ellen: Elli and Stu's grandma. She is always inside and wishes to see the flower of hapiness or something like that. If you can make her apple pie I have a feeling she likes that.

Elli: See girls' half

Stu:Ellen's grandson and Elli's brother. He likes bugs,your dog,and other stuff.(May.)

Doctor: Corney name huh? He's ugly too. Almost makes you want to marry Elli so she doesn't get married to this dork. No Idea what he likes.Medicinal herbs? I never give him anything.

Doug: He's the owner of the Inn. He's pretty nice. He's also Ann's dad. No clue what he likes.

Ann: See girls' half

Cliff: He's a homeless traveler. Give him the job picking grapes for Duke and he'l
Quickie Guide to Girls
Ann: Right, most days, ann spends her time helping her dad in the inn but between 7:40am and 10:00am she will stand at the goddess falls near the hot spring. She likes most things.

Popuri: She is at the Hot Springs from 8:00-10:00 and then she will go to her house, the poultry farm. On Sunday, she will go to church from 9:30am to 1:00pm and theto the town square and back to her house. On summers though, she'll go to the beach instead. She likes flowers.

Karen: Karen usually is either with Rick standing outside of the supermarket or she is inside, watching over her father. She likes wine.

Mary: She spends most of her time at the library, but on Monday's, she hangss out at the Super market. Oh, she also goes to Anna (her mum)'s house after library or when the library's closed. She likes natural things.

Elli: Elli spends almost all of her time with the Doctor at the hospital but when she's not there, she likes hanging out with her grandmother at the grandma's house and with her brother tim. She likes flowers.
curry=curry powder,rice balls, potatoe, pot
Truffle rice=truffle, rice balls, salt, soysauce
Mushroom rice= mushroom, rice ball, salt
Happy egg plant=eggplant, sugar, soysauce, frying pan, miso paste
Butter=milk, blender
Fries=potatoe, oil, frying pan, knife
Sashimi=medium fish, knife
Pop corn=corn, frying pan
Sushi=sashimi, rice, vinegar
Salad=cucumber, tomatoe, carrot, cabbage, knife
Cookies=flour,butter, egg,sugar, roling pin, oven, honey tnx these are all recepies ive used and they all work abi xxx
To Make the Harvest Goddess Like You More?
Go to the harvest goddess waterfall(remember to bring 9 produce from your farm if you have the largest rucksack)stand behind the waterfall and throw all your produce (first remember to keep 11 more produce in your farm)(if you have the largest rucksack you only have to do this about 3 trip)SOMETHING will happen.After you throw the first 5 she will give you power berry.the second times plus more 10 produce she will come down and ask you if you have a sweetheart,answer yes(the girl with the highest love will come)then go to the hot spring and watch.throw more until it make 20 produce all and again the harvest goddess will come down and give you a lumber and Gotz will come and take it from you,this will make a better relationship with him.
Winter Flower
Want to see the Winter Flower? I saw the flower Ellen's (Elli's grandma) talking about (the thing that she wanted to see before she die). Here's how:

1) Talk to Ellen about the winter flower(of course in winter(any date))

2) Proceed to the mountain in mother's hill (Winter 29)or any date.

3) you will see the winter flower(happens automatically)

4) you will then wake up next morning and then talk to Ellen...(that you saw the winter flower).

These will increase your relationship with them.


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All Girl Has Red Heart (gameshark)
Popuri: 800786b4 ffff
Elli: 80077298 ffff
Karen: 800767a0 ffff
Ann: 80076ef0 ffff
Mary:80077bbc ffff
to get a baby, have 10 hearts on the menu screen for your wife, and your wife might say funny things. this will give you a clue that your wife is pregnant. Once the baby is born, you name it (as usual) and first out, you can't do ANYTHING to it. (how original.) then, a season or to after that, your baby will start crawling. NOW you can give it stuff like honey, or hot milk.
then your baby will walk. then you can give it hot milk, honey or flowers etc. -_- I really hope this helped.
If you want Cliff to stay wait until Fall, Duke will come one of those days and ask if you will help him with the orchard say yes and go to the church if not to late and Cliff will be there talk to him and invite him to help with the orchard.
Duke Passes Out
Go to the bar one night and Duke will be passed out. Talk to the people there and then pick up the jar on the table and go talk to Duke. He will say something and then throw up in the jar. You automatically take him home and talk to Manna. This will increase your relationship with them.
Fast Money in Winter
To earn money really fast when winter comes every day take your basket and bring it to the mine cave that only opens in the winter and dig for minerals and when ever you get one put it in your basket (do not pick up the junk minerals and put them in the basket because you will not get any money from it) keep doing it until your basket is full. Take the basket and leave the cave and bring it back to your farm and put all your minerals in the shipping bin this will give you over 2,000 dollars a day for the winter!
Get Another Horse
If you lose your horse and have a good pasture, you can get another one.
Hot House
Taken 3 units lumbers put in the end of the corner right & left, and 1 more put in the middle, the hot house will not dissapear the next day ( quickly go to bed on hurrican)
Legendary Fish
The Legendary Fish probably help your percentage score. You need the Fishing Pole to get them (you have to have 50 fish in your pond and Greg the Fisherman will stop by and give you the Fishing Pole) You can't keep the fish, but you get fish prints. To view your fish prints go to the start menu.

1.Catfish - To get the catfish, dig in the Winter Mine to the very bottom. Then go into the cavern that has a tunnel leading to it and fish with your pole in the pond. You will get the Catfish Print.
2.Squid - To get the squid, take a small fish to the ocean and throw it in. Then use your fishing pole in the Ocean. The small fish will be "bait" for one day, so if you don't catch the Squid the first day, you have to throw another small fish in the next day!
3.Sea Bream - To get the sea bream, it can be any season but winter. You have to have shipped 200 fish, then if you have you can catch this in the ocean.
4.Angler - To get the angler, go to the beach in the Winter between 11pm and 8 am. Fish in the ocean and you should eventually get this fish. 5.Carp - To catch the carp, it can be any season but winter. You have to have caught the other 5 fish, and once you have you can catch this fish in Mother's Lake.
6.Char - To catch the char, you have to have the recipes for Sashimi, Grilled Fish and Sushi. You catch this fish at the river that is on your farm, or the small river near the hot springs.
Make Your Wife Leave
Give your wife many things that she hates (preferably weeds) until her heart turns black, and she has no hears on the start menu screen. Then, go to sleep. The next day the game will state that your wife is gone and you will shake your head.
Making money
i have not done this yet, but i am going to, its also a good way to make money for a new farm, if you have a rich farm, and you were planning on stgarting a new one, buy some cows and then make them love you, get your new farm, and exchange them, with these newly loved cows, just sell them for money, and then repeat again, you can get major cash of this, but the only reason i really wanted to do this... well, I DONT WANT CLIFF TO LEAVE!! lol, i am trying to start a new farm so he comes back...
More Ore While Mining
The following trick requires the Harvest Basket and the Final Rucksack. Bring the Harvest Basket with you to the mine. Set it down and start mining. You should be able to deposit ore into the Harvest Basket. The basket can get full after a while. Empty it out by facing a bin and pressing Square. When you are tired, just heal at the Hot Spring Pool. This also works well in winter.
Multiple Animals
To give your friends free animals without having to really give it away... First run your game which have the animals to be traded... The go to 'Animal exchange'... Select the animals to be traded and complete the trading process... After that, quit your game without saving... This causes to seem the trade didn't happen so you will have all your animals that you have traded still, while your friend also have the traded animals...
People Guide
Doug like autumn mushroom & big fish, give him
a lot of these thing and he will allow u enter
his bedroom, Ann's bedroom & hotel kitchen.
During the summer (when Kai is home), there is always a hurricane. If you found the bottle, go visit/talk to Kai the day after a hurricane. He'll fill your bottle with perfume !
Popuri's Egg
There'll be a time in Summer when Popuri gives you an egg for you to take care of. Well, put the egg on the incubator and wait for it to hatch. Name the chick Popuri. The next day Popuri will stop by your house and to ask about the chick. She will be delighted when she knows that you named it Popuri.


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Power Berries
There's 10 power berries ready to be collected. This is how you can get all of em.

1 - Buy it from the television for 5000 G.
2 - Check somewhere around the outside of the Winter Mine.
3 - On one of the floors in Winter Mine.
4 - On one of the floors in the Mine behind the waterfall.
5 - By fishing at the sea.
6 - Give the Harvest Goddess 5 items produced on your farm. Stand behind the waterfall, and she'll come down to get it.
7 - By winning the Swimming Festival.
8 - By cutting the tree on the Mother's Hill (you can't miss it, it's the big tree before the dozens of flowers). The tree wil respond and ask to spare him. Do what the tree says and it'll give you the berry.
9 - Plant more than 90 flowers in the Summer, when they bloom Anna will stop by the farm and ask if she can pick some. If you tell her she can have as many as she likes she will reward you with a Power Berry" instead of "By planting more than 0 flowers. A girl will come by asking if she can pick it up. Say yes, and she shall reward you.
10 - Buy it at the Horse Race for 1001 medals.


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Sashimi : Fish (medium or big)
Sushi : Riceball, sashimi
Grilled Fish: Fish (medium or big)
Salt, Soysauce
Swimming Festival

On the 1st of Summer, there'll be a swimming contest held at the beach. To everyone that have a hard time winning it, here's some tips and guidelines made just for you.

Before going there, make sure your stamina are fully restored. To do this, rest for an hour at the Hot Spring. After that, if you think you're fully prepared, go to the beach anytime between 10 A.M. and 6 P.M. Talk to the Mayor. He'll explain the controls needed for this. Rapidly press X and press triangle to take a short break. OK, when the contest begin, quickly and rapidly press X. Keep on tapping until the face is red. Quickly press triangle and hold it. Wait until its back to normal. Then again quickly and rapidly press X until you reached the finish line. The Mayor will reward you with a Power Berry if you haven't won the swimming contest yet.

Note : When I say press the X button quickly and rapidly, what I really mean is really really quickly and rapidly. Practice, and you shall succeed.
To marry girls..
Dont forget to get..

1. Red heart. Make sure your girl's heart is RED. Sometimes orange looks alot like red, so if your girl don't want to marry you maybe it's because of this.

2. Blue feather. You have to give the blue feather to your girl to marry her. If she accepts it then you'll marry her the same day next week after you give her the blue feather.

3. 2nd House extension. Many people forgot about this. It will add a bedroom to your house that's needed to marry a girl. So you should not forget about this.

If you do not have all these requirements the girl will reject you until it is fufilled.
Tomato Festival
OK. This is a very easy competition if you ask me. Join it, because if you win the villagers will like you more. Pick any zany team to join in the fun. To win, simply press the triangle button each time after you throw a tomato, which by pressing the X button. You can throw it a few times without ducking, but watch out for the incoming tomatoes. Or maybe, you can just press triangle to duck at let it be. Maybe your teammates will win it for you.
Upgraded Bees' Honey

You can plant any kind of flowers, but I suggest you plant Pink Cat Flower in Summer. Buy at least one bag of it which cost 300 G. Wait until it fully blooms. You'll see a bee hive on the tree between your house and the small pond. If you can't see it, don't worry. Try going in and out from your house. Try it for a few times and eventually it'll be there. Take the honey from the hive and bring it to Louis (the one staying at the Gotz's house, wears green clothes and hat). He'll say that the honey you brought is rare and it should be sold at 60 G instead of 50 G. Although it's just a 10 G difference, it's worth it.

First House Upgrade-This upgrade adds a kitchen to your small shack(with a refrigerator) and also adds a cabinet.
Cost- 4,700G
Second House Upgrade-This upgrade adds a separate bedroom to your house (with an extra bed for your wife when you get married), and it just makes the house larger.
Want Quick Money ?
Want to make a quick money ? Eazy. Make sure your farm has some cows, chickens or sheeps (adult ones). Copy your game to the other memory card. Don't bother with the copied one. Play the game where you want quick money. In your house, use the " Exchange Animals " option. You'll know what to do there when you reach it. Check the animals that you've copied in your barn and the chicken coop. Go to the Yodel Ranch and sell the animals that you've copied to Barley. Instant money shall get in your pocket in no time.