Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is the sequel to Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquillity; the player is on the island of Castanet during a time of trouble where the divine tree has become weak. The player needs to save the island by summoning the Harvest King and reviving the divine tree while also caring for a large farm.

The game was developed by Marvelous Interactive in 2008 as a Nintendo Wii exclusive; this is the second game from the Harvest Moon series to be released for the Wii.


Farming is the most important aspect of the game; the player must grow and sell crops to earn money while also raising animals and selling their products. The season impacts what crops can be grown, and they all have a different growing time. Livestock in the game can only be harvested once the animal is fully grown which takes a specific number of days, to purchase animals the player must also fill specific requirements first.

Wild animals can also be adopted in the game; there are 24 different animals which will also give the player gifts; the player can go on walks with the animals, and they will give the player different gifts if the walk is long enough. Additionally, the player can also go fishing, mining or foraging to collecting more sources of food, cooking ingredients or resources. Most resources that are collected from the mines can also be refined into better products.

Cooking is also an important aspect of the game, and the player needs to fit the requirements to create the different recipes; there are various cooking utensils in the game which the player must own to make specific recipes. Certain food can also be cooked on the bonfire outside the house.

Befriending and marrying NPCs is also a popular feature in the game; the player must own a level 2 house with the big bed and also raise the NPC to 9 hearts while also seeing all of their heart events. Once the player and NPC is married, they will be able to have two children which will grow with time and are impacted by the player and their spouse.

Various festivals take place during the year, and the player can attend each one; the festivals feature different events such as livestock and fashion contests. The festivals occur on a specific day each year, and many are orientated towards socializing with NPCs.

What's new

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade has seen the addition and enhancement of many features including a larger map, more crops, new marriage candidates and also the ability to ride almost any livestock animal.

There is a new in-game camera that allows the player to take pictures themselves and buy pictures taken during festivals or family photos taken at the studio; the photos can be hung up in the house or sent to friends using WiiConnect24. Players can now send images to their friends and the Japanese version also allows players to visit each other's games.


Grow and sell crops – Purchase new seeds and grow new crops according to the season

Raise animals – Buy baby animals to raise to adulthood then collect their products

Different seasons – Experience the world in four different seasons

Adopt wild animals – Befriend and adopt wild animals then take them on walks

Fishing – Collect more cooking ingredients by fishing for a range of species

Mining – Uncover more resources which can be used in construction

Foraging – Harvest bonus food and ingredients from nature

Cooking – Create food using different ingredients to sell or eat

NPCs – Form friendships and relationships with the other villagers

Marry and have children – Marry one of the potential spouses and have up to 2 children with them

Festivals – Attend the different festivals, take part in contents and socialize with NPCs

Ridable livestock – Ride on the back of almost all purchasable animals

Keep memories – Take pictures using the in-game cameras and hang up the images inside of the house

Share with friends – Send pictures to friends using WiiConnect24

Players liked

  • Great replay value
  • Nice gameplay
  • Cute art style

Players didn't like

  • Can get repetitive
  • Generic music
  • Weak graphics

This game is also known as Bokujou Monogatari Waku Waku Animal March in Japan.

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