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Winning Big Without Losing Money! Horse Race Glitch
Don't you hate the need to bet such large amounts of your hard-earned money at the horse and dog races in order to get lots of medals? Well, I have a tip to change all of that. When you go to the races, and talk to the Mayor's wife, select the horse you would like to bet on.

After entering the amount of money you wish to bet on it, press the B button. Do the same thing for each horse you on which you wish to bet. When you finish, instead of going to the OK button at the bottom of the screen, simply press the B button.

If you did this right, you'll hear the sound made when you select NO in a shop when trying to purchase an item (sounds like the dog's whine). After you exit that screen, do not talk to the Mayor's wife again. If you did it correctly, when you begin betting on another race, you should still have all of your money. It takes a bit of practice to make sure you do it right, but soon you'll be saving lots of money while making tons of medals!!! Enjoy this tip, and happy playing!