Harvest Moon 64 Tips

Getting To Know The Townspeople
Jack- This is your charcter. Dark brown hair, and wearing blue overalls, this farm boy is sure to woo any country girl. You have five rivals.

Gray- He is 21. Works at Green Ranch with his Father and Sister, Ann. He has red/orange hair an is wearing white coveralls. He is a hard headed person, but opens up a bit if you decide to be friends with him.
Kai- He is 19. He works at the Vineyard with Karens dad. He is very tann and wears a purple turban type thing, along with a white whife-beater, brown vest and purple pants. He is a hard worker.
Cliff- He is 20. Cliff is a Traveler, who has a falcon named Cain that he takes with him everywhere. Cliff is wearing this brown type vest with black pants. His hair is Deep brown, with blond highlights. It is in a ponytail.
Harris- He is 27. Harris is a mailman, all dressed in blue. He has got to be the sweetest guy in town. He gets really happy when he delivers letters.
Jeff- Owner of the Bakery. He is about 30 years old. Become fast friends by giving him milk everyday.

Now, these guys also have their eyes set on the girls. So, take a pick at whichever girl you choose and fall into deep love.
Many of you have heard that you can have two children in Harvest Moon 64, but don't know how. It's simple. You have to become friends with Cliff, and never talk to Ann. Witness ALL of Cliffs heart events with Ann and one day he will come to your house and ask you to come to his wedding. Don't even think of trying to get out of it because he doesnt give you a choice of whether you want to or not. Then, the day after Cliff and Ann get married, start flirting with Ann, and giving her things. YOU HAVE TO GET HER TO A PINK HEART and PROPOSE BEFORE SHE GETS PREGNANT WITH CLIFFS CHILD. This gives you about a month. Good Luck. When she is at a pink heart, propose. At first she'll say no, but will marry you anyway. Then, go talk to Cliff. He will still think that he is married to Ann. A few months later you wake up and Ann is holding this random baby. And your thinking, "Holy crap, that thing is not mine." A couple of seasons later she is holding ANOTHER child, of which is yours. Walah, you have twins.


Ann- She is about 19. She works at Green Ranch Farm training the horses. Her brother is Gray, and he is really protective of her.
Karen- Lives and works at the Vineyard with her father and Kai. She is the prettiest of all the girls, with long dark brown hair and blond bangs.
Popuri- She and her mom have pink hair and work at the florists shop. Her fathers name is Basil, who is a traveling botanist. Popuri is obsessed with flowers.
Maria- She's shy and owns the library. She always wants you to come to the library during jobs. Her favorite thing is cabbage. She is the sweetest girl in the game.
Elli- Elli, her Grandmother, and Jeff all live at the Bakery. Elli is a really sweet girl and I've never heard her say a mean thing to anyone.

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