Harvest Moon 64 Cheats

Well I found quite a few.
spice tea-come good friends with Cliff and keep giving him eggs and eventually he will give you the recipe.
Egg Omalet-Come good friends with Gray and give him eggs and sooner or later he should give you the recipe.
Spa-poached eggs-give kent the boy at the potion shop an egg.
Bread pudding-give an egg to elli.
Cinnamon milk-give milk to master of the bakery.
homade butter-give milk to Rick.
easy tomato soup-give milk or tomato to the buyer (you can find him at the bar on certain nights)
tomato and greens-give tomato to lily
tomato rice-come good friends with karens mom then give her a tomato and she will give you the recipe.
tomato soup-give a tomato to the preacher
corn fritter-give corn to ann's dad.
corn pasta-give corn to porpouri's dad.
mashpotatoes-give potatoe to ann.
garlic potatoes-give potatoe to Harris.
potatoe pancakes- give potatoe to may.
rolled cabbage-give cabbage to Maria.
turnip stew-give turnip to Maria's mom.
spickeled pickles-give turnip to the old man on moon mt.
verryberry wine-give kai a verryberry grape.
strawberry jam-give a strawberry to popuri.
strawberry dog-give a strawberry to stu a boy at the potion shop.
strawberry wine-give a strawberry to Karen.
Steam clams and wine-Come good friends with Karen's dad then give him a grape.
Spicy wine-give a grape to the bar tender.
walnut cake-give a walnut to elli's grandma.
herb cake-give a edible grass to the old lady up on moon mountain. the first spring of the game.
easy herb salad and greens-give medical herb to the artist in town.
herb and rice-give a edible grass to the dealer at the potion shop.
eggplant paste-give a eggplant to the mid-wife.
Fish and cheese-give a big fish to the carpendar on the left.
stuffed fish-give a mushroom or big fish to the carpedar boy on the right.
mushroom rice-give a mushroom to the old man that owns the carpendar shop.
Steamed Char-give a big fish to the fisherman.