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What kids learnt at school.
Well you have to be married,a child, 3 cows,and be in 3rd year of the 2nd of Summer. Okay Here I go!
Well talk to may FIRST she will say want to know what i learned at school, say " Yes "
She will say: The Priest at the Church said Good things and bads things come to us in order. Then talk to the little kid with brown hair
(I forgot what is name is). He will say today we did Maths I'm good see and he will say

Talk to the little kid with black hair, he will say " ITS NOT FAIR *CRY* I'M NOT GOOD AT MATHS AND I AIN'T GOOD AT LISTENING *SOB* THEN WALKS AWAY and then the priest comes and asks what happened?
Then he will say, oh sorry forget about it ill talk to him tomorrow and then you give a candy to the priest and ask to give it to him, he will say sure and then walks away.

Oh and if you got any pictures of what popuris baby outfit looks like tell me Holla back