Harvest Moon 64 Tips

power berries
I may not have found every power berry in the game, but I have found the majority of them. These are the most common ones and a few rare.

1.during winter, get a golden hammer and break the big boulder on the pond behind the fishermans tent.
2.There is one in the feilds during spring, summer, and fall, but unfortunately, youll have to dig randomly, so try not to cover your field with grass until you find it.
3.As the same with the feilds, youll have to dig randomly in the mines, but dont give up hope, youll find it eventually.
4.find the shady character at the flower festival in the corner next to the florists.He'll sell you one for 1000 gold.
5.throw a few strawberrys in the goddess spring, to get the goddess to give you one.
6.Throw a large or medium fish into the pond behind the fishermans house on a rainy day and he'll give you a blue one to make you more immune to the bad weather.
7.If you win the egg festival in fall, your prize will be one, but you have to do it the first year
8.Win the swimming race at the beach and you'll get the power berry as a prize, but just like 7, you have to do it the first year.

i may have mixed some of these up with the playstation version, so please correct me if im wrong. i dont want to mislead anyone. this is from memory.