: : : : : : : Exercise your dog for the Dog Race and win 1st Place

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Exercise your dog for the Dog Race and win 1st Place
There is a way to exercise your dog so he/she can win 1st place in the dog races. Its simple and quick. All you do is place the dog on one side of any of these things...

1. Shipping box
2. Breakfast table (inside your house)
3. Crops
4. Logs
5. Stones

I use number 2, but really, its your choice. I'll use #2 as an example because this applies to every number... except #4 and #5. I'll explain that to you later. So place your dog on one side of the breakfast table...(better to put him/her where the door entrance is because when you stand on the other side of the table, you can watch the new or other TV channels.) Then go ACROSS the other side where you're facing the dog. Blow the dog whistle on your controller stick [i think the yellow LEFT button] and call for him/her. He/she TRY to run to you but he/she can't. This is a GOOD thing because when you do that, he's getting more faster every minute. Do this daily and I will garantee you that you will win 1st place in the dog races.
If you want to use logs or stones...(If you still have them from the begging of the game...the stones I mean...) build a very very very small fence where only the dog can fit in... the put the dog inside the fence and stamd outside of it... then do the same thing as the other way I taught you..