Harvest Moon 64 Cheats

Dumbing some things down

1. Saving the Vineyard

During the day talk to the Harvest Sprites (mix it up and talk to a different one every day, but I mostly did the one outside) and give them a gift.

During the night talk to the bartender and take him something.

The first night you go to the bar, take your dog. (Do this until Karen shows up.) Then do the dog cheat on her to get her to a pink heart the first night, then you won't have to worry about running out of time on that.

After a short while the bartender will give you the wine, "Heaven's Gate".

After another short while the Harvest Sprites will start talking to you about the Harvest goddess.

When one of them says to throw something into the pond and talk to her this ISN'T when you take a homegrown vegetable to the pond and do it. Wait until they say that you should talk to her to get the answers you want.

Now sometimes it doesn't work right away, maybe the Sprite didn't say the right thing, so do it again the next day 'til the Sprite says something else about the Harvest Goddess.

Once you get the Harvest Goddess and she gives you the option of something about the Vineyard, I can't think of it right now, but you'll know it when you see it.

She'll take you to the Vineyard, you'll awaken the tree.

Sometime later you'll have a dream in which the Harvest Goddess will come to you and say that the Vineyard is revived and the Keifu fairys have returned.

That fall, Karen will ask you to come with her to see something. Go, of course and you'll get to see a great cutscene of the fairys.

Check your mailbox in the coming days and soon you'll get a note from the Wandering Cameraman saying he took your picture.

Check your photo album andy ou've got it.

2. Finding the Music box

This shouldn't be hard but it is.

Get to the tree. Face towards the field. Where the field starts, count 10 paces. Dig in the 11th one until you find the music box. Simple.