Harvest Moon 64 Tips

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On the star night festival, I think you can get hints as to where the girls are going that night. Lillia says something about Popuri going to the mountain, Karen's probably at the beach because she always goes there, and I think the other girls are at church. At the Fireworks Festival, you have to be home all day to be sure you know where your girl is going to be. I said "be sure to ask her", but you can't really control what your little farming friend says, so obviously you have to wait for a reaction from them. But in the Star night case, you have to pay attention to what they say or what other people say about them.
If you're having trouble finding all the recipes, you'd just as well go online and give the full list you find made by someone's sweat and blood a purpose, because that fat gormet guy at the end wants them ALL.
I've found many things just by chance, and I'm not that lucky, so if you're aiming to see every tiny thing possible in the game, you should run around madly every day just in case. Then you may want to restart the day if nothing happened, because your cows won't be fed if you were at the mountain all morning.
One of the more uncommon things I've found is a whole day's story about the traveling salesman. I had to enter the town from different areas at different times of day to see the whole thing. I can't remember just how that happened, but if someone wanted to know badly enough, I could dig it up.
In retrospect, it probably would've been a good idea to go to the Vineyard as well to see if something happened there.