Harvest Moon 64 Tips

Not the usual invinsible baby trick
I can't remember who I was married to; possibly Karen, because I've never married Popuri or Anne. In an earlier HM64 game I had played, I was married to Karen and she divorced me (I was just having fun; I was a little curious)and when I went to her she seemed upset that I didn't help with the baby. So in all games after that, I started caring the baby around with me for a while everyday. I have no clue if that helps or not; being honest, it's probably just one of those dumb things only I would do. But anyway, I had planted the "blue mist" flower and had managed to water it everyday. One day, I noticed that it was fully bloomed, but no one was there for anything to happen. So the next day I brought my baby along (it was still in the first infant stage), and Popuri was there. She remarked about how pretty it was, but the baby had disappeared. Instead of the camera man that takes a picture of you and Popuri by the blue mist flower and the butterfly, the baby came along and said something like:"Oh, it's the (???)butterfly! What beautiful blue wings!" and it took the picture. The baby was at home after that happened, but that's the weirdest thing on HM64 that I've ever seen.