Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup review
Harry Potter, Good or Bad?

The good:

This is a fun game, and totally addictive too! I think it must have taken a long time to create. There are no glitches that I know of and that gives it and extra mark. There are a few bad points which I will relate later. I found it great that if you get 50 magic cards you unlock the firebolt, fastest racing broom ever! 03/01/05

The bad:

It is annoying how the other team seem to get a lot more special moves and combos than you, and they are really accurate when they launch bludgers at you. I have been knocked off my broom countless times by the opponents bludgers. Also, the graphics are only OK.


Their faces are made to look like those in the film, and this seems to make the game easier, and it is less frustrating if you know who you are up against. Malfoy constantly sneers at you, which is reality, in the books and in the film. This is the best quidditch game I have ever played, and there are more than one.

Why not check out my user review of Halo 2, as I view that as a good game too. Many to you who reads this. Rock on!

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