Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (PC) Cheats

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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During the Plant Hunt
After you find all items in the plants class, there is a secret to getting more than one root. At each plant, outside the school, stop at the plant and every time you save, you can get another of the same plant.

For example, place Harry in front of the mandrake root, its located (gameboy color) on the lefthandside of the screen, and near the garden, walk all the way down until you can see no paths, and turn left, go to the plant surrounded by many bushes or trees, and save the game. If you want to make enough for a potion, go back to Harry to see him standing there, and save it again and again. You can do this as many as you like, its the same for all plants.
Fuffy Tips
When trying to put Fluffy to sleep, have these tips in mind:

If one head starts to bear his teeth, back away, because he is about to bite you.

Try to play as much as the flute you can on one head, then move to the next and then keep going back and forth.

Getting closer to the cereberus makes the flute more powerful, but be careful; they may bite if you get too close.
Gnomes are Invincible
At the Wingardium Leviosa challenge, go to the point where the gnomes come out from behind the bookcase. Quickly aim a spell at the switch on the wall and run like heck through the gate. The gnomes will chase after you. When they get downstairs, go ontop of the platform by the knight statue so they can't hurt you. Release the other gnomes from behind the blocks and you have four gnomes trying to get you. Open the door and gate and run outside. Activate the platform and go back in to the room with the knight statue. Have all four gnomes chase you and jump on the platform outside. All four of the gnomes will plumment into the darkness. However, instead of being gone for good, they run around invisibly on the dark "ground". Jump down into the darkness, and the gnomes will attack you. You die, of course.
No Stress Wizard Chess
On the giant board where you face the giant chess pieces, super jump out of the way whenever you are in danger of being hurt by a chess piece. That way, you won't ever lose.
Quirrel Trick
To beat Quirrel easily, super jump ( enter harrysuperjump while in gameplay. A trick to get rid of him trying to shoot spells at you. No block pushing required!


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Type in these cheats during gameplay:

harrygetsfullhealth: max health
harrysuperjump: a large jump
harrynormaljump: a big jump
harrykorwalk: silent walking (good for Filch and Mrs Norris)
harrytriggercheat: gives you 15 more beans
harrykoresh: invincibility
harrysuperkoresh: ???
Cheats During Gameplay
Cheats - What do They do

harrytriggercheat - Gives You 15 Beans
harrykoresh - Invencibilite
harrysuperkoresh - Invisibilite
harrykorwalk - Silent Walking
harrywantmama - Convert in Snape or Ron
harrysuperjump - Harry jumps super high
harrynormaljump - Harry jumps high
harrygetsfullhealth - Max Health for Harry
harrydebugmodeon - You can select any level and type cheats pressing on TAB key

Debug Cheats
When pressing TAB key it will appear on the bottom of the screen: < >

Set BaseHarry NumBeans 1000 - Harry has 1000 Beans
Set BaseHarry NumHousePoints(now chose one Hogwarts Team) 1000 -The chosen team will have 1000 House Points
Set BaseHarry NumStars 50 – In a Challenge (Eg.: Incendio Chalenge) Harry will have 50 Challenge Stars
GiveAllCards – Harry will have the 24 Cards
Cutscene Screwup
In the room where you battle Quirrel, superjump to the ledge where he stands. Go through the doorway leading to the final boss, Voldemort. Just before the cutscene starts with you, Quirrel and Voldemort, superjump across the room. Walk back to the doorway and everybody will be speaking out of turn. Very funny.
Debug Mode
Type in harrydebugmodeon during game play press
TAB and type in one of the following:
Set BaseHarry numBeans 999
Set BaseHarry numHousePointsGryffindor 999
Set BaseHarry iFireSeedCount 999
Set BaseHarry numStars 999
Excape the Troll
When you have to run away from the troll set the game to auto jump and remember that the beans go green, green, pink, right before the jump. Doing this makes it much easier.
When Fred and George give you the first wizard card, jump on the card instead of walking into it. Harry will then float up in the air.
Freaky glitch
I was experimenting and discovered that during gameplay at any time if you press F1, F2, F3 or any F button strange things happen. Some things are helpful and others not. For example at the beginning of the game I pressed one of the buttons and I was immediately transported to charms class. My advice is just play around with the buttons and have fun!!!

P.S it might only work with debug mode on: harrydebugmodeon. C ya
Harry Levitates
In the Wingardium Leviosa challenge, go to the point outside the room with the knight statue. Superjump over onto the ledge far to the right. Super jump onto a level of the tower ahead. Keep superjumping until you get to the point where the ground vanishes before your feet. You are floating in mid air.
Malfoy Gets Owned
Just before your battle with Malfoy, wait at the top of the stairs. Super Jump down to the front door, and you won't have to battle him. Go back in the castle, and he will be gone.
more debug mode cheats
To turn on debug mode, enter the following code: HarryDebugModeOn.

Press the TILDE key during the game and type set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true to activate developer mode. You need to re-enter the set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true each time the game updates the level's objectives.
Weightless Harry, fly
Walk thru walls, ghost
Disable fly and ghost mode, walk
Set Harry run speed, setspeed
Set friction (default 10), setfriction <0-10>
Gain ## beans, givebeans
Gain ## Gryffindor points, givehousepoints
Gain ## Fireseeds, giveseeds
Gain all normal cards, giveallcards
Gain ## challenge stars, set baseharry numstars
Kill everything, killall
Suicide, killharry
Quit game, quit
Skip the Potions
In the room after the chessboard, there is potions on a table. Normally, you will have to endure a streanous potion challenge, but you can avoid this by superjumping from the doorway to the doorway across from the room.
So called invisable
When your invisible look into a mirror and you'll find that you can still see yourself. So much for invisible.
Super jump
During gameplay, type in "harrynormaljump" for Harry Potter to soar into the sky!
Trap Gnomes
Go to the point in Hogwarts where your in the floor below the flight of stairs that leads to the third floor and Professor Quirrel's Classroom. Cast Flipendo on the knight and walk through the door way. Go downstairs and gnomes will appear. Quickly go out of sight. Let a gnome see you and make him chase you all the way up the stairs and through the doorway. Have him chase you into the library until you get to the room with the rug in the middle. Lower the rug and get the gnome to chase you. If done correctly, he will fall into the hole where you lowered the rug. Do this to all the gnomes, but keep in mind this may take a while. When all the gnomes are stuck in the hole, go downstairs and get the treasure that was once gaurded by the gnomes.
Vanishing Students
In the Hall upstairs from the entrance, walk into one of the rooms with the vases. Turn around and you will see a couple of students run away from you. Go in the room again and turn around and superjump ahead of the kids. They will turn a corner and vanish. Spooky.