Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (GBC) Cheats

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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Easy Levelling Up
In the task where you have to get the chickens for Hagrid, keep fighting the Chickens they give great Exp it helped me lvl up a lot.
extra flying minigame
talk to madame hooch after the flying lesson and she will give you a mini-game where you hunt an owl on your broom after you clear it the first time she will give you some college points
Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone PC Game Tip
Just a tip when fighting Voldermolt at the end- after destroying the pillars and fighting Voldermort at the mirror, if
Harry gets hit, type in harrygetsfullhealth and his health will be restored to full and he can live longer. Sometimes
it is hard as you don't have much time to type this, but it does work in keeping Harry alive long enough to kill Voldermolt
most of the time. I played the game probably a 100 times before figuring this out!!
how to get the best belt
kill some trolls and you will get the bastion belt sooner or later it´s the best belt in the game it´s stats is
stamina +35
strength +3
defense +7
magic str +7
magic def +5
leveling up spells and levels easy
when you have to get the chickens fo hagrid just keep battling they give 120 experience also there are 3 spells you can level up easely the spells are flipendo incendio and vermillious
Training and money
For easy training and money go into the empty classroom right above the stairs to the 7th floor.
The monsters there are:

Frogs-These give a medium amount of Sc and exp but they will poison you, so it is good to kill them in one hit. Use any spell on these.

Slugs-Slugs are very easy to kill and will give low exp but a lot of Sc (250-350). Any spell works well but I recommend Flipendo Tria because it will hit other monsters as well.

Spiders- The spiders hit low, and have 50hp. they give reasonable Sc and high exp. Use Vermillious spells.

Bats- And finally, the stars of the show, the bats. The bats are weak to vermillious and verdimillious spells. Wingardium Leviosa also works well but is a waste of MP. I haven't tried Incendio. The bats hit low, have 65 hp, and give low exp and Sc, but they can drop Superior work Robes which sell for 1125 Sc to Fred and George.

If you get lucky with drops and the monsters appearing you can make huge amounts of money and exp off this room. I have a total play time of 15 hours and I'm level 92 with over 200K Sc.