Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HP3 Walkthrough v3.2
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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban HP3 Walkthrough

by drum94us   Updated to v3.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Harry Potter
and the 
Prisoner of Azkaban

Hi.  This is my first guide I have ever written so if you find any 
mistakes or problems with my guide please e-mail me.

I have finished the game with 100%, so the Folio Bruti and Wizard 
and Witches Cards are complete, and I think have found all of the 
secret passageways.

Guide Information/Legal Information

This guide was created by Jordan Siden and designed for PlayStation 
2. If you spot any mistakes, found some secret passageways have 
any questions etc.  You may e-mail me at jsiden@comcast.net

This Guide is only for privet uses and cannot be distributed publicly 
without permission.  No one can post this on any website except for 
www.Neoseeker.com and www.GameFAQs.com.

Copyright Jordan Siden, 2005

The Characters

Harry Potter

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, was the only one to survive an 
attack from Lord Voldemort.
His parents were killed in the attack so Harry now lives with his 
horrible Aunt and Uncle.  In the game, Harry is the athletic one.  He 
runs the fastest, he can jump and climb ropes.  He also carries the 
Marauders Map.

Ron Weasly

Ron Weasly lives in a family of nine and is the sixth in the family to go 
to Hogwarts.  Ron is the curious type and likes to explore.  This way, 
he is an expert in secret passageways and can search bookshelves 
for goodies like Bertie Botts Beans and Potions.  He also can carry 
Dung Bomb witch is essential against Security Trolls.

Hermione Granger

Hermione is Muggle Born, but she is the brains of the whole gang.  A 
superb studier and knows six different spells.  Because she is small, 
she can fit in tight gaps and walk on ice.


Flippendo:  Basic Knock-Back Jinx.  Almost all enemies are 
vulnerable to this.  It is used to push things, break things etc.  
Anything that wobbles (vases, statues etc.) can be hit with Flippendo 
for some goodie.
All characters have this spell.

Expelliearmus:  Knocks any spell or attack back to the person you are 
aiming at.  Essential in Dueling.
All charecters have this spell

Glacius:  Freezes things like torches, water, lava, Fire Salamanders, 
Fireplaces.  Almost anything on fire.
Only Hermione has this spell

Lumos Duo:  Makes the tip of the wand light up.  Can light up Crystal 
Balls, lighten up dark places and use on Hinkypunks.
Only Ron has this charm.

Reparo: Repares anything broken from boxes to bridges to toilets. 
Only Hermione has this charm

Carpe Retractum: Works like a fishing hook.  Can grab on to anything 
with a hook or handle etc.  You can also grab onto something and 
jump wide gaps.
Only Harry has this spell

Patronus Charm:  Maybe the most powerful charms in the game.  
You must direct the patronus into a dementor to knock it back or 
destroy it (With the Stag)
Only Harry has this charm

Draconifors:  Charm to turn dragon statues into real dragons 
temporarily to burn objects tapestries, ropes etc.
Only Hermione has this charm

Snufflifors:  Turns flying books into mice to get a goodie.  It can only 
be bought from Fred and George's shop for 50 Beans (Good Price)
Only Hermione has this charm.

Secret  Passageways

So far, I only know four passageways.  If someone finds some others, 
please e-mail me.  Note: Only Ron can find the passageway from the 
4th and 7th Floor.  On the Marauders Map, anything green is secret.

7th Floor-Study Area, 4th Floor
From the 7th floor corridor, go into the room with Sir Cadogan (the 
portrait of a knight.)  There should be a long, brown bookshelf.  Have 
Ron open it.  
From the 4th floor, you are in the Study Area.  Look for another long, 
brown bookshelf, identicle to the one in the 7th floor.

4th Floor-3rd Floor
In the far end of the 4th Floor Study Area, there should be a tapestry 
that you can burn by charming Draconifors on the dragon statue.  

3rd Floor-2nd Floor
In the 3rd Floor Corridor (the one with the bookcases) there is a 
tapestry you can burn with Draconifors.

2nd Floor-2nd Floor

This secret passageway is the same as 3rd Floor-2nd Floor.  It must 
be a mistake in the game or something.  It is on the left side of the 
2nd Floor Corridor


This isn't really too detailed but is good for getting around.  Some of 
the locations have no name, so I made up some names for them 
(example: Fountain Courtyard)

7th Floor

Fat Lady's Corridor

North Wing

7th Floor Corridor 

Secret Passage way to Fourth Floor (See Secret Passageways)

6th Floor

6th Floor Corridor 

East Wing

Glanmore Peaks Corridor 

Fred and George's Shop (Disused Bathroom)

5th Floor

Muggle Studies 

4th Floor

Study Area  

4th Floor Corridor 

History of Magic Classroom

Hospital Wing

Secret Passageway to 7th Floor (See Secret Passageways)

Secret Passageway to 2nd Floor (See Secret Passageways)

3rd Floor

3rd Floor Corridor 

Gunhilda of Gorsemoor Corridor

Upper Level of Gunhilda Gorsemoor Corridor

Defence Against the Dark Arts Class

Secret Passageway to 2nd Floor (See Secret Passageways)

2nd Floor

2nd Floor Corridor 

Charms Classroom

Secret Passageway to 4th Floor (See Secret Passageways)

1st Floor

1st Floor Corridor

Transfiguration Classroom

Entrance Hall

Doors To:


Great Hall


Grand Staircase


Dungeon Corridor

Potions Classroom

Potions Storeroom


Clock-tower Courtyard

Long Bridge

Hagrid's Hut


Fountain Courtyard

Quidditch Stadium

Boathouse (Docks)

Stone Circle


Monsters and Magical Creatures

There are many monsters and enemies around Hogwarts.  Some 
may seem annoying, but all enemies have a weakness.  Here is a 
guide to help defeat monsters and enemies.

Appearance: Dementors look like floating black cloaks with there face 
covered by their hood.  You can tell if a Dementor is near if you hear 
screaming or a mans voice shouting (Harry's mom and dad)

Description:  The guards of the Wizard Prison of Azkaban.  They are 
the one of the most horrible creatures you face in the game.  They 
suck all the happy thoughts out of you and make you miserable.

How to Defeat Them: If a dementor is sucking out your soul, you 
must wiggle the stick as fast as you can.  If you have the Patronus 
Charm, cast it and lead the Patronus into the dementor to knock it 
Red Cap
Appearance:  Small dwarf creatures with blood red hats.  In the front 
line, they have large shields witch can be taken away with Carpe 
Retractum.  They carry small shields witch can also be taken away 
They also have swords that they attack you with.  

Description:  Sort of like dwarf pirates.  They march in groups that are 
very organized, until they attack and start shouting war cries and 
trying to surround you and slash you with there swords.

How to Kill Them:  A couple blasts of Flippendo is all thats needed.  
There stink pellets are harmless, but don't let them surround you.


Appearance:  Looks like a one legged ghost with a lantern that hops 

Description:  Hinkypunks hop around on one leg and swing a lantern 
above their head when they are about to throw it at you.  So watch 

How To Kill It:  Use Lumos Duo and chase it around until it turns into 
a solid figure and then Flippendo it a bit to kill it.  This might take a 
few attemps.


Appearance: Half eagle, half horse creature.

Description:  Found in a pen by Hagrid's Hut these creatures that 
appear to be beasts are quite gentle.  First bow and climb on its back, 
take a running start, and fly around Hogwarts

How to Kill Them:  If you're crazy enough to want to kill one, I suggest 
you go and work for the Disposal of Magical Creatures Committee.

Flying Books

Appearance:  Books that fly and attempt to attack you.

Description: Charmed books that try to attack you.  Usually found in 
places with bookshelves 

How to Kill Them:  Flippendo works fine, but if you want to be 
rewarded with goodies like beans or Wizards and Witches Cards then 
I recommend Snuffilifors (this spell-book can only be found in Fred 
and George's Shop)


Appearance:  Looks a bit like a blue stick with a propeller attached.

Description:  Billywigs are an essential ingredient in Snape's Potions 
Class.  They can be found by the Lake, but you cannot catch them on 
your own. (Hint, Hint!)

How to Catch Them:  You must fly Buckbeack into one to catch it.


Appearance:  Small thing with a little dress and wings.

Description:  Constantly giggling Fairys can only be found by the 
Shrieking Shack in Hogsmede.

How to Kill Them:  First charm the statue of a dragon with Draconifors 
to burn there bush.  Then Flippendo them and use Glacius to freeze 
them.  Then just pick them up.


Appearance:  Look like purple Fairys of Pixies with two rows of highly 
venomous teeth.

Description:  I HATE these things!  You have to conjure at least four 
or five Flippendos at them and they have a very poisonous bite.  You 
can stop the poison with a potion called Antidote to Uncommon 

How to kill them:  Just Flippendo as much as you can until they die.  
(Unless they kill you first)


Appearance:  Look like large beatles

Description:  These bugs are attracted to light.  A Venomous  
Tentecula  can chew right through there shell

How to Kill Them:  Do a Lumos Duo on them, and get them close to a 
Venomous Tentecula.  Let the Venomous Tentecula do the rest.

Security Troll

Appearance:  Look like huge Blue Balls of Lard, and have a fairly 
small head.

Description:  They might be big and powerful, but are REALLY stupid.  
(Harry proves that in the first book.)  They patrol the North Wing on 
the Seventh Floor at night.

How to Sneak Past Them:  SIMPLE!  When you get close to one, 
through a Dung Bomb and take cover.  They will walk over to the 
Dung Bomb, attracted by the smell, and then it will explode.


Fred and George's Shop

In Fred and George's Shop on the Sixth Floor, you can find all sorts 
of different supplies and merchandise for trading Bertie Botts Every 
Flavor Beans.  Here is a list of all of the items.

Rare Collectors Cards                       100 Beans or 5 Stink Pellet 
Challenge Buckets

Girding Potion                    50 Beans

Wiggenweld Potion            20 Beans

Antidote to Uncommon Poisons             20 Beans

10 Stink Pellets               10 Beans

5 Dung Bombs                20 Beans

Dung Bomb Case           100 Beans

Stink Pellet Bag            100 Beans

1/3 Chapter from the Dark Forces Book              3 Statues on the 
Statues List

Snufflifors Spell-book            50 Beans

Folio Bruti Page            100 Beans

Folio Bruti Pages


Given automatically on the Hogwarts Express


In the Glacius Challenge, in the room with the floor switches and 
book cases.


In the Potions Classroom

In the Carpe Retractum Challenge, when you get to the other side of 
the small lake.


In the secret passageway from 7th to 4th Floor (see Secret 


Secret passageway from 4th to 2nd Floor (see Secret Passageways)

Fire Seed Bush

Potions Storeroom

Flying Sea-horse

Can be bought from Fred and George's Shop for 100 Beans


In the Music Room (the room where you are attacked by instruments) 
on the 5th Floor


In the hallway between the Showcase room and the Music Room on 
the 5th Floor


At the top of the staircase leading to the boathouse, there should be a 


In the Marauders Map Challenge, in the second room where the floor 
caves in and you need to leap across the gaps.

Red Cap

When Malfoy pushes you in a hole in the dungeons, after you defeat 
the Hinkypunks, there is a chest at the corner of the landing.


In the Glacius Challenge, in the room where you need to push the 
block of ice through the maze to reach the button


In a secret room in the Gryfindor Common Room that Ron can open.  
Look at the Marauders Map for a more detailed way to find it (Hint, 

Venomous Tentecula

In Hermione's trunk in the Girls Dormitory.

Famous Witches and Wizards Cards


Morgan le Fay - Located in the Glacius Challenge, in the part where 
Hermione needs to move the ice blocks on the floor switch.

Queen Maeve - In dungeons corridor, right of the gate at the end of 
the corridor.

Ignatia Wildsmith - Located once you have found the Glacius 
Spellbook at the end of the hallway with the attacking torches

Beatrix Bloxam - In the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom, 
right up the stairs to Lupins office.

Gunhilda of Gorsemoor is given when you find the first four Witches 


Merlin - Behind a bookcase in the Charms Classroom.  Use Carpe 
Retratum on the torch on the right side to reveal it.

Glanmore Peakes - In the Carpe Retractum Challenge is next to the 
second switch used to release Harry.

Herpo the Foul - Found in the secret passagway from 7th to 4th 
Floors (see Secret Passageways)

Edgar Strougler - Next to the first switch to release Harry in the Carpe 
Retramtum Challenge

Albus Dumbledore is given when you find the first four Wizards Cards


Lady Camilla Sanguina - Found when casting Glacius in the fire in the 
Gryffindor Common Room.

Amarillo Lescoat - Found by casting Glacius on the fireplace in the 
Study Area on the Fourth Floor.

Sir Herbert Varney - When you are in the pit in the level where Malfoy 
tricks you with Polyjuice Potion, in the room with Hedwig's Perch 
there are two chests.  One of them contains a Card

Bludwynn Bludd - In the Fourth Floor Corridor. Use Lumos Duo to 
power up the crystal ball to reveal a hidden room.

Count Vlad Dracul is given to you when you find the first four 
Vampires Cards


Eargit the Ugly - Buy it from Fred and George's Shop for 100 Beans

Alguff the Awful - In the Glanmore Peaks Corridor on the 6th Floor, 
cast Glacius on the puddle of water to turn it into a block of ice.  Move 
it to the case with a skeleton it and climb up.

Ug the Unreliable - In Fred and George's Shop, cast Glacius on the 
puddle in one of the stalls on the left.

Urg the Unclean - In Fred and George's Shop, charm Reparo on the 
broken toilet on the right.

Gringott is given to you once you find the first four Goblins Cards


Babayaga - Storeroom in the Upper Level of the Gunhilda of 
Gorsemorr Corridor on the Third Floor, in the storeroom

Malodora Grymm - Charm all the flying books in Glanmore Peaks 
Corridor on the 6th floor with Snufflifors (see Spells)

Leticia Sommolens - In the Study Area on the Fourth Floor, Charm all 
the flying books with Snufflifors (see Spells)

Old Mother Hubberd - Go into the Marauders Map Challenge another 
day with Hermione.  First lift the gate up with Ron and Harry so 
Hermione can push the button.  Freeze the fireballs with Glacius and 
stand on the floor switches.  Then pull the card toward you with 
Carpe Retractum.

Corddelia Misericordia is given to you when you find all the first four 
Hags Cards.

Bran the Bloodthirsty - In a secret room across the wall to Fred and 
George's Shop.  Use Ron to open it.

Cyclops - Buy it in Fred and George's Shop for 100 Beans

Goliath - In the Glanmore Peaks Corridor on the 6th Floor, charm 
Reparo on the broken vase.  A tresure chest on Glanmore Peaks 
right will unlock.

Morholt - When you walk out of the storage room in Uppper Level 
Gunhilda of Gorsemorr Corridor on the 3rd Floor.  Use Carpe 
Retractum on the statue to pull yourself to the other balcony, 

Hengist of Upper Barnton is given to you when you find all the first 
four Giants Cards


Common Welsh Green Dragon - Find 5 Stink Pellet Challenge 

Herbridean Black Dragon - Find 10 Stink Pellet Challenge buckets

Hungarian Horntail Dragon - Find 15 Stink Pellet Challenge buckets

Romanian Longhorn Dragon - Find all 20 Stink Pellet Challenge 

Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon - is given to you when you find all the 
first four Dragons Cards


Imp - In the secret passageway from 2nd to 3rd Floor (see Secret 

Doxy - In the secret passageway from 4th Floor to the 2nd Floor (see 
Secret Passageways)

Bowtruckle - Right outside the storeroom at the Upper Level of the 
Gunhilda of Gorsemoor Corridor on the 3rd Floor

Billywig - In the North Wing on the 7th Floor

Gnome is given to you when you find all the first four Beasts Cards

Classical Beasts

Giant Squid - The Fourth Floor Corridor is divided into two halves.  
Go to the right half.

Manticore - In Ron's trunk in the Boy's Dormitory

Unicorn - From the Fountain Courtyard, in one of the exits there are 
steps.  On the landing there is a card

Mountain Troll - In the Glacius Challenge, when you put the giant 
cauldron on the giant floor switch and open the gates.  There is a 
treasure box in the middle of the two-way hallway

Phoenix is given to you when you find all the first four Classical 
Beasts Cards

Cyprian Youdle - In Harry's Trunk in the Boys Dormitories.

Joselind Wadcock - In a chest in the 7th Floor Corridor

Leopldina Smethwyck - In the fourth room in the Marauders Map 
Challenge, use Ron to open up the secret passageways.

Roderick Plumpton - In the third room of the Marauders Map 
Challenge, once you move the trunk up to the wall.  To the left of the 
crystal ball there should be a chest

Barberus Bargge is given to you when you find all the first four 
Quidditch Cards

Mini Games

The Dueling Club

The Dueling Club takes place in the Great Hall, when you talk to the 
opponent by the steps.  My strategy for dueling is to aim and fire 
Flippendo as quick as I can and be very alert and be ready to 
Expeliarmus at any moment.  Never duck.  Only dodge left or right if 
you can't Expeliarmus.  If the Sneeze-Jinx is coming your way, I 
suggest you dodge unless you have time to Expeliarmus (I hate that 
Jinx!)  You also have to duel Malfoy in some parts of the main game 

Owl Racing

In my opinion, this game is pretty boring.  I usually choose Hedwig or 
the orange owl.  Simply press (O) in a hard beat.  If you want to, you 
can use a metronome (LOL.)  Sometime on really sharp turns, you go 
off course and need to start over again.  On the sharp turn by the 
boathouse I keep flapping the wings hard but at the square courtyard 
(when you are diving) I flat the wings.  After a few attempts you 
should get at least an A

Hippogriff Flight Challenge

My strategy for this game is to run, and takeoff a few feet, then break, 
turn around and fly straight to the cloud of bats.  Repeat this until they 
are gone.  As the numbers of bats get smaller, the harder it is.

Notice Board Items

There are many sudents who seem to be missing something and will 
award you with House Points.  Most of them are pretty easy to find

Prefects Badge

In the Entrance Hall, behind the hourglass on the left.

Potion Vial Case
In the Second floor Corridor.

In the clock tower courtyard.  Go left once you are out of the castle.

On the first floor, behind the statue of  Gregory the Smarmy


In the boathouse (the small building by the lake with the huge 

Daily Prophet

In the Hospital Wing in the Fourth Floor Corridor.

Brass Scales

Left side of the Charms Classroom in the Second Floor Corridor.

Potion Jar

In the Dungeons, in the Potions Storeroom.

Hermione's Statues

In Fred and George's Shop, buy the Dark Forces Book.  Fred and 
George have a challenge  for Hermione.  She must find nine statues 
hidden around Hogwarts.  For every three, she gets one chapter.  
Here is a list of the locations.

The Chapters:

Chapter 1- Improved dueling
Increases strength to the Flippendo spell.

Chapter 2- Improved defense
Increases strength of the Expeliarmus spell.

Chapter 3- Faster spell cast

Statue Locations:

Bridget Wenlock
7th Floor Corridor

Glanmore Peaks
6th Floor Corridor

Jocunda Skyes
Entrance Hall

Gondoline Oliphant
Secret Passageway from 4th to 2nd floor

Gunhilda of Gorsmoor
3rd Floor, Gunhilda of Gorsmoor

Gregory the Smarmy
1st Floor Corridor

Hooky the House Elf
Potions Storeroom, Dungeons

Beaumont Majoribanks 
History of Magic Classroom, 4th Floor

Hengist of Woodcroft
Study Area, 4th Floor

Ron's Stink Pellet Challenge
Fred and George set a challenge on Ron.  He must find and log a 
stink pellet in  all twenty Stink Pellet buckets.  For every five, you get 
one Rare Dragon Wizard and Witches Card.

7th Floor, right of the Fat Lady

7th Floor, North Wing

6th Floor, Fred and George's Shop

6th Floor, East Wing

5th Floor, Hallway between Showcase and Biplane room

4th Floor Corridor

4th Floor, above door to Hospital Wing

3rd Floor Corridor

3rd Floor, Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

2nd Floor, Secret passageway to 2nd Floor (See Secret 
Passageways for more information) 

1st Floor, Transfiguration Classroom (climb the bookshelves)

1st Floor, Transfiguration Classroom (climb the bookshelves) and go 
around to the other side

1st Floor, Secret room behind statue of Gregory the Smarmy

Grand Staircase, Ground Floor

Grand Staircase, 5th Floor landing

Grand Staircase, Between 6th and 7th Floors

Entrance Hall, on the right of the hallway to the Great Hall

Dungeon Corridor

Dungeon Corridor

Dungeons Classroom

Potion Ingredients

Snape gives you homework to collect the potion ingredients you need 
for class.

Antidote to Uncommon Poisons 

Chizpurfle Carapaces 

By the Lake, near Hagrid's Hut, Ron needs to use Lumos Duo to 
attract the Chizpufles to a nearby Venomous Tentecula.  The 
Venomous Tentecula will chew up the Chizpurfle and spit out the 

Fire Seeds

In the Greenhouses, Hermione needs to use Glacius on the Fire 
Bush.  Then just collect the seeds.

Billywig Stings

By the Lake, fly Buckbeak right at a Billywig and let him do the rest.

Girding Potion

Fairy Wings

In Hogsmede, first have Hermione charm Reparo on the statue of a 
dragon, then charm Draconifors on it and it should burn the bush with 
Fairys.  When they all go rushing out, cast Flippendo to knock them 
down, and then freeze them with Glacius.

Flying Sea-horse

At the Boathouse, cast Carpe Retractum at the Flying Sea-horses 
and immediately pull back.
It might take a few tries.

Dragonfly Thoraxes

In the Fountain Courtyard (if you are familiar with Harry Potter and 
the Chamber of Secrets, the Cloisters) have Hermione charm the 
dragon statue with Draconifors when a Dragonfly is near to burn it.  It 
might take a few tries.