Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire FAQ/Walkthrough v0.60
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: : : : Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire FAQ/Walkthrough

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire FAQ/Walkthrough

by bodobodot1   Updated to v0.60 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the DS, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.

         __  __                         ____        __  __           
        / / / /___ _____________  __   / __ \____  / /_/ /____  _____
       / /_/ / __ `/ ___/ ___/ / / /  / /_/ / __ \/ __/ __/ _ \/ ___/
      / __  / /_/ / /  / /  / /_/ /  / ____/ /_/ / /_/ /_/  __/ /    
     /_/ /_/\__,_/_/  /_/   \__, /  /_/    \____/\__/\__/\___/_/     
                                 _   _   _        
                    __ _ _ _  __| | | |_| |_  ___ 
                   / _` | ' \/ _` | |  _| ' \/ -_)
                   \__,_|_||_\__,_|  \__|_||_\___|

           ________      ___.   .__          __            _____ 
          /  _____/  ____\_ |__ |  |   _____/  |_    _____/ ____\
         /   \  ___ /  _ \| __ \|  | _/ __ \   __\  /  _ \   __\ 
         \    \_\  (  <_> ) \_\ \  |_\  ___/|  |   (  <_> )  |   
          \______  /\____/|___  /____/\___  >__|    \____/|__|   
                 \/           \/          \/                     
                     \_   _____/|__|______   ____  
                      |    __)  |  \_  __ \_/ __ \ 
                      |     \   |  ||  | \/\  ___/ 
                      \___  /   |__||__|    \___  >
                          \/                    \/ 

                                      ____      _____   _____ 
              /|/._ _/__  _   _/_    |    |    |  __ \ / ____|
             / |// // /_'/ //_//_/   |____|    | |  | | (_
                                      ____     | |  | |\___ \ 
                                     |    |    | |__| |____) |
                                     |____|    |_____/|_____/ 

Or the Gameboy Advance, as the games are almost the same.


Written by Bodobodot for http://www.gamefaqs.com/ .
Copyright (c) 2005 Robert Newth. All rights reserved.


 T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

--1--  Introduction

--2--  Version History

--3--  Copyright Information

--4--  Controls

--5--  The Storyline

--6--  Characters

--7--  In-game Items

--8--  Enemies

--9--  Spells

--10-- Menus - The Main Menu
             - The pause menu
             - The Folio Universitas
             - Weasley's Wares

--11-- The Game screens

--12-- The Walkthrough - Quidditch World Cup
                       - Defence Against the Dark Arts
                       - The Forbidden Forest
                       - The First Task
                       - The Yule Ball
                       - The Prefect's bathroom
                       - Care of Magical Creatures
                       - The Second Task
                       - Moody's Tasks
                       - The Third Task
                       - The Riddle Graveyard

--13-- Multiplayer

--14-- Copyright Information

--1-- Introduction --1--

Hi everyone, and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire, for the Nintendo DS. Once this guie is finished, it will
include lists of enemies, how to beat them, lists of menus, lists of
items, as well as a guide to getting 100 percent completion in the game.

I started writing this guide on Saturday, the 12th of November, 2005
because I noticed that on GameFAQs, there were no guides at all. So wrote
a review on the game, found at this address:


...and settled down to writing this rather long guide to the game. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, by the way, if you are playing the gameboy advance version of the
game, you can also use this guide. Just cut out any mention of the touch
screen, and the 3D battles. Apart from these minor differences, the games
are identical. In the DS game, the X and Y buttons are not used, so the
two games use the same buttons. One more difference is that the
information normally shown on the touch screen is instead shown on the
one screen, along with the gameplay.

--2-- Version History --2--

Version 0.3 - 12 November 2005
Started the guide. Wrote a lot today.

Version 0.5 - 13 November 2005
Finished first ten sections. Completed 5/11 of Walkthrough

Version 0.53 - 14 November 2005
Started Enemies section. Wrote three.

Version 0.55 - 15 November 2005
Added storyline. Added small amounts to all sections. Just added in

Version 0.60 - 2 December 2005
Finished 6/11 of the walkthrough.

--3-- Copyright Information --3--

All trademarks are owned by their respective copyright holders.

This guide is copyright (c) 2005 Robert Newth. All rights reserved. It may
not be copied in any way except for private or domestic use. If you are
cought making money from this guide, or plagerizing it, I may be forced to
take legal action. This guide is permitted to be shown on these sites


If you seek permission to host this guide on your site, you should e-mail
me at the following address:


Any queries, along with any tips, cheats, corrections, critisism, or
praise should also be sent to this address. If you are sending me an
e-mail, please put something like 'Goblet of Fire walkthrough' or
something similar as the title, or else it will be deleted instantly.

Please note:  I do not make any money out of writing FAQs.

I'd like to thank myself for writing this, you, for reading this, J.K.
Rowling, for writing the Harry Potter books, Warner Bros, for making the
films, and EA games, for creating this game.

--4-- Controls --4--

The menus can be navigated with the buttons, or by using the stylus and
the touch screen. For the buttons, the menu controls are as follows:

Control pad - choose option
A button    - confirm option
B button    - Go back to the previous screen

There are two modes of game play. Adventure mode is the standard play
mode, and 3D mode, which is, suprisingly, in 3D. In 3D mode you use
nothing but the touch screen, and I will explain how to play in that
mode later on.

Here are the controls for adventure mode:

Control pad    - Move
A button       - Use 'shot' spell
Hold B button  - Use 'stream' spell
X button       - Not used
Y button       - Not used
Start          - Pause gameplay
Select         - Not used
L button       - Call the other characters to you
R button       - Not used
Hold B, then L - Get the other characters to cast a spell with you.

To climb on to an object, push into it with the control pad. To jump, run
off the desired edge.

--5-- Storyline --5--

Harry Potter, the only survivor of the Avada Kedavra curse, is returning 
to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his fourth year. Join
him, and his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, as they travel
from the Quidditch World cup, through their year, and take part in the
Triwizard Tounement, which this year shall be hosted by the school. What
Harry doesn't know, is that Lord Voldemort is planning to return.

--6-- Characters --6--

Harry Potter

Attack  - 6
Speed   - 4
Defence - 2

Ron Weasley

Attack  - 2
Speed   - 6
Defence - 4

Hermione Granger

Attack  - 4
Speed   - 2
Defence - 6

Each Character has different strengths and weaknesses. Choose wisely.
I completed the game using just Harry, but that was my choice.

--7-- In-game Items --7--

During the course of the game, you can find various items which have
different properties.

Collectable cards - (taken from the manual) Some of these magical cards
                    detail the creatures and characters you encounter,    
                    while others can give you new or improved abilities.
                    Whatever their powers, discovering all of the cards to
                    fill your folio universitas can be challenging and    
                    fun. Some cards can be bought at the Weasley's Wares, 
                    but you need to unlock them first.

Green beans - These beans can be found in chests, and after defeating
              creatures and obstacles. They are used to buy cards from
              Weasley's wares.

Silver beans - If you find one of these, you will become invincible for a
               couple of seconds.

Chocolate frogs - These refill one sixth of your health. Once you catch   
                  one you will use it instantly.

Triwizard shields - You can find these shields in chests and other
                    unlikely places. If you can get all of them in a
                    level, you'll unlock new bonuses. It can be very      
                    difficult and sometimes impossible to find all of
                    them in a level the first time you play it, so usually
                    you'll have to replay the level at least once.

--8-- Enemies --8--

This section is not yet complete, but will be finished shortly. The
enemies are numerous, and most can be found in both adventure mode AND 
3D mode. However, I will list them all here, and how to beat them.


What - If there is a dugbog in the ground, every few seconds it's head
       will pop up from the ground and look around.
Where - Most levels. In patches of earth or rotting floorboards.
Attacks - Runs over to you, and bites you.
How to defeat - Repeatedly cast Confundus at it.
Watch out! - They can dive back into the ground to replenish their enery, 
             and emerge in different places.


What - If you see a tree stump with a hole in the top of it, there are
       Bowtruckles inside. Occasionally, they'll jump up and back down.
Where - In Most levels.
Attacks - When it jumps up, it spits twigs which damage your health.
How to defeat - Stand directly in front of it, and repeatedly cast 
                confundus. Any bowtruckles inside will fly out and land
                on the ground. To defeat them, keep casting confundus. 
                If you are lucky, you're friends will help.
Watch out! - They don't do anything different, so there is nothing to
             watch out for.

Death Eater

What - Hooded figures. Followers of Lord Voldemort
Where - Quidditch World Cup and Riddle Graveyard
Attacks - Casts spells at you
How to defeat - Cast three or four confunduses at it.
Watch out - The apparate and disapparate, and appear in different places,
            just to confuse you.

 --More will be added shortly--

--9-- Spells --9--

There are two spell catagories. Shot spells and stream spell. Shot spells
fire short bursts of magic in the direction you are facing, and stream 
spells fire a sustained beam of magic which you can move by pressing the
control pad. Note- you need to unlock spells before you can use them.

Shot spells

Press A to fire a shot spell.

Causes confusion to creatures

Fires a gust of wind to push objects

Opens chests

Stream spells

Press and hold B to fire a stream spell.

Wingardium Leviosa
Levitates objects and creatures

Repairs broken objects

Lights a magical fire

--10-- Menus --10--

The Main Menu

Select which slot you would like to play. Tap it with the touch screen to 
select it. To overwrite the slot and start a new game, press select. The
main menu has a number of options on it. You can use the buttons or the
touch screen.

Single player- Select this option to play the adventure or access mini    

Multi player- Select this option to play multiplayer with a friend.

Options- Select this to access the options menu. From the options menu,   
         you can change whether the music is on or off, and the SFX is on 
         or off.

Folio Universitas- See Folio Universitas section

Credits- View the game credits

Bonuses unlocked- Once you have enough shields, you can unlock bonuses    
                  which can be found here. 

Pause Menu

You can access this menu by pressing start during gameplay or tapping the
arrow at the left hand side of the touch screen.

Resume- Resume gameplay

Folio Universitas- View the Folio Universitas. You can also view this by  
                   pressing the book at the bottom of the touch screen    
                   during gameplay. This does not work during a 3D        

Options- Access the options menu

Weasley's wares- access the Weasley's Wares screen

Quit- Quit the current game and go back to the main menu

The Folio Universitas

At this screen, you can view your card collection. The cards are
arranged in the order of the levels you can find them in. Use the control
pad to cycle the cards, and tap the left and right arrows on the touch
screen to move on to the next page of the album. Once you have placed the
cursor over a card, press the A button to view it close up. Press R to
read the back, then press B to read the front. When the touch screen is
showing the front of the card, press B to exit back to the card selection
screen. Cards that still have to be unlocked are shown as chests with
keyholes in them.

Weasley's Wares

This is the screen where you can purchase cards, as long as you hav
enough green beans to buy them with. You can access this screen from the
pause menu. On the left of the touch screen, there is a count of how
many beans you have. Use the control pad to navigate between the cards,
and press A to pick it up. Once you have picked up a card, press B to
put it back down, or press B to make the purchase. Once you buy a card,
you cannot sell it back, or get your beans back.

--11-- The Game Screens --11--

During adventure mode, the top screen is clear of any information. All of
this information can be found on the bottom screen. Here is a basic ASCII
diagram to roughly show where everything is.

 |                             |
 |                             |
 |       Action screen         | ------------
 |                             |  TOP SCREEN
 |                             | ------------
 |                             |
 |                             |
 |                             |
 |                             |

 | A \  H                  / B |
 |___/                     \___|
 |                          ___|
 |_                        / C | ---------------
 | \                       \___|  BOTTOM SCREEN
 |D|    Text is shown here     | ---------------
 |_/                           |
 |             __              |
 |_____       / F\        _____|

                MAP LEGEND

       A - This shows which character you are playing

       B - Tap this to call another character

       C - Tap this to call another character

       D - Tap this to pause the game

       E - This shows how many green beans you have

       F - Tap this to view the Folio Universitas

       G - This shows how many triwizard shield you have

       H - This shows your stamina, measured in hearts

--12-- The Walkthrough --12--

Quidditch World Cup

We cannot complete this level 100 percent, as we need some spells we do
not yet have, so, we'll do as much as we can, then come back later to
finish it off. It does not matter which character you choose for this
level, but I'd prefer Harry.

Anyway, after watching the cutscene (I never knew death eaters looked
like that), Arthur Weasley tells you to go to the portkey. Go down the
left,and Harry will announce that three chests are blocking the way.
Press and
hold B to cast Wingardium Leviosa, and move the trunks behind you. Head
back to where Hermione is standing to find another trunk. Move it as well.
Head left then up to find a green bean. Just after the bean is a trunk.
Levitate it with B to reveal a bean. Grab the bean and levitate the next
trunk. Go up to find a cart. Keep going up to find yet another trunk.
There is a bean inside. Face the cart and press A to cast ventus to push
it away. Go through the gap the cart has left behind it, and go right.
Follow the brown path right and off the edge of the screen.

Keep following the brown path ubtil you reach an empty cauldron. Stand in
front of it and press L to call your friends to you. Press B and you will
all cast Wingardium Leviosa together. Move the cauldron out of the way and
go through the gap. Ignore the chocolate frog, and go down to the two
sacks. Levitate them aside then levitate the trunk to get two beans. You
should now have 370 beans exactly.

Get the chocolate frog, even though you don't need it, and go right.
Move the three sacks aside, getting the beans they conceal. Go up and off
the edge of the screen.

Two barrels are lying on their sides. Push the first one aside with A and
do the same with the second one. Walk through the space that the second
barrel leaves and open the small brown chest with alohomora (A). Levitate
the two trunks and go back to where th man is sitting. Head left then up,
and levitate the rock to get one green bean. A dugbog appears out of the
ground and charges you. Face it and repeatedly cast Confundus with A.
Eventually, it will fall on it's back. Cast Confundus one more time to
get rid of it. Drop the second rock on the ground for a bean then tackle
the second and third dugbogs. Get the two beans out of the two rocks then
head right. You should now have 396 beans. Head down and open the chest
for a bean and a frog.

Levitate the rock and defeat the two dugbogs. Collect the beans then
defeat the third dugbog and smash the rock. Push the cart and head up.
Call your friends to you and levitate the big box, then retrieve the
shield. Push the log then go up.

Stand directly in front of the tree stump and repeatedlt cast confundus
(A). When the bowtruckles pop out, keep pressing A until they all
disappear. Collect the treasures then go right. Stand in front of the
next stump and repeat the process, except this time, you'll be taken into
a magical encounter. You need the stylus for this.

--3D battle--
Pick your attack method. Personally, I only use te one on the left and
the one in the middle. The one one the left requires you to tap the
circles that appear exactly in the centre. The one on the middle requires
you t otrace the lines that re drawn, quickly, without going off the line.
It's your choice. After you attack, you'll have to shield. Draw a small
circle and keep drawing. Don't let the blue circle get too, big and don't
let it get too small. Each time the bowtruckle hits you, it gets a
little smaller.

After defeating the bowtruckle, get the silver bean, and travel up.
There is a cutscene with death-eaters, then go off the screen.


Go up, and head left. Then go left again, casting ventus on the log so
i trolls over the death eater. Go left and up, and levitate the rock.
Go left. Take the bottom fork in the path and follow the river bank.
Cast ventus on the tree stump, and go through the gap. You see Arthur
Weasley trapped under a big rock. You have o get him out, but leave him
for now and go right. Float the log onto the little circle on the ground,
then climb up. Open the chest, to find... nothing. Go back over to Mr.
Weasley and get your friends to help you shift the rock.

Go left through the gap, and head north. Defeat the Bowtruckles, getting
a silver bean and two chocolate frogs. Levitate the two rocks for some
beans. You should now have 447 altogether. Go left, defeat the dugbog and
go past the small purple bush.

There are two rocks. For the bigger of the two, you need help with. So
cast wingardium Leviosa on it and cast the same spell on the other. You
get a chocolate frog. Go straight up, and off the screen.

Keep going up, then head right past the dead tree. There is a dugbog in
the dark stretch of ground so defeat it and open the chest. Head up past
another tree and follow the path till you get to a junction. Tak the
left path and continue along it. In this hollow is a trophy and a couple
of beans. If you can't get to the trophy, come back after completing the
Forbidden Forest level. No go back to the junction we were at before and
take the right hand path and follow it. A death eater apparates behind
you, but leave him. Continue along the path, till you find a small boot.
There is a cutscene where Arthur weasley kills two death eaters who are
threatening you, then the level ends. You should have 5 trophies. If not,
replay the level, and repeat my instructions.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Pick Harry for this level, and watch the cutscene. Head along the green
carpet and open the chest on your left hand side. When you walk past
Mad-Eye-Moody, you'll see a short cutscene. Go up the stairs to Moody's
Office to begin the level.

There is a Red Cap in the cupboard. Face the red chest and stand 4
floorboards away from the candlestick nearest the chest.Wait for the red
cap to come right up to your back, then quickly spin round and cast
wingardium Leviosa on it. Drop it into the cauldron full of green liquid
and stand in the same position, as there is another red cap. Give it the
same treatment. Levitate the trunk with help from Ron and Hermione and
go through the door. Head up. Stand on the circle to open thew door behind
you and head through it.


There is a cutscene. You have to avoid the notes the Erkling fires at you
and cast confundus at it. Hit it three times and the spiked grill will 
rop, allowing you access to a broken chest of drawers. Levitate them on to
the frame beside it and climb up, getting the beans as you go. Stand on
the circle to open a door.

Jump off and head down. Go through the gap, and defeat the two erklings.
Both of them, start a 3D battle. Defeat them both, and head through the
grill that opens. Open the chest, smash the two barrels, and go through
the open door. Go down the stairs, open the chest and go through the door.

There are two red caps in here. After you defet them, levitate the trunk
again, along with the barrel, and collect what you find. Go through the


A tree stump with bowtruckles in it can be found in this room, so dispose
of them and levitate the drawers onto the frame. Climb up it and step on
the circle to open the door.

Cast ventus on the barrel and go along the corridor. Destroy the barrel,
and defeat the two erklings. Go down and another one appears. After you
defeat this one, even another one appear. Take him out, then go down and
left. Levitate the barrel to the top of the room where the frame stands.
Climb up and press A to push the barrel onto the switch.

The door opens, so head through it. An erkling jumps down from the
ceiling so defeat in the usual way. Moody appears and tells you how to
cast the reparo spell. Use B to repair the chest of drawers and float
them, as usual, onto the frame. Repair the armour for a chocolate frog.
Open the two chest then go back out of the room. Take the following route
to a door. Up, left, down, left. Go through the door. Repair the armour
in the room and head through the door it jumps aside of.

Press B to levitate one of the burning torches onto the pile of rubbish
and watch it burn away. Three dugbogs can be found on the floor so take
care of them. Head down and defeat the last one to open the sliding grill.

Open the chest, repair the armour, and go through the door. Open the
chests for a picture of Hedwig and a triwizard shield. Go back out through
the door and go up. Levitate a burning toch on to the rubbish and go
through the gap. Talk to Ginny Weasley to play the bean sorting game. I
you do well, you'll unlock it as a mini game. Go past her up the stairs,
follow the hall, and go through the only archway.


Go into the middle of the room, and watch out. There are many red caps in
this room. Defeat them all. Stand on the large circle and press L. Ron
and Hermione will stand on it too, and your weight will open the door.

An erkling appears, and you go into a 3D battle. After you defeat him,
stand in between the two dark spots on the floor, and face the cauldron.
A red cap will pop out of the cupboard, so levitate him into the cauldron.
Once you've done this, you will see a long cutscene and the level will

Forbidden Forest

-Will be added shortly-

First Task

You're task in this level is to outfly the dragon, the Hungarian Horntail.
You start off on you broomstick. Keep your left hand on'right' the whole
level, and keep your right thumb over the B button. Press B to to spin to
avoid object, and press up and down to dodge obstacles. There is not much
I can tell you about this level, but I can tell you the ways the Horntail
will attack you.

1. It snaps it's jaws at you. Can be avoided by dodging.

2. Breaths fire. Can be avoided by dodging.

3. Spits fireballs. Can be avoided by dodging.

After a while, you can see a cutscene and the short level ends.

The Yule Ball

If you are good at dancing games, you'll be good at this. You just need
to press the buttons that fly across the top screen when they are in the
middle. You can get four ranks. A,B,C, and D. You need to get an A or a B
to pass the level. Come back later, and try to win three triwizard
shields. Whem you come back later, you can also unlock new melodies to
dance to, but to me, they all are nearly the same.

Prefect's Bathroom

-Will be added shortly-

Return to the Quidditch World Cup

Go back to the Quidditch world cup, except this time, if you see
something broken on the ground, repair it, then levitate it onto a rock
in the water. You can then hop onto the islands and open the chests on
them. Pause the game, go to Weasley's Wares, and purchase every card on
the current screen. You can now buy a special card. Buy it, and the card
will make each of your character's speeds: 6, apart from Ron, because his
is already at six.

Care of Magical Creatures

-Will be added shortly-

Second Task

-Will be added shortly-

Moody's Tasks

After the cutscene, go up to the top right of the classroom. Fred and
George will stop you and ask you to play the bean sorting game. If you
do well enough, you will unlock this game in the minigames menu.

Anyway, go up to the top of the room where Moddy awaits. Talk to him then
go through the door. You have to destroy the dugbogs without using
Confundus. This is easier than it looks. Cast reparo on the chest of
drawers and levitate it onto one of the dugbog's heads. It will die, and
the chest will break again. Repare it and do the same on the next dugbog.
Keep doing this till all of the dugbogs are destroyed, then you will be
taken to the next room.

-Will be added shortly-

Third Task

-Will be added shortly-


After a long cutscene, you are plunged into battle with voldemort. Head
through the two gravestones in front of you, and repeatedly cast
confundus. After your health bar reaches 3 zaps, you will go into a 3D
battle. The trick here is to go back to previous levels and practise
using the middle attack, and all three means of defence. If you're
lucky, you will do about 1 zap of damage a turn. There are three ways
of defending yourself in this battle. First, do the circly movement,
and whisk away the attacks. The second is to touch each of the lights
that appear on screen, in the order they appear. With practise, this
becomes the easiest defence. The last is when you use the stylus to
knock each of the skulls away from you. Use the stylus to push each skull
to the far edges of the screen, where they will explode. After you beat
him, you will go back into 2D mode...

...And Voldemort will cast avada kedavra. You will cast Expelliarmus to
block him, and the 'priori incantantatem' will take effect.

Now, you will have to do te same thing you did during the yule ball:
perform dancing moves. Except this time, each time you get a button right,
the beam of light will move loser to Voldemort. Once the beam reaches
him, the end game sequence will occur, and you can watch the ending.

THE END. That wa fun. Now, you can go back, and try and get anything
you missed, like shields, and cards.

--13-- Multiplayer --13--

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has a multiplayer feature, which
unfortunately requires more than one game card to play with.

With multiplayer, you can compete at the duelling club, or see who can
look after the best niffler in care of magical creatures.

To start a game, select multiplayer from the main menu and select either
create game or join game. Select Join to join in an existing game, or
select create to start a new one. 

To start a new one, use the control pad to select either care of magical
creatures or duelling club. Once a friend has joined your game, follow 
the on-screen instructions to begin.

--14-- Copyright Information --14--

Once again, here is the copyright info.

All trademarks are owned by their respective copyright holders.

This guide is copyright (c) 2005 Robert Newth. All rights reserved. It may
not be copied in any way except for private or domestic use. If you are
cought making money from this guide, or plagerizing it, I may be forced to
take legal action. This guide is permitted to be shown on these sites


If you seek permission to host this guide on your site, you should e-mail
me at the following address:


Any queries, along with any tips, cheats, corrections, critisism, or
praise should also be sent to this address. If you are sending me an
e-mail, please put something like 'Goblet of Fire walkthrough' or
something similar as the title, or else it will be deleted instantly.

Please note:  I do not make any money out of writing FAQs.

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