Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 review

The good:

The fact that you can use magic, and accurate recreation of the Harry Potter environment. Decent graphics. More compelling plot than previous games. Big booms n' stuff flyin' everywhere. Much better than Part 1, but that's not saying much. The controls are more accurate than before and the dreadful stealth sessions of the first game have been fixed. Apparition

The bad:

Short, little interactivity, struggles to keep up with the standards of modern gaming, and even the movie. No improvements on past game-play with rigid controls and overly restrictive magic systems. Virtually no enemy variation, bland level design.


It-that-must-not-be-played. The more action-based version of the Potter series lacks a decent structure, pacing, plot, and engaging shooter mechanics, with no motion-control. The final two games are 3rd-person cover shooters. However, the new game-play allows for a focused, linear perspective, following the movie plotline, taking you to Gringotts and Hogwarts. It is incredibly short. In saying that, there is still no replay value. You play as other key characters in the story, which improves it's game-play slightly.

You get all action all the time. There is almost always no deviation from the following set-up: walk into an area with cover conveniently placed around so you know Death Eaters are going to pop up, kill around 2-4 waves of them, and then advance. It gets extremely tiresome especially with the simple boss battles.

Shooting can be entertaining, each spell has a unique look and function. Spell organisation is fairly fluid and straight-forward. But the battle scenes are too similar to each other, even though there are different varieties of enemies like Gringott's guards. All characters still have awkwardly stiff movements and facial expressions. They are at least consistent, the animation is uniformly terrible throughout.

Apparating is pretty cool however, teleporting back and forth between cover, its defining feature in my opinion. But only Harry can apparate, which just seems stupid.

There's not much to do once the campaign is over. There's collectibles, challenge levels, new music tracks, but none of them provide incentive enough to continue. The challenge levels are literally just timed levels from the campaign that tally headshots etc.

Very repetitive.
I would suggest, if you love the Harry Potter series, to rent it.
Basically, a poor version of Gears of War with wands and familiar faces.
I imagine non-fans wouldn't have a clue whatsoever what is going on, because the plot is incoherent. If that's you, don't bother.
Siriusly bad.

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