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It's no surprise that me and movie tie-ins never get along. Unless it's the odd tie-in with COMPETENT developers handling the license (Goldeneye developed by Rare, for instance), movie tie-ins are often the sort of games that I avoid with a 10-inch ruler. It's only when people constantly bug me to play them that I just borrow them and see why they're that goddamn fantastic in their eyes, when in reality, they are crap (see - Terminator: Salvation). SOMETIMES, though, there is the odd exception. Even though I think Sierra are crap developers, I enjoyed Van Helsing. It may have been a slower ...


Why did you open the Chamber?



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second videogame in the series, based off the corresponding book. Though the question to be asked here is, does it do the book and movie justice, which are both fantastic?



The controls of this game are a bit fickle, which can lead to you experiencing a sense of annoyance. The direction system works fine, as do the three spell casting buttons (B, X and Y). What I do have criticism for is the placing of the targeting button as L. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but it would be more accessible as R and is just a...


The Perfect Game For Kickin' It Old-School.

The good:

~The game is a classic example of how 2D graphics could be done right before 3D graphics came around.
~Audio is fairly good, for such an old system, and the tunes can really get into your head.
~The game improves many of the combat elements from the first game that sorely needing fixing.
~The menus (both Pause and Combat) are much cleaner from the first game.

The bad:

~The game doesn't have a high replay value, especially not with so many better high-tech choices around.
~Little glitches occur regularly, and the game has been known to freeze.


Is the PS3 blowing your mind a little TOO much? Is the Wii just too high-tech for your tastes? Are you just looking for an inexpensive handheld system for yourself, or little brother Billy? Then why don't you kick it old-school with a good old reliable Game Boy Color? "Are there any good games for it?" you might ask. Well, yes, in fact there are. And Harry Potter's adventures in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets might be the perfect choice for you.

To those who miss the days before everything had to be 3D, Chamber of Secrets is a good dose of nostalgia. It proves to anyone skept...


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The good:

  • Graphics
  • Plot
  • Gameplay

    The bad:

  • Loading
  • Fairly Simple Game


    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has some pretty polished graphics. You'd better not be gawking at the scenery and the characters for too long though, because right when you least expect it, they'll throw an enemy in your way.

    Although the gameplay suffers in certain areas (it's overall a bit too simple), the Quidditch match is definitely a highlight of the game. It gives you quite a rush.

    But then, there's the loading factor. This basically slaughtered the original score I was going to give this game. ^^; This takes forreevverr to load even the smallest things. It's quite boring to ...

  • 3.0

    Worse than the first one.....

    The good:

    Nothing, except jellybeans

    The bad:

    everything, evcept jjellybeans


    well, well, well, this game, to be honest, sucks, it is shorter than the first one, and it is really hard to follow, it gets harder in the game, and beating that giant snake is a breeze.

    i do not recommend thus game to anyone, except for potter fans who want their computer stuffed up by the game screen.

    this game is so not worth your money, aand it costs a heap to buy it too.

    its as bad as the book and text, actually worse. ...



    The good:

    -Graphics are good
    -New Wizard Duels
    -Spells are better

    The bad:

    -Long waiting sequences
    -Easy Objectives
    -Sounds are so-so


    This game is probably the worst Harry Potter game yet, though I'm not saying it's horrible. This game has very long screens on which you have to listen to someone talk. The loading screens aren't as long, but they are kinda long. The objectives are fairly easy, like the first one, is to knock over a bottle, the second is to walk two steps into a barn which is beside you, stuff like that. And the sounds, I neither liked or didn't like.

    The graphics are good though along with the Spells. Also Quidditch is back and it's a bit better. And New Wizard Duels are available.

    I wouldn't buy it, but yo...

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