Hard Truck 2 Cheats

Hard Truck 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Hard Truck 2 Cheats

Cheat Codes
Pause during a game and type one of the following codes:

Money and licensehardtruckisthebest or wininalottery
Unlock all roadsopenallroads
Infinite gasfillup
Disable minesminesoff
Display hidden containers on mapadvancedmap
Press [Backspace] for free repairfreerepair
Press [Ctrl] + 5 for free recoveryfreerecover
Press [Ctrl] + 1, 2, 3, or 4 for more thrustturbine


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A useful tip
Please read this the tip! If you have bought a SUV a BMW or a BUS or VAN you must read this!!! never go on the road with those cars if there is mines cause you will get a game over if you hit a mine with a car (NOTE)if you have a truck it will only damge you; with a car it will blow up)
make choppers useless to the police
if you get bullet proof glass,fire protection,and reinforced chassis the copters do as much as knocking down a sign with no upgrades
Turbo Destruction
Press pause then type in turbine the in the game press ctrl + 1 (nitro forward) ctrl + 2 (nitro backwords) ctrl + 3 (makes truck jump) ctrl + 4 (destory your truck!!!)


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dodge mines
ok,once you get the feel of the highways you will know/see the mines on the road ahead of you,to dodge the mines{you usually have enough time} all you have to do is just swerve off of the road and into the grass around the mines, then get back on the road again! if you try and stradle the mines {especially going around a corner} most of the time you will hit the mines,and there goes part of your cargo $$$$! also remember that you could loose your trailor if your going too fast or swerve to sharp,so take it easy!!!!
ram the cops
if your almost to your delivery point and a cop gets after you,but you cant aford to stop and get the ticket before you run out of time,just ram the cop off the road,or if hes comming at you head on,just ram him head on,this buys you a little extra time before the whole police force starts to look for you, and if the chopper comes after you, you better pull over fast, cuz he aint playing!!!!!