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Based on Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming comedy adventure Happy Feet, Midway's immersive video game puts the player in the "tap shoes" of Mumble, a young penguin born into a nation of singing Emperor Penguins where each needs a Heartsong to attract a soul mate. Unfortunately, Mumble is the worst singer in the world... however, as it happens, he is a brilliant tap dancer! Based on the general storyline of the film, the player will be able to experience life from the point of view of Mumble in music, dance and interaction with the friends and enemies of the penguin's world.

[edit] Features

  • Experience life as the accidentally charming Mumble! Your goal is to win the heart of Gloria and save the Emperor Nation. Step into Mumble's happy feet starting with his tap dancing birth, his harrowing escape from a hungry leopard seal, his fiesta-filled friendship with the Adelie Amigos and finally to his climactic encounter with humankind.
  • Tap Dance to distract enemies and woo Gloria! Face off against different opponents to unlock new areas and earn new dance moves.
  • Playful and lively soundtrack of music in the memorable styles from the film including rock, disco and country allows for exciting rhythm matching game play. Dance encounters with memorable characters like Lovelace and Gloria while collecting songs to create a custom soundtrack.
  • Belly-slide, kick, break, swim and dash through the enormity of Antarctica. With Mumble's sleek and aerodynamic penguin form, navigate the sometimes perilous but beautiful tundra in water and on land.
  • Multi-player Family Mode features two-player dance-off competitions, rhythm matching swimming challenges and belly-sledding action.
  • Faithful to the film. Experience your favorite environments and characters from the film. NPCs include Memphis, Norma Jean, Lovelace, Adelie Amigos, Seymour, Noah the Elder, Albatross, Elephant Seal and Ramon. Also, discover the reason behind the shortage of fish!
  • Complete 28 missions in 5 different locations to win the heart of Gloria. Explore, belly slide and dance through Emperorland, Adelieland, Land of the Elephant Seals, Forbidden Shore/Whaling Station and the Zoo.
  • Character growth: Play as Mumble the adorable fluffy toddler, the molting teen, and the confident young adult with unique game play for each age.
  • Pick up collectibles such as fish, snowflakes and trash to aid in your quest for a heart song. Collect songs for the jukebox, snowflakes to unlock characters, grace notes to correct your dance moves and turbo squid to boost your speed while belly sledding.

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In this simple game, you are Mumble going through the frozen artic, dancing...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Nov 19, 2006 (Wii)
    • Nov 17, 2006 (Movie)
    • Nov 14, 2006 (DS)
    • Nov 11, 2006 (PC)
  • Japan: Mar 17, 2007
  • Europe:
    • Dec 8, 2006 (Wii)
    • Nov 24, 2006 (DS)
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    • Dec 26, 2006 (Movie)
    • Dec 14, 2006 (Wii)
    • Nov 30, 2006 (DS)
    • Nov 27, 2006 (PS2)
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