Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! Tips

how to learn
ok go to sunflower park go to the hamster looking for his pet,tricket he will tell you that he lost triket.first go to acorn shrine then
go to the hamster thats love sick (the way to get Bijou the hamster sitting down)then tack-Q him and he'll teach you teenie and ask you to take a love note to the pink hamster where you first saw bijou after you give it to her go to sunflower park and to the hamster looking for his pet say teenie and he teach you hammo but got to do him the favor he want you to do he'll give you a cucumber go to the acorn shrine on the way where the guy thats love sick you'll find a sunflower seed but its really tricket then it will eat the cucumber then take it back to the guy looking for him and give you the item 'this'