Hamsterz Life Cheats

Hamsterz Life cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Hamsterz Life cheat codes.


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item catch
in item catch the items that r really big they keep falling right and you cant get the item and you lose right well then you can get the smaller items they dont fall!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!
Mini games
Sometimes i you want to play a mini game but your hamster doesnt want to, go to outing select
owner info, and family, if you add too your family and go back, sometimes there will be a mini game.

every time i go edit my family, then go back, there is a mini game.
More Play Time
Talk to your hamster and then put in a toy or play with it. wait about 5-15 minutes. Sometime a little shorter or longer but usually in this time frame. It will want to play, so go back to the hamster menu and click the play button. Have fun and repeat. Hope it helped!
some toys can only be used in large cages.

some large cages are:

1.Toy box
2.Wood carving
Hope I helped!