Hamilton's Great Adventure (PC) Cheats

Hamilton's Great Adventure cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Steam Achievements
UnlockableHow to unlock
Above and beyondGet a gold rating on all optional levels.
Altitude SicknessComplete the second chapter.
Beach 2011Complete the "Up, up and away" extra level in the Amazon Jungle.
Because it's thereGet a gold rating on all chapter two story levels.
Bless you!Complete the third chapter.
ConquistadorComplete the first chapter.
DemolitionDefeat a Sentinel.
EgyptologistCollect a treasure score of 6,000 on the level Tomb of Osiris.
EldoradoGet a gold rating on all chapter one story levels.
Extracurricular ActivityComplete one of the optional levels.
Golden BoyGet a gold rating on 5 levels.
Great AdventurerComplete the fourth chapter.
HoarderCollect a total value of 250,000 in treasures.
Howard CarterGet a gold rating on all chapter three story levels.
I see fish people!Meet the Agent.
Iced outEarn a treasure score of 8,000 on any level.
InnsmouthDefeat an Agent.
King of BlingEarn a treasure score of 10,000 on any level.
Lost & FoundGet a gold rating on all chapter four story levels.
Master PuzzlerGet a gold rating on all levels.
MontgolfierDefeat exocet.
PuzzledComplete first puzzle.