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This is the game that started it all, and now it's on the PC. I know more about this game than I do about myself! You can't help it! Even though its two years old, it is still a stale in anybody's Xbox collection. It has plenty of missions, plot twists, and a really, really interesting storyline. It has the futuristic weapons, vehicles and the most bad-ass enemy you will ever encounter in any game: The Covenant. Kill them with your weapons: Rockets, Pistols, Assault Rifles, Snipers, Tanks, Three-Barrelled mini-guns, frags, their own Plasma weapons: Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Flying Banshees, lighting fast Ghosts, and sticky grenades. And if all else fails use your empty weapon to beat them to death. I can't say that the AI is hard on its own, its the fact that where there is one Covenant commando, there are at least 10 more. There are 4 covenant species you must deal with: Grunts (small, cowardly, dog-like creatures), Jackals (birdlike creatures that carry a large shield), Elites (5 different colors, the smartest and most difficult to kill, some carry giant swords and some are invisible), and finally Hunters (large, stupid animals covered from head to toe in armor, with an oversized shield on one arm and a cannon on the other. They always travel in pairs.). This game has it all, and it's really sad to think that it was rushed. Oh, how much better it could have been. Well you play as the last super-soldier, the Master Chief (MasterCheat, Master Chief, get it?) who was kidnapped at the age of 6, surgically and biochemically altered and trained in the art of war to become the most advanced piece of militrary hardware the universe has ever known. What that means is that you're reflexes are 300x faster, can lift 2+ Tons, can run at 30+ kph, and can throw a grenade farther than the eye can see.

The improvements are all in the multiplayer. The biggest of which (hell, they're all big!) is the new maps. There are 2 that I know of, but I didn't bother checking for the rest, I couldn't help playing it. One is an outdoor level that is a combination of the Inside catacombs of Sidewinder, the Grassy Plains of Blood Gultch, and the meandering catwalks of Wizard. It also supports all vehicles. Yes, BANSHEES!!! WOOHOO! Another level is an island almost identical to The Silent Cartographer, but with Shade turrents. The final inclusion is a Fuel Rod cannon. This was the green blob weapon on the Banshee, on the arms of Hunters, and in the later levels some Grunts have them (but they explode when you kill the grunt wielding them)

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