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Halo Weapons/Enemy/Vehicle/Tactics Guide v2.5
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: : : : Halo Weapons/Enemy/Vehicle/Tactics Guide

Halo Weapons/Enemy/Vehicle/Tactics Guide

by MasterCheat   Updated to v2.5 on
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Current Version:
V. 2.5 "The Patient"
Previous Versions:
V.2.3 "The Flood"

I.	Weapons
II.	Enemies
III.	Vehicles
IV.	Battlefield Tactics
V.	Halo's History: The Flood
VI.	Halo Multiplayer Tips
VII.	About This FAQ

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I. Weapons
	A. Human Weapons
	1. Pistol- The best all-around weapons. You can snipe with it, and it isn't too shabby at close range. One-shot kill with a headshot on soft tissue, besides Flood…. (2 xs zoom, fires 12.7mm rounds.)
	2. Assault Rifle- Your primary gun. You almost always start out with this gun. It takes most of a clip to take down Elites shields. Better used for large mobs of Grunts and other, exposed soft targets. (15rnds/sec, fires 7.62mm rounds)
	3. Shotgun- The best close up gun. Best for Flood at medium-close range and very effective on Elites at point-blank. Don't bother wasting precious ammo on Jackals behind shields, though. (Fires 8" Gauge magnum shells)
	4. Rocket Launcher- Well, what can I say? Always kills if you hit something, except for Hunters and Gold Elites on Legendary. (Fires 102mm shaped-charged high-explosive rockets)
	5. Sniper Rifle- The gun is absolutely useless at close range, so make sure your target won't have time to rush you before he dies. A guaranteed kill is a headshot, obviously. (Fires 14.5mm AMFSDS, can over-penetrate one target)
	B. Covenant Weapons
	1.  Plasma Rifle- Elites primarily use these. They take shields down quickly, but will eventually overheat from overuse. It becomes virtually useless in the few seconds it cools off.
	2.  Plasma Pistol- Grunts and Jackals use these, basically a smaller, semi-automatic version of the Plasma Rifle. You can, however, hold down the trigger the gun becomes over-charged and can take down an enemies shield in one shot always. 
	3.  Needler- Both Elites and Grunts se these. They fire purple, needle-like projectiles. Get enough of them on one target and a massive explosion ensues. They are hell on unshielded targets.
	4.  Shade- The stationary gun emplacement. Fires purple plasma-bolts. Both Elites and Grunts use them, but it's mostly Grunts.
	5.  Fuel-Rod Canon- Hunters and Black Spec-Ops Grunts use      these. They fire huge, green plasma balls. They have to recharge, so after one shot it takes a few seconds to get another shot off. (You can't use these in the game, as if you kill a Grunt with one, the weapons explodes, and on Hunters, in integrated directly into their armor.)

II. Enemies
A.	Covenant
	1.	Grunts- There is a lot of these. They come in three different colors; red, orange, and black. They carry Plasma pistols, Needlers, and Fuel-Rod Canons. Extremely easy to kill.
	2.	Elites- the Grunts commander units. They have shields are much more difficult to kill. 
	3.	Jackals- They are a cross-between a Grunt and an Elite. They carry a shield like a Knight, and always carry Plasma Pistols.
	4.	Hunters- Big, blue and orange creatures with Fuel-Rod Canons on their right arms. On the other arm they have a big-ass shield that they like to whack enemies with.
B.	Flood
	1.	Human Combat Forms- Looks like a human
	2.	Covenant Combat Forms- Looks like an Elite
	3.	Infection Forms- Little, fleshy balls with tentacles that explode on contact with an Elites shields or the Master Chiefs'. Run far, far away if you don't have a shield-they will kill you very quickly if your shield is down.
	4.	Carriers- Infected Grunts and Jackals. If shot or near an enemy they will fall down, rupture their own bodies, and release 3-6 Infection forms in an explosive POP!

III. Vehicles
A.	Human Vehicles
	1.	Warthog- A three person All-Terrain-Vehicle. Driver, passenger, and gunner. The gunner operates the triple-barreled Anti-Aircraft gun.(fires 12.7mm rounds at 550/min, so it's basically three pistols shooting very fast)
	2.	Tank- Has a 90mm HV main gun that can fire one round every four seconds. It's like the Rocket Launcher, if it hits something, whatever it may be, it's done for.
B.	Covenant Vehicles
	1.	Banshee- The only flying vehicle in the game. Has two Plasma Rifles and one Fuel Rod Cannon.
	2.	Ghost- very fast ground based vehicle, has two plasma rifles.
C. 	Undrivable Vehicles
	1.	Pelican- Can't drive these, but they are your transport.
	2.	Wraith- Giant mortar tanks that lob massive blue plasma balls that slowly fall. Word of advice: don't be near one when it hits the ground.
	3.	Drop ship- Carries up to 12 Covies. It has a Shade mounted underneath.

IV. Battlefield Tactics.
A.	For Covenant, take out the Elites first. The Grunts and Jackals will scramble for cover. Then take out the Shades and then the Tanks. In whatever order you choose, but make sure those three things are done with. Then mop up the Grunts and Jackals.
B.	For Flood, there is no set tactic for killing them, except whip out your Pistol and shoot them! The Sniper does absolutely nothing to them, but grenades are good, always frags, though. They flock around it like "Ahh, look at it, isn't it beautiful? BAM!"
C.	For large-scale engagements with Covenant versus Flood, just stay away until one of the two groups is eradicated. Usually there are some rocket Flood around.

V. Halo's History: The Flood
A.	Halo 
	1.	Halo was built to contain and study the Flood. In the event of the Floods escape, Halo would activate, thus killing everything able to sustain the Flood (a.k.a. "Flood food") within 6.8x10^52 km^3 (thats 6800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 km^3 for you laymans out there). When the others follow suit, the galaxy would be without any sentient life. The monitor was trusted to keep the Flood contained, and mistakes the Master Chief for the Reclaimer.
B.	The Human Covenant War
	1. 	The Covenant believe Halo is of religious significance, and believe humanity should be destroyed because of that. It's been going on for thirty years, and the SPARTAN program was humankind's last hope.

VI. Halo Multiplayer Tips
A.	CTF- Basically get 2 people in a warthog and go steal the enemies flag, while one covers the base.
B.	Slayer- Kill everybody. Here it's best to form a friendship whith whoever sitting in the room with you. Then it bacomes Team Slayer against several tagets that are singular. Much easier to kill
C.	Team Slayer- Kill everybody not on your team. Don't try to be a gentleman, hide behind the teleporters and smack whoever comes through.
D.	Oddball- Hold the ball for as long as possible. Hide somewhere where you can't get hurt or found as easily.
E.	King of The Hill- If it's 1 on 1 there not much to it. Kill them as often as possible. If its team, one person stays in the Hill while one seeks out the enemy and either delays them or kills them.
F.	Battle Creek- this is a useful tip when sniping. Go up to the sniper area that is farthest away from the rocket launcher. There will be a ledge to your left. Jump onto it, then jump over it and onto some even ground.

VII. About this FAQ
		A. I put 2½ years of knowledge into this FAQ, so don't steal it or use it as your own.

©MasterCheat ltd.

FAQ end….