Halo (Xbox)
Halo Weapon, Enemy, Vehicle and Item Guide v2.0
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: : : : Halo Weapon, Enemy, Vehicle and Item Guide

Halo Weapon, Enemy, Vehicle and Item Guide

by Neras   Updated to v2.0 on
		     Halo - Enemy and Weapon Guide

			   by Devilchild

1. Foreword

2. Enemies

3. Weapons

4. Vehicles

5. Items

6. Note


1. Foreword

This guide has only been posted (by me) on Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com),
the Dark Anima forums (www.dark-anima.cjb.net), and by DJ__Saturn on his website.
You are free to post this guide anywhere you wish.  All I ask is that my name be listed
along with the FAQ (since I DID write it ^_^). That's all. Thanks! And I hope the guide 
helps you!


I added some more info provided my Matipike from Neoseeker, and I cleaned up the
presentation of the FAQ.

I added some more info provided by GinerN from Neoseeker, and once again cleaned
up the presentation of the FAQ.

Guess what?!?! I cleaned up the FAQ AGAIN! Hopefully this'll be the last time I
have to do that. ^_^

Cleaned up the presentation (should be perfect now) and sorted out a few typos.

Once again, I've had to clean up the presentation (anybody who saw the original
should know why :P). I believe this is the last time it will be altered, so
any other updates should now be purely about the game itself.

Presentation again, and preparing to add more to the FAQ.

Starting to add information about the various weapons in the game.

Grammar corrections mostly, and paving the way for the Vehicle information.

Started with the vehicle information.

Finished the vehicle information and added item information.


2. Enemies

2.1 The Forerunners

In Halo, the Forerunners aren't mentioned very much, save for the fact that they
built the Halo. It is unknown whether you will encounter them in Halo 2 or if 
they are friends or enemies.

2.2 Sentinels

The Plasma Pistol fully charged up pretty much takes care of 'em. And the
Shotgun is effective against them too. If they are all gathered in one 
spot, attach a Plasma Grenade to one of them and the rest should follow 
suit when the Grenade explodes. (A personal favourite of mine :P)

2.3 Covenant Forces


The Grunt is the smallest of all the Covenant forces. They generally use 
Plasma Pistols or Needlers and have a tendency to throw grenades a lot 
(especially when you're driving ^_^). They are easily killed however with
any weapon.


The Jackal has a shield which it carries in its hand to protect itself. They 
use Plasma Pistols, and often carry them fully-charged (one blast can take 
your shield down a lot!). Aim for the hand and the Jackal will release the 
shield momentarily, allowing you to kill it while it is distracted. Another 
tactic is simply to run up close to the Jackal and simply hit it a few times 
with your gun. The Jackals are also very vulnerable to Frag Grenades, just 
lob one towards a Jackal and watch its body fly off the screen!


The Elite can be a handful, especially on Legendary mode. They use every
Covenant weapon, and have a powerful close-combat attack. Either take them
from long-range, or hit them from behind in close-combat. One of my favourite 
tactics is to charge up the Plasma Pistol to full power, and fire it at the 
Elite (the Plasma Pistol homes in). This will take the Elite's shields down, 
then you simply switch to the Assault Rifle (or any other weapon) and fire away!


The Hunter is the most fearsome of all the Covenant. However, using the proper
tactics, you can easily kill Hunters in a matter of minutes. At long-range, the
Hunter's weapon can be deadly. To counter this, simply come close enough to
the Hunter so that it charges at you. Dodge out of the way and attack the 
orange part on its back, either by hitting it with your weapon, or by firing at 
it. There's also another orange spot on the front of the Hunter. You can see 
this by letting the Hunter charge you. It will raise its shield and you'll see 
the orange spot, simply move backwards and fire at will!

2.4 Flood Forces

Infection Form

These little guys, while not dangerous in small numbers, can be deadly if they
swarm you. Just use your Assault Rifle to kill them.

Carrier Form

These are the guys who walk around until they get close to you or you shoot them,
and then fall  over and explode, releasing a few of the Infection Forms. A simple 
tactic is to just shoot them at long-range, make sure they don't get close to you.
These guys can be beneficial sometimes though, if you time it right, when they 
explode they can take out some of the other Flood forms.

Combat Form

These are the main creatures in the Flood. Some of them have weapons, others
don't. My favourite weapon for fighting them is the Shotgun. Make sure that 
they don't get close to you, they have a nasty close-combat attack! There's 
no real tactic for fighting these guys, just watch out and keep your finger 
on the trigger.


3. Weapons

3.1 Human Weapons

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is your main weapon. It is the weapon that you start with
on almost every mission, and is effective against all enemies. However, on
Legendary Mode, it takes a full round of fire from the Assault Rifle to
lower the shields on an Elite fighter.


The Pistol is often overlooked, however it is a strong weapon, and one which
I use often. Because of the 2x zoom on the Pistol, you are able to aim and
take out enemies which may be out of effective range of the Assault Rifle
or other weapons. Especially effective against Grunts.


My favourite weapon! It's useful against all enemies and can take the shields
of an Elite fighter down with one shot if in close proximity. While the
Shotgun is a good weapon, it should only be used at close range, if the enemy
is farther away than the Shotgun's effective range, switch to a more suitable
weapon. The Shotgun is arguably the best weapon with which to combat the 

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is my third most used human weapon, after the Assault Rifle 
and the Shotgun. With the 10x zoom, you are able to snipe at targets which you
would usually be unable to take out at such a range. However, while the
Sniper Rifle is very effective against the Covenenant, it is useless against
the Flood.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is effective against everything... if you can hit it
full on. The 'splash' damage that the Rocket Launcher creates is still
deadly to most enemies, but on Legendary Mode, Elite's can withstand it due
to their shielding.

3.2 Covenant Weapons

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is a very useful weapon. It can home in on enemies, and if
charged up to full strength (keep your finger on the trigger button) it can 
kill some enemies in one hit. It's very useful against the Elites as it 
takes their shields down with one shot. Take care when fighting against 
enemies using the Plasma Pistol. It can do a lot of damage to you, 
especially in Legendary.

Plasma Rifle

A good all-round weapon, useful against the Covenant, but less so against the
Flood. Just be careful that you don't overheat it. If you do, switch to another
weapon, if possible, so that you can continue your attack.

The Needler

Often ignored, the Needler is a good weapon. It homes in on your target, and
althouh it doesn't have any immeidate effect, like the Assault or Plasma Rifle,
the small explosions that the Needles cause can explode dropped grenades.
Although I don't use the Needler often, I do believe that it is a good weapon,
if used in the proper situations.

4. Vehicles

M12 LRV (Warthog Jeep)

The Warthog is the best vehicle for team play. With three seats, driver, side
gunner and machine gunner, it's both maneouvrable and deadly. It is easily
flipped over however, explosions, or simply large jumps can send the Warthog 
flying. Ya better get a good driver :P

M808B Scorpion Main Battle Tank

You get to use the Scorpion once in the game. The main character takes control
of the tank's movement, its machine guns and its cannon. However, any
supporting Marines can also jump onto the side of the tank. You can have up to
eight Marines on the tank, and they are very useful to have. Imagine your
machine guns and cannon firing, backed up by Marines equipped with Assault
Rifles and/or Sniper Rifles.

D77-TC "Pelican" Troop Carrier (Dropship)

The Dropship deploys Marines (and Master Chief) into battle. It's one of the
vehicles that aren't player-controllable. You can, however, try to stay inside the
Dropship at the beginning of some missions. Try it. See where it takes you...


The Ghost is a small, fast and extremely maneouvrable vehicle, equipped with
lasers. It can easily dodge incoming enemy fire by jinking to the side. The
main use of the Ghost in multiplayer is for fighting tanks, as the energy
from the Ghost's lasers disables the Tank's turret, making it easy to kill
whoever is inside. I like the Ghost for doing stunts and jumps! ^_^


My favourite vehicle. The Banshee is equipped with lasers, and with Plasma
'bombs'. Pressing the grenade button when you're flying the Banshee launches
a green projectile. This is very effective against all enemies!

Wraith Tank

You aren't able to take control of one of the Covenant tanks during Halo,
but you fight a lot of them. They fire blue Plasma, effective at both long
and close-range. It is very damaging, you do NOT want to be hit by one
of these blasts. The Rocket Launcher is good against Wraiths, as are

Covenant Dropship

This is the Covenant version of the Human Dropship. It deploys Covenant
forces into battle, and  fires on you if you attack or get too close to it. The
main doors on the Dropship open a few seconds before deploying the
Covenant forces. This means you can kill a few enemies before they have
chance to fire back.

Shade Stationary Turret

I don't use the Shade much, however the Covenant do. It fires rapidly,
and can quickly deplete your shield and health. Don't use the Shade when
fighting against the Flood, as you are stationary, and therefore very
susceptible to their close-combat attacks.

5. Items

Health Pack

The Health Pack restores all health. They're generally found close to destroyed
Dropships, or near dead humans.

Over Shield

The Over Shield adds an extra layer of protection. It's just a second shield, but
it's very useful when fighting against extreme odds. They're usually hidden away,
so keep a look out.

Active Camouflage

Active Camouflage makes you invisible for a short time. If you fire your weapon
however, the enemy can trace your position. I find that Active Camouflage is most
useful for stealth attacks (getting behind the enemy and hitting them with your gun).
Again, the Active Camouflage is usually hidden.


I hardly need to explain this. Ammunition is usually found on or near dead bodies.
The Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle don't use ammo, every other weapon does.

6. Note

Remember, grenades work against anything, so use them - a LOT! ^_^

Thanks go to Matipike from Neoseeker for the second orange spot on the Hunter 
and the Jackal/Grenade advice!

Thanks to GinerN from Neoseeker for the correct names of the Enemies, the info
about the Forerunners, reminding me about the Sentinels, and for giving me the 
correct names of some of the Vehicles.

Thanks to DJ__Saturn for hosting my FAQ on his site.