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Halo FAQ/Walkthrough

by DogFoodGonBad   Updated to v0.75 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Halo on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the Xbox version of the game.
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                      combat evolved, PC.

I. Story
II. Covenant weapons and vehicles
III. Flood
IV. Human weapons and vehicles
V. Walkthrough
VI. Glitches & tips
VII. Controls
VIII. Ending & other
IX. Don't steal my stuff
X. Contact me

Credits ---


Story I
Once upon a time there was a fleet of aliens called the Covenant. They 
led happy live with a week army but nobody to fight with. They were 
very happy until one day their alien civilization plundered as a 
different set of genetic beasts took over their world! There are 3 kind of 
covenant. "Grunts (The little guys), Elites (The big blue guys), Hunters
(The big fat ones with gray shields and fire fuel rod gun, shots) But you 
don't see them until level 3 The Truth And Reconciliation) & Jackles 
(guys with shields).


One day a little larva appeared wriggling it way through the sand. 
Someone in a different galaxy captured it. In weeks it spread and 
turned into millions of little bugs. Of course this world is only big 
enough for us they said and destroyed whatever beings happened to 
inhabit that planet. They grabbed onto their brains and killed them 
then spitting back out a larva and then he/she was turned into a 
mutation. They killed of that entire race. Then they moved on with 
there mutants that will kill anything they see but the little larva 
bugs were then on the move to another different galaxy. Don't ask how 
they got there. This galaxy just happened to be in-charge of the 
covenant and a huge war broke out with them. The covenant wanted to 
survive but they lived in a world of peace and their armies were weak!
But nonetheless, a war was in place.


Humans at the time had just invented a way to travel through galaxies. 
Carrying an army of men the first couple expeditions blasted off. They 
all were blow up or lost contact except a ship called the pillar of 
autumn made it. The first form of life they saw was the covenant set 
out to kill the germs witch they called The Flood. The Caption Keyes 
identified them as EVIL right from the start and engaged fire. Silly 
Caption, Covenant battles are for kids! The covenant of course 
retaliated and blew the Pillar Of autumn. 


Now you are one of the people to escape and it's up to you to stop the 
Food and save the world (I mean galaxy), but first you have to 
listen to Caption Keyes for a couple missions, then you can "try" to make 
friends with the Covenant and beat the Flood!


Covenant Weapons & Vehicles II

First I need to tell you some things about the covenant and their other
tools. If you take any covenant hand weapon but not the Needler and fire it at
a covenant shield (Ones on Jackles, the lizard like covenant with shields or
the ones just on a stand) the shield will go out or just fall of the Jackles 
arm! However this dose not work with human weapons. I guess they just aren't 
very strong (But they kill covenant faster than the covenant can kill you)! 
Covenant weapons are made of plasma wail humans just use bullets.
Well enough talk hear they are...



Comments: under my opinion a plasma rifle is probably the second strongest 
Covenant weapon and the 2nd strongest weapon in the game.
Dose it follow the enemy: No
Dose it have rapid fire: Yes
Can it hold a shot into a ball of energy: No
I like this weapon but its style is bad. It looks horrible! The balls of
blue plasma it shoots is cool though! Remember if you hold the rapid fire to 
long it overheats...


Comments: A Needler is the  best covenant weapon and the 7th in the game!
Dose it follow the enemy: Yes
Dose it have rapid fire: Yes
Can it hold a shot into a ball of energy: No 
When you hold the trigger  this weapon can fire numerous amounts of crystals. 
The crystals it fires explode after hitting the target. So if you rapid fire 
then it causes a huge explosion on the enemy stronger than the 
plasma rifle but I call it the weakest covenant weapon because it 
takes 20 to 30 crystals to cause the "BIG" explosion! No it dose 
not overheat...



Comments: I really think this is the weakest covenant weapon but its 
power hold is pretty strong so, maybe 8th in the game...
Dose it follow the enemy: Yes, when you charge the laser it will follow 
in campaign mode, not in multiplayer Internet. 
Dose it have rapid fire: Yes
Can it hold a shot into a ball of energy: Yes
This gun isn't very good but its hold shot is VERY powerful up to the 
Elites! But if you had a choice between a plasma rifle or plasma pistol 
I would go 
for the plasma rifle...

4. Fuel-rod gun

Comments: This gun is EXTRIMELY powerful weapon. But it's incredibly 
hard to aim so I think its last in covenant weapons. But if I was 
listing it by power it would be first in covenant weapons and second in the 
But if not, last in the game...
Dose it follow the enemy: No
Dose it have rapid fire: No
Can it hold a shot into a ball of energy: No it already is a ball of energy!
The only thing bad about this is you CAN'T aim with it. In the history of 
mankind I've never hit anyone with that gun. But that kind of defeats the 
purpose of it 
being a gun!

Grenades II.7

5. Plasma grenade

Comments: This grenade has only two things different in it than a 
fragmentation grenade!
Dose it stick on an enemy: Yes
Those two things are that it sticks on enemies and the other one doesn't. 
Plus it's blue and full of plasma not explosives and flames!


Flood III

The Flood, are nasty mutations that take over your body and you turn into one.
But what I think stinks is that when, you get killed by, flood you don't turn 
into one! It doesn't show you enough for you to see it. But your marines turn 
into them. Rarely though. Towards the end of 343 guilty spark when you're 
back in the forest a marine gets turned into one. That's the only time 
I've seen it though. 

There's not much to say about the Flood. Shotguns easily kill them. 
Especially the mutated Elites. They go fast with shotguns. They use the same 
weapons as us...
Why did I even write this chapter!

I'll update it when I think of more to say.


Human weapons & vehicles IV

1. Rocket launcher

Comments: This Is #1 alone in human weapons. It causes more damage then the 
Fuel-Rod Gun. If you have lots of ammo its #1 in the game. Kind 
hard to decide...
Dose it have rapid fire: No
No human weapons have follow shots
No human weapons hold up a shot into a ball of energy.
I suggest this weapon for large groups. You can kill 2 covenant with 
one stone! Nice weapon!

2. Shotgun

Comments: This is  #2 human weapon tied with the sniper.
Dose it have rapid fire: no
No human weapons have follow shots
No human weapons hold up into a ball of energy
This weapon is great for killing the big flood. But the best for killing the 
little guys are the assault rifles.

3. Sniper Rifle

Comments: Once again this weapon is tied for #2 in the game and #2 in human 
Dose it have rapid fire: No
No human weapons have follow shots
No human weapons hold a shot into a ball of weapons
This one is good for killing one man. But it can zoom (Z) in x8!
If you're a good aim and everyone is standing still. Viola. KILLS!

4. Assault rifle

Comments: This weapon is about 5th or 6th in the game and 4th in human 
weapons all together.
Dose it have rapid fire: Yes
No human weapons have follow shots
No human weapons hold a shot into a ball of energy
This weapon is good for killing Elite covenant or one grunt. Unlike other 
weapons this weapon (And the shotgun) will hold them back away from you 
and it holds 600 shots!

5. Pistol
Comments: This gun is really easy to aim and it does a lot of damage to 
the enemy. But it has barely any ammo and you need to reload every 5 seconds.
I would rate this 3rd in the human weapon stack and 2nd or 3rd to last in all
Dose it have rapid fire: Yes
(It's slow but you can hold the trigger down)
No human weapon has follow shots
No human weapon can hold a shot into a ball of energy
This one is good for one on one combat. That's all I can say

Grenades V.5

1. Fragmentation grenade

Comments: This one is pretty bad. It's cameo but you can see it when it's 
So it makes no difference.
Does it stick to the enemy: No
This one is no different that the other one. I'm still looking into 
the power of explosion.


Best weapons and battle tactics/Walkthrough V 

If there's a place ware a sentence has two * around it means there's a cheat 
for it in the tips and hints section. 

Level 1 The Pillar Of Autumn:
In the start you get out of the Cryo tanks and head to the bridge. 
If you can't find it you need to cross over the pipes on the left in the room 
after you do the Cryo testing. *Then get your weapon by talking to Captain 
Keyes and head back out. Another door to the mess hall will be open.*

I suggest using the pistol for these guys. You want to get through with this 
level as fast as you can. The marines in the room will help you kill them 
too. Go through the door in the upper right part of the room.

Now continue through the pillar of autumn to the escape pod and your out.
I suggest using the machine gun for most of the level. If you out of ammo
then walk over another machine gun for more. This goes for all weapons but you
walk over the weapon you need ammo for. Get it?

Level 2 Halo:
You start after the cut scene on the ring world Halo. Go forward and to the 
left a bridge across a canal will be set across the canyon. *Walk across them 
as fast as you can cause there are some air banshees after you.* just keep 
running once you get to the left side. eventually you'll come to some enemies. 
Kill them with your pistol and move on to a structure. Some lost marines 
trapped around it being ambushed by covenant. Take out all the covenant 
including the ones the come in a phantom.

Once that's over with head over to a big drop ship that "drops" a warthog. Get 
in on the drivers side. If you hop in and you push the forward button and 
nothing happens try another seat. Also if you walk up to a seat and look 
at the top of the screen it will tell you "Gunners seat, drivers seat or side 
seat" You want drivers seat. If you go to the front of the vehicle and 
face it. The driver's seat is on your right. Wait for two other marines
to hop in with you then drive to the blue nav point on the screen to 
a tunnel. Follow it to a gap. Go full speed and cross it. Don't worry if you 
fall. Just drive back up. Speed is the key!

Continue to a big room with lots of covenant in it. Kill the covenant with 
your warthog and gunner. Run over most of them and the gunner will do the 
rest. When all of them are gone look on your motion detector to see if 
there are any more left on the bottom layer of the room. If yes kill
it but if no head over to the right side of the room and continue up 
until you reach a ramp going up and into the wall. 

You can't be in the warthog to get up it so hop out and head up. 
Don't be scared when a single Elite jumps out at you. Kill him with 
your pistol and swap his weapon for your assault rifle and go up further 
to the control panel. Hit the switch on the control panel and an energy 
bridge will appear.

Drive across it with your teammates but be careful not to go over the side. 
This isn't bowling! You don't just have many, many balls you have one and 
it should be easier because you can control the ball. Once on the other side 
continue up and around to the outside. (Other side of mountain) Go up the
creek to a little escape pod. It's empty, so continue over to a structure. 
Go on the left side of the structure to get the enemies but hop out of the 
vehicle to kill them with the plasma rifle you got from the Elite because 
if you drive the wart hog has just enough room to go across but with all 
the covenant firing at you you're bound to fall off.

Kill them and go into the structure down a long tunnel. Kill the covenant and
rescue the marines. A drop ship will come to get them after you're all out. Hop
back in your warthog and go north up to a canyon you've never been through 
before. You'll be at a pile of rocks on top of a hill drive around killing 
some covenant and go up through the rocks to some marines. If you don't have 
all your marines stop here and some will hop in. Ride back down and kill the 
remaining covenant. A drop ship will come down and pick the marines up. 

Go back to where the marines were. Go up to the top right corner of the rocks 
and go down a little steep path. Continue through there to another place like
it and run over the grunts and Elites here including the ones that come in 
phantoms. Once they're all dead you win the level!

Level 3 Truth and reconciliation:
Go forward and kill some grunts with your sniper. Continue along the path but 
don't waste too much ammo. Once you get to the portal area (A big column of 
magic going up into the Truth and Reconciliation) hop into a turret and fire 
at a covenant in a turret on your left. Then kill of the remaining covenant. 
If they stop coming get out of the turret and walk over to the teleport pad and 
more may come, if not then stand in the middle and continue on to the next 

If more come kill them and if you can mind them, try to get a pistol and plasma 
rifle as your two weapons. Hold onto the plasma rifle at all times. Hop in back 
the turret and get the ones coming down form the ship. Once they're all gone
head up to the ship.

Go through the ship with your gun and it's all just the same thing over and 
over. Just more and more. Not many people have trouble with this level.

Level 4 Silent cartographer:
*When you start get out of the pelican*. If you use my cheat you shouldn't have
to do any of this up to the point were you get on top of the hill. Kill all the 
covenant and continue up to a warthog. Get in it and drive over to some marines 
to get helpers. Drive around until you get to a group of grunts and Elites once
you finish killing them all by squashing them with your warthog ride up and to 
the left to a cave drive it up and around to a bas or just go up a hill on your 
left shortly after the cave.  

There will be some covenant. Run over them and shoot them but DON'T fall off. 
If you do you may have no marines! Head into the structure after killing off 
the "Guards", head left then right to get down a path with some grunt an and 
Elite. Kill them and  Try to go in the door but it will shut as soon as you 
walk close. I've tried many times to outrun it. Never did it. Go back out of 
the structure. Continue down to the beach and past a tipped warthog and some 
ammo (Get some ammo if you need it) and Cortana will say "It looks like 
there's a path to the center of the Island" Run over the covenant and 
continue up the path and squeeze through some trees.

Go up to a metal structure with two Hunters. Kill them and continue down to 
crush some Jackles. Once you make it to a structure drive the warthog around 
killing Jackles and squeezing into the structure down deep to a room with lots 
of boxes park your warthog and hop out make sure your gunner stays in so he 
doesn't get killed and so he has a faster machine gun. Hunters in here. Wach
out! Kill them and move on through the structure as you go. Once you get to the
map room go back through the maze and kill the gold elite guarding the door.
Now you face some invisibles in the box room again. Make them history and exit
the structure. Kill covenant until a pelican gets there. Jump in and you win!

***** Note: These next two levels were contributed by My friend Kenny (Last
name has been cut out)! Thanks to his contributions I now have an assult on
control room guide and a 343 guilty spark guide!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

When the pelican drops you off, go strait forwards until you approach a door.
Enemies will come out, so kill them. Walk through the long tunnel and come out
the other side. You enter a large room. Kill the elite walking by. Turn left
and walk around the room, scanning the wall for a door. Kill all the enemies
there. Go through the door. Go through the next long tunnel, and you will come
out into a place outside. Walk around the large wall-thing in front of you and
you will realize you are on a bridge. Kill the covenant on the bridge and go to
the other side. Make sure you are ready for the elite with a sword in this
door. Walk through the long tunnel on the other side of the bridge. Eventually
you come to another large room. Go left and kill the enemies, and scan the
walls for an opening that leads down a few steps, and follow the small passage.
Keep going that way until you go through a door, turn a corner and ride down an
elevator. Go through that door at the bottom and turn this corner. Follow the
wide passage into a large, complicated room. Turn right at the end of the
passage and follow that way for a long time, scanning the walls for a door. Go
into the door. Follow the long hallway, and you will come into a huge outside
area with snow. Turn slightly to the left and walk. There will be a flipped
over warthog vehicle and some marines. Watch out for the blasts of a covenant
tank! Flip it over, let some marines get in, and drive in between two trees
that are in the shade. Follow that way until you come to some ice. Follow that
direction, and you will ride off a small edge. Still go that way until you ride
into a place with a tank in it. Get in the tank. Go forward to the end of the
area, turn left, and go down another passage that goes down just a little.
Follow it and you will come to an area with a couple covenant tanks. Blow them
up, and ride to the building on the other side of the area. Go into that
building. Follow the passage for a while until a wall stops you. Get out of the
tank and press the controls that open up the wall. Follow that and you will,
after a while, come to an open room. Kill the enemies and go across the giant
bridge to your left. On the other side turn right (look at the wall!), and
there will be a gap in the wall. Get out of the tank and press the controls on
the left of the gap. The wall will open. Follow the passage, and there will be
some enemies. You can stay in the tank, or go in an alien ghost vehicle. Turn
left, ride up the hill, and at the top you will be outside. Turn a little bit
to the right. Follow that way and you will come to a layer of ice that has an
alien tank on it. Kill it. Keep going and turn left at the end of the area,
follow the passage and you will be riding on the edge of a cliff. Go across
there, kill the enemies, turn right at the end and go down the hill, carefully.
At the bottom turn left and get out of the vehicle. Kill these enemies. Go
forwards and go into a cave. There will be an elite with a sword who has
camouflage (being slightly invisible). Kill him. Go out of the cave on the
other side. Go strait and climb the small, narrow hill. You will then be in a
large area. Venture a little to the right, but be careful of the vehicles and
many enemies. Scan the walls for a new door. Follow a long tunnel. When you
enter a complicated room, go right and take a very tiny road that is lit with
blue light. When you come to the end, go a little right, and follow the
perimeter of the room. Keep going for a long time and you will come to a wide
passage. Go to the end of it, through the door, and up the elevator. At the
top, go through the door and follow that way until you enter the next room. Go
right and follow the outsides of the room until you see the door. Go through.
Follow the passage and you will come out into another bridge, outside. Go
across and through the door. Follow the tunnel into the next room. Turn right,
follow the perimeter of the room and scan the walls for the next passage. Go
through. There will be a long room with another room next to it on the left.
There will be several pillars dividing the two rooms going strait forwards.
Kill the enemies and go through. Follow the tunnel at the end of the room into
the next room. Kill thee elite walking by. Turn right and follow that direction
until you come to the next door. Kill the enemies and follow the long tunnel.

You will come out to another bridge. Watch out! There will be another bridge on
the right of this bridge with hunters on it. Go across the bridge, in the door,
through the tunnel and into the next room. Go right, and look for the next
small passage leading a little bit down. Follow that and you will come out into
a second long room with another room to the left of it, separated by pillars.
Go across. Watch out, there will be two elites in camouflage, and one of them
has a sword. Follow the next long tunnel, through the small passage and into
the next room. There go towards the right. Go through the room, and into the
next door. Watch out for the Hunters! Follow the passage. There will be enemies
in the hall. Kill them.

The next chapter of the level will start. Run out of the door. Don't even
bother the enemies; just try to get in one of the banshee vehicles way in front
of you before the red elites. When you're in one, fly to the top part of the
large building to your left. When you are on it, get out of the banshee and
press the controls to open the large door.

When you do this, run back and get in your banshee right away, because of the
elite with a sword and all of the enemies. Kill all the enemies, or they'll
kill you. Once they're dead, get out of the banshee, go over to the other side
of the room and open the door. Keep going into the rooms and opening the doors
on the other side, and you will come to the control room.


- - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - -  
Turn exactly 90 degrees to the left. You will see a small island. Go to it.
When you are there, turn exactly 90 degrees to the right. You will see a
pelican that had fallen down. Go to there. Go right behind the pelican and look
to the right. 

Go straight forwards, around a rock and to another rock. This
rock will have ammo and health around it. Replace your Assault Rifle(machine
gun) with a shotgun. Then go straight forwards, through a large puddle and to
dry land in a kind-of valley. There is a dead grunt on the ground. Keep going
that way. Switch your weapon to your pistol and kill all the enemies (save your
shotgun ammo). 

Keep going straight until you come to another puddle. Turn left
and follow that way for a while. At the end of that direction, jump on part of
a log to your left and climb up. Walk across the log. On the other side go to
the left most side of the log and climb up that side. At the top when you go
straight forwards you will see two bright lights. Go in that direction. The
lights are a building. Go in the building. Walk straight forwards to a ditch.

An elevator will come up. Start the elevator and go down. Once at the bottom,
turn until you are facing a wall that has two turquoise circle-like pictures
near the to of it. Go to the right of this wall and kill the enemies. When you
are at the right of the wall, look to the left and go behind the wall and
through the door. Go straight and jump down to the bottom floor in the next
room. Walk forward until you are in between the first pair of pillars. Look
right and go that way until you see a door that is lighted green. Go into it
and turn either way. Walk around until you see the next green-lighted door. Go
through. Walk forward until you are at a large pillar that looks like a wall.
Turn left there and go to the next pillar, only smaller. Turn right and go to
the door. Enter the area. Here there will be a dead Jackal with blood
everywhere on the right side. Go any way and follow until you come to the next
green door. Go straight, around the pillar and in the ditch. Once in, turn
right and follow the ditch that way until you come to a ledge. Jump on the
ledge and go through the door. Walk any direction and go to the next green
door. There will be an insane man that you have to kill. Walk around the big
wall-like pillar to the left and go to the end of the room. Turn left and jump
on a block, then on a broken ledge that has fire underneath it. Follow the
ledge up a ramp. At the to of the ramp, just keep going straight until you get
to the wall. Turn left and go straight forward until you get to the next green
door. Go around the room to the next green door. Walk forward to the control
panel and activate the energy bridge. Go across the bridge and straight forward
through the next doorway (the door is broken). Turn right and go until you
reach the wall. 

Then turn around and go down the tunnel that has a flashing 
red light above it. At the bottom, turn right and walk to the door. A movie
will start to play. When the movie is over you will discover a new enemy: the
flood. All the doors in the room will one by one be broken and flood will come
out. After a while, the door you came in from will be broken and big flood will
come out. 

Now get out your shotgun. Kill the flood. Go out the door, turn right, go up
the ramp and turn around. Go around the tunnel to the right and to the broken
door. Go through. Note: The enemies will be so numerous now that there will be
enemies in every room. Jump down to the bottom floor and go to the right. When
you are at the right wall, turn left, go forward and find the door. Go through.
Go around the room in any direction and come out in the next door. Turn about
halfway to the right(about 45 degrees) and go straight forward until you see
the door. Go through. Then go around the room to the next door. Go around the
pillar and straight across the room to the next pillar. Look right. You will
see a large stack of purple blocks. Jump on the lowest one, then the middle
ones, then the top ones and then to the second floor. Turn right, walk to the
wall then turn right again and go to the door. Enter the door. Turn right and
walk straight forward until you get to a small tunnel. Walk through the tunnel,
into the door and turn right. You will see a long object that has electrical
waves rotating back and forth through it. Walk to the end of the room, turn
left and go through the door. 

Turn left, walk around the wall, go to the middle of the room and ride
down the elevator. When you are at the bottom, turn to the wall that has two
purple circle-like pictures near the top. Go to the left of the wall and go
behind the wall. Go into the door. Jump to the bottom floor and go left. As you
move forwards, look for the door. Go through. Walk straight across the room,
jump on the block and walk up the ramp. Just keep going forwards, and at the
wall turn left and go through the door. Walk straight across the room and
through the door way on the other side (ignore the energy bridge). Walk around
the room to the next door. Jump down to the bottom floor and  look on the left
wall for the broken door. Go around the room and through the door. Go straight
across and through the door. Go around this room and to the door. Then turn
right and go to the wall. Turn left and jump on a block on the ground. Go to
the end of the block, look left and jump on a slightly lower part of the second
floor. Then go straight across the second floor to the door. Walk around the
room, to the door, and then activate the light bridge. Go straight across to
the door. Go through the door, walk around the wall, go to the center of the
room and up the elevator. At the top of the elevator turn around until you can
see a ramp. Go up the ramp and out the building. Go forward until you can't go
forwards anymore. Then go left until you can't go left any more. Then go right
until you come to a large tower. Wait by the tower for a while and fight the 

more to come...

Gliches and tips VI


In the pillar of autumn, after you talk to captain keyes. run as fast as you
can to ware you get your pistol. If you can get there before the chapter
objective dissapears the checkpont wont work and you won't get your pistol! Get
a machine gun, kill a covenant then take his weapon. Run back and trigger the
checkpoint and get a third weapon!

On level 2, go to the bridge at the beginning and go to the furthes point back.
Jump down there and land on the bridge below it. This isnt good at all its just
cool. The only way to get back up is to die though.

Look toward the pelican and when it says push E to hop in pelican, do it! 
Rapidly hit the button. You should hop on it at the last minut. It will take
you up and up until you die.

When you get to the silent cartographer, throw some grenades and stay in the
pelican! It will take you up to the top ware you can get ammo and skip half the

When getting out fo the pelican on 343 guilty spark, throw some grenades and
stay in the pelican until it crashes and you walk around. You can climb on top
of it and look at the driver. Meh?!

More to come...


Controls: VII
PC controls:
- - -
W: Walk forward

Q: Flashlight

TAB: Switch weapon

CTRL: Crouch

A: Step left

D: Step right

S: Walk backwards

G: Grenade switch

E: Get in Vehicle

R: Reload

- - -

MAC controls:

W: Walk forward

Q: Flashlight

TAB: Switch weapon

C: Crouch

A: Step left

D: Step right

S: Walk backwards

G: Grenade switch

E: Get in Vehicle

R: Reload



It was nice looking at my guide. Oh and heres some links to some of my 
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