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Halo FAQ/Walkthrough
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Halo FAQ/Walkthrough

by InvaderHera   Updated on
Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo: Combat Evolved
Game by: Bungie
Walkthrough by: Invader Hera
Table of Contents
1. Controls
2. Weapons
3. Vehicles
4. Enemies
5. Walkthrough
     A. Pillar of Autumn
     B. Halo
     C. The Truth and Reconciliation
     D. The Silent Cartographer
     E. Assault on the Control Room
     F. 343 Guilty Spark
     G. The Library
     H. Two Betrayals
     I. Keyes
     J. The Maw
6. Copyright Stuff
Left analog stick: move (press analog stick to crouch)
Right analog stick: turn
A: jump
B: melee attack
X: reload, pick up a weapon
Y: switch between weapons
L: throw grenade
R: shoot
Black button: switch between grenade type
White button: turn flashlight on or off
Start: pause game
Assault Rifle: The assault rifle can shoot very quickly.
Grenade: Grenades are very useful for hurting groups of enemies that are close 
together, but this kind doesn’t stick to enemies like the plasma grenade does.
Pistol: The pistol shoots slower than other weapons.
Rocket Launcher: The rocket launcher can be very effective at taking out a group 
of enemies, but it can also kill you if you shoot anything too close to you.
Shotgun: The shotgun is a good weapon and very effective on the Flood.
Sniper Rifle: Press down on the right analog stick to zoom in with this.  (Press 
again to zoom in more.)  This weapon is best for killing enemies from a 
distance.  Some well-aimed shots will each kill an enemy with one hit.
Needler: The needles shot from this weapon blow up.  It can kill enemies very 
quickly when they are shot with enough needles, plus the explosion can hurt 
enemies nearby.  (It seems to be most effective on the Covenant, except for the 
Jackals, since the needles bounce off their shields.)
Plasma Grenade: Plasma grenades stick to things, such as Marines, aliens, and 
yourself.  Be careful; it will kill most things it sticks to.
Plasma Pistol: The plasma pistol can be charged, but if it is used too much, it 
will overheat for a short time.  They work well on Jackal’s shields.
Plasma Rifle: The plasma rifle can shoot faster than the plasma pistol, but it 
can overheat, too.  It is also effective on the shields of the Jackals.
Warthog: Warthogs are fairly fast, and two Marines can ride with you and shoot 
things.  If you’re alone, though, you can’t kill enemies very easily.
Scorpion: The Scorpion is very strong.  Press R for a stronger attack (you have 
to wait several seconds to shoot again) and L for a faster, but weaker one.  
With the stronger one, don’t shoot anything too close by or you may hurt 
yourself or kill any Marines riding on the Scorpion.
Ghost: The Ghost is a useful vehicle that can shoot quickly, but it is easy for 
enemies to shoot you, too.
Banshee: The Banshee can fly, but it is very annoying.  You can easily be shot 
down or killed when you’re trying to get out, and if you get out while you’re 
not close enough to the ground, you’ll die.
Grunts: Grunts are the smaller aliens, which often use weapons like needlers and 
plasma pistols (and sometimes a stronger weapon similar to that of a Hunter’s, 
which blows up when they are killed).  They are very weak and run away often.
Elites: Elites are tougher aliens that you’ll see often.  They’ll usually use 
plasma rifles and sometimes camouflage and take longer to kill.
Jackals: Jackals have shields and usually use plasma pistols.  Plasma pistols 
and plasma rifles work best on their shields.  Many times, it helps to just run 
up and hit them to get their shield down, then, you can finish them off.
Hunters: Hunters are the toughest enemies, and they take a lot to kill.  Plasma 
grenades and a lot of needles from the needler work fairly well on them.  Avoid 
their guns; they can kill you very easily.
Flood: I’m not saying much about them.  You’ll find them later on….
Sentinels: You’ll find them later in the game, too.  They are machines that 
float around and attack with a beam.  They sometimes have a shield; you just 
need to shoot them extra to destroy them.
            After a cut scene, there will be a little beginning thing where you 
just need to do what you’re told.  After that, you need to go find Captain Keyes 
on the Bridge (because the mission objective said so).  You don’t have a weapon 
for now, but you don’t need one.  All you have to do is go through this area 
until you find the Bridge, where there will be a cut scene.
AI Constructs and Cyborgs First!
            As you’re leaving here, you’ll get a weapon.  Now, you need to go 
find a way off the Pillar of Autumn.  There are Grunts and Elites to fight in 
this area (elites take a lot more firepower to kill, by the way).  I don’t 
really know any way to explain this too much.  It’s easier at first to find your 
way around.  Later on, you’ll have to go through these dark, narrow areas to get 
to other places.  (After one of these, you need to press B to push open a partly 
open door.)  Now, remember to look for health packs.  They’ll restore your 
health when you need it.  Also, in an air lock are shields.  Eventually, you’ll 
get to the right place, and there will be a cut scene.
     B. HALO
Flawless Cowboy
            Some dropships and Banshees will come by, so try not to be seen.  
Stay around the trees and rocks.  Farther on, you’ll find some Grunts and 
Elites.  Kill them and past them are some Marines.  Help them fight off a lot of 
Elites, Grunts, and Jackals (the last of which have shields).  If you need it, 
you can find some health packs higher up on that big structure and a big past 
it, too.  Eventually, some good ships will come.  Then, you need to go to the 
Warthog.  You’ll need to drive into a cave somewhere and go through the tunnel 
there.  At one ramp, you have to jump over the gap after it, so make sure you 
drive quickly.  Past that are some aliens.  The guy in the back can shoot at 
them as you drive by.  After, you need to find a way across the big gap.  Get 
out of the Warthog and go over to the right.  Go up the ramp over here, and kill 
the elite here.  Past that, press X at something to make a bridge appear.  Drive 
the Warthog across that, and later on, you’ll get outside again.
Reunion Tour
            Over to the left a couple ways you can get to some structures.  
There are a lot of aliens here.  Once you get rid of all of them, get off the 
Warthog and go into the smaller structure.  Some of the Marines are in here.  
Kill the aliens in here, then, return to the Warthog.  Go back to the river and 
follow it.  Watch out for the Banshees flying overhead.  Over to the left, later 
on, you’ll find another structure.  Kill the aliens here and the ones that come 
in the dropship.  Now you have one more group of Marines to find.  Go back out 
to where the river is.  Across the river is an area with a lot of rocks.  You 
have more aliens to kill, too, and to get to all of them, you’ll need to go on 
foot.  After they’ll all gone, the Pelican will come.  Go to it and press X to 
get on.
Truth and Reconciliation
            Basically, you have to go through here and kill off several groups 
of aliens.  (And the Marines are there to help you.)  The sniper rifle is 
helpful for getting rid of several aliens before they even know you’re there.  
Watch out for the gun turrets.  It is easy, though, to kill the aliens using 
them.  Then, you can use it to shoot things.  At the second group of aliens, you 
can find a health pack.  Some camouflage can be found at the third group.  Also, 
at the third group, to get to the big ship, you need to look for a narrow place 
in the wall to go through.  Then, you can get rid of the fourth group.  Many 
aliens come from dropships or the big ship.  The gun turrets are very useful for 
getting rid of them.  Last of all, two Hunters will come, the toughest of the 
Covenant soldiers.  They aren’t that bad, though, if you just shoot them with a 
gun turret.  Then, you can go under the big ship and wait, and after a little 
bit, there will be a cut scene.
Into the Belly of the Beast
            You’re now in that big ship.  A door will open, and an invisible 
Elite will come in.  Stay away, since its sword can kill you very quickly.  More 
doors will open, and more aliens will come in.  Kill them (there’s a health pack 
and camouflage in this room, too).  Then, you need to open a door for the 
Marines.  Find which door does open (the red ones won’t open), and go through.  
Go through the hallways.  In a room, you need to get to something, but you can’t 
get to it from up here.  Kill the aliens, then, continue through the door and 
the hallways.  You’ll get to the bottom floor of the room from earlier.  Go to 
where the orange arrow is pointing.  Press X to open the door and let the 
Marines in, then, get rid of the aliens.  (There’s also a health pack in here.)  
Now go through the unlocked door (the orange arrow will point to it.)
Through the hallways, you’ll get to a bigger room.  Marines will come, and you 
can kill the aliens.  (A health pack and an over shield are here, too.)  Last of 
all, two Hunters will come.  Kill them, then, go through the door the orange 
arrow points to.  Go through the hallway to get to a bigger room.  Kill the 
aliens here, then, go to where the arrow points to.  Press X to open the shuttle 
bay door, and some Marines will be dropped off.  More aliens will come.  Kill 
them, then, go through the next door.  Through the hallway is another room.  
Kill the aliens and then continue through the door and the hallway.  (There’s a 
health pack in here.)  In the next room is an Elite with that sword, plus the 
other aliens.  Go through the door the arrow points to, then, you can go into 
the first room you get to if you want.  Press X at that thing in the back of the 
room to open the cells.  A health pack is in there.  Now, continue through the 
hallway to another room.  Be careful, the aliens in here include invisible 
Elites and one with a sword.  Open the cells, and there will be a cut scene.
Shut up and get behind me… Sir
            You have to make sure the Captain doesn’t die.  Anyway, the Captain 
and the Marines are here, and you need to get back to the shuttle bay.  Some 
invisible Elites will come in.  Kill them, then, continue back through the 
hallway.  At the next room are two invisible Elites with swords.  It is hard to 
kill both of them before they kill the Captain, so wait until that one straight 
ahead goes to the back of the room.  Both should be back there now, so run and 
kill the one on the left.  The one on the right can’t get to you, so kill it, 
too.  Now, there will be some talking, and some more aliens with come in.  Kill 
them, too.  (Captain Keyes kept getting killed quickly here, so I went out in 
the hallway while they were talking, then, went and killed the aliens from 
there.  This may help you, too.)  Now follow the orange arrow.  You’ll get to a 
room.  Kill the aliens and press X at the thing the arrow points to for a cut 
The Silent Cartographer
            You and the Marines need to go and kill all the aliens here, then, a 
Warthog will be dropped off.  Get in and drive.  There will be aliens along the 
way.  Farther on is a structure on a hill.  Below it you’ll find an over shield. 
 Go into the structure and kill the aliens, though, the door will get locked, so 
you can’t go any farther.  Leave and return to the Warthog.  Past here, you’ll 
find a path going farther into the island.  (There are also two health packs 
closer to the beach.)  Along that path are more aliens, and farther on you’ll 
find two health packs and two over shields near two Hunters.  Kill them, then, 
continue.  Past more aliens is a structure with three over shields outside it.  
Go inside and kill the two Hunters in here.  Now go forward and press X at the 
blue thing to unlock the door from earlier.
It’s Quiet…
            Now you can go look for the Silent Cartographer.  Leave this place 
(there are invisible Elites where the Hunters were) and return to the beach.  
Get back into the Warthog and continue to the left along the beach.  There are 
aliens and two health packs this way, and farther on is the beginning of the 
beach again.  Some Marines are here, in case you need some more people to help 
you.  Now continue this way to get back to a structure from earlier.  Kill the 
two Hunters outside the place (on foot) plus any other aliens, then, go inside.  
Go through the door that was previously locked.
            Go forward and there will be a little cut scene.  Go back, and 
you’ll find another hallway.  Go through here and kill the aliens in the room.  
Go trough a door in here and down a ramp.  Down here are some aliens, including 
two Hunters, and two health packs.  Behind the Hunters, go down the ramp.  In 
another room, go through a door and down another ramp.  Down another ramp, I 
think, you’ll find an over shield.  There’s also a room here (and some Elites), 
and when you press X at the thing here, you’ll activate the Silent Cartographer. 
 After a short cut scene, return to the outside.  (You’ll still have some aliens 
to get past, including an Elite with a sword at the door that was locked and 
invisible Elites in the entrance to this structure.)  At the Pelican, press X to 
leave this area.
I Would Have Been Your Daddy…
            Kill the aliens, then, go through the door.  More aliens are in the 
next room.  Past this room, you’ll get outside.  There are many aliens out here 
(and gun turrets) and on the other side of here is an Elite with a sword, so be 
careful.  Back inside, you’ll find more aliens in the next room, including an 
invisible Elite.  There’s a health pack, too.  Go down the ramp leading out of 
this room.  Go along here to find an elevator.  Press X at the controls to make 
the elevator go down.  Through another room and a few hallways is outside again. 
 There is a gun turrets, aliens, several Ghosts (and there’s one you can use 
without having to kill the Elite controlling it first), and there’s a bigger 
Covenant vehicle shooting big, blue shots.  Also, some Marines are near, near a 
flipped-over Warthog and a health pack.  Farther on in this area, you’ll find 
more Marines, aliens, a Ghost, and a Scorpion (tank).
            After getting rid of the aliens, get in the Scorpion and go through 
the tunnel nearby.  (The Scorpion is very useful, and its main cannon is very 
powerful.  Be careful, though, because if you shoot something nearby, you could 
get hurt or kill any Marines near you.)  Past the tunnel are aliens, Ghosts, gun 
turrets, and another one of those bigger vehicles that shoot stuff.  Kill them, 
then, go down the ramp.  There are two Hunters, but they can quickly be killed 
with the tank’s main cannon (press R).  Then, get out so you can press X at the 
controls to open the door.  Through that is a big room.  There are some aliens 
here, two of which are Hunters.  Also, watch out for all the gun turrets.  (When 
you first get in here, go right a bit to find a health pack.)  On the other side 
of the room, press X at the thing to open the door.  Go through.
Rolling Thunder
            Outside are many enemies.  There are aliens, Ghosts, one of those 
bigger vehicles again, a Banshee, and two Hunters.  There’s also a health pack.  
In the building is an Elite with a sword and active camouflage.  Anyway, kill 
everything here and go past where the Hunters are.  Past here are more aliens, 
including two Hunters.  Marines are here, too, though, plus two health packs in 
a kind of hidden corner and active camouflage.  The Scorpion can’t fit through 
part of the path here, so you have to continue on foot.  Past here is an Elite 
with a sword and farther on are more aliens.  Up on higher ground are Ghosts, 
gun turrets, and a Banshee.  Kill the aliens, then, go through the green door.  
(There are two red ones, but they won’t open.)  Through here is a room with 
aliens in it.  Kill them, then, continue through the next door.
            Press X at the elevator to make it go up.  In the room here are more 
aliens and a health pack.  Go through the next door and through the hallway to 
get outside again.  Kill the aliens here and the ones on the other walkway, too. 
 Through the next door are more aliens in a room and another health pack.  
Aliens are also in the hallway leading off of here and in the next room.  
Through the next door is the outside again.  Watch out for the two Hunters on 
the other walkway.  Anyway, go through the next door to another room with 
aliens.  Down the ramp leading off of here, you’ll find two invisible Elites in 
the hallway.  Kill them (there’s an active camouflage here, too), then, 
continue.  In the next room are two Hunters, which are very likely to run after 
you, so be careful.  (If you’re lucky, that active camouflage may allow you to 
smack a Hunter in the back and hopefully kill it.  Or you’ll just make it mad.)  
There’s also a health pack in here, which you probably need by now.  Coming 
through the next door are some more aliens.  Go through the door.
If I Had a Super Weapon…
            Past here, you’ll get outside.  There are aliens, one of those 
bigger Covenant vehicles, and two Banshees on the ground.  The Banshees don’t 
really have a purpose.  The door up there is locked, but there is a secret song 
I read about once that you can find here….  (Check the middle platform on the 
wall.)  Anyway, go through the next door.  In the room are aliens.  Down the 
ramp leading off of here, you’ll end up at an elevator.  Press X, and it will go 
down.  Along the path here is another room filled with aliens, including an 
invisible Elite.  There’s also a health pack up a ramp in the middle of the 
room.  The door is hard to find here, but once you find it, go through to get 
outside. Out here are some aliens, Ghosts, and another one of those bigger alien 
vehicles.  There’s a ramp going up this structure.  Going up, you’ll find three 
Hunters, other aliens, and gun turrets.  At the big door, press X at the 
controls to open it.  Many aliens are here, so kill them.  Open the next couple 
of doors, and there will be a cut scene.
     F. 343 GUILTY SPARK
Well Enough Alone
            Now you’re in a misty swamp, and you need to find Captain Keyes.  
Not far from where you start off is a ship with several health packs nearby.  
Past that is a small group of aliens.  Farther on is a Covenant ship.  More 
aliens are past that, with a bigger group near a structure.  Go in there, and 
press X at the elevator and ride it down.  There are aliens here and in the next 
room.  Go through the door.  In the next room are just a few Jackals, then, the 
next few rooms are empty.  Later, you’ll find a guy.  Stay away from him, since 
he’ll shoot at you.  Go to the upper level of this room and go through the door. 
 In the next room, press X at the controls here to make a bridge.  Cross it and 
go through the doorway.  There are two health packs here.  Go down the ramp and 
there will be a long cut scene at the door.
The Flood
            Here’s the Flood.  First, a lot of bug-type things will come in.  
You’ll die if too many get on you, I think.  Just shoot them (or preferably, 
just hit them so you don’t run out of ammo) until they break down the door you 
came in by.  Now it’s time to get out of this creepy place.  As you try to get 
through the doorway, the more human forms of the Flood will come, and you’ll be 
seeing a lot of them and their bug forms throughout the rest of this area.  I 
don’t think I need to explain the rest of this too much.  Just go back.  
Sometimes you’ll find some aliens, but they aren’t much trouble.  They’re also 
being attacked by the Flood, after all.  The path is a bit different this time, 
but with a little more effort, you’ll find your way out.  (Don’t forget to check 
the second levels of some rooms to find doors.)  Watch out for many health packs 
around, plus a few over shields and camouflage.  Also, pick up a shotgun if you 
find one.  They’ll kill the Flood in one hit.  Eventually, you’ll get out of 
this place to find the Marines.  Go with them outside.  Fight off some Flood as 
you go to a tower.
343 Guilty Spark
After a little bit of time at the tower, there will be a cut scene.
The Library
            All you have to do here is go through this area, following the 
monitor, and fight off Flood.  Some of them are big and blow up, so be careful 
of them.  They are good for shooting and blowing up other enemies, though.  
There’s not much else to say about this place.  Once you get to a big elevator, 
this part will end.
Wait, It Gets Worse!
            This is pretty much the same as the last area.  A couple of times 
you need to wait for the monitor to open a door or something.  After a bit, 
you’ll get to another big elevator.
But I Don’t Want to Ride the Elevator!
            This is just the same as the last area, and it ends at another 
Fourth Floor: Tools, Guns, Keys to Super Weapons
            This is like the last place, but at the last door a many, many 
Flood.  Once you finally manage to kill all of them off, you can go to the 
middle of the room for a cut scene.  Then, after that, you have to kill some of 
the Sentinels (those are those robot things that helped you kill the Flood 
before, right?).
The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe
            Now go to the big door and press X at the control nearby to open it. 
 There are aliens and Sentinels past here.  Through two more doors, you’ll get 
outside (to a place that you’ve been to before).  There are aliens out here and 
also one of those bigger Covenant vehicles.  Along the path down this structure, 
you’ll find a health pack and a rocket launcher.  That weapon an easily destroy 
the Covenant vehicle.  Now go to the Banshee and fly it up to a door (the orange 
arrow is pointing to it).  Kill the aliens that come through the door, then, go 
inside.  Walk right up to the Pulse Generator to destroy it, though it will get 
rid of your shield, as well.  Some Sentinels will come in.  It’s easiest to run 
into the hallway and fight them from there to let your shield recover.  Now go 
back outside.
Breaking Stuff to Look Tough
            Now fly down on the Banshee to a door lower down (that the arrow 
points to).  Kill all the aliens that come through it, then, go inside.  
(Remember that you’re going backwards through here now.  You’ll be going in the 
opposite direction that the arrows on the floor point.)  Kill the aliens in the 
next room, then, go down a ramp.  Kill the aliens in the hallways, then, in the 
next room, you’ll find aliens and the Flood.  There are also two health packs.  
Kill the enemies, then, go through the next door.  You’ll end up outside, where 
there are aliens and Flood.  And through the next door, you’ll find Flood in the 
next room, too.  In the next room are more Flood and a health pack at a door.  
Through the door, you’ll get back outside.  There are Flood and a Banshee flying 
around here.  Continue and you’ll find more Flood in the next room.
Later, you’ll get outside.  Out here are aliens, a few Flood, a Banshee in the 
air, Ghosts, and one of the bigger vehicles.  (And straight from the door is a 
lower area.  There are health packs down there.)  There’s an arrow pointing to 
where you need to go.  First, go left and down to a lower area.  Through the 
tunnel are a few more aliens.  There’s also a health pack and a Warthog.  Past 
here, you’ll find two Banshees on the ground.  Get in one and fly it up to a 
door that the arrow is pointing to.  Kill the aliens outside it, then, go 
inside.  Kill the Flood and Sentinels here, then, go up to the Pulse Generator 
to destroy it.  Be careful because Flood will come in.  Return outside now.
The Tunnels Below
            Get back into the Banshee and fly down and along the path to the 
right.  There are enemies along here, so be careful not to be shot down.  At a 
big door, land and press X at the thing nearby.  It will only open enough for 
you to go through on foot.  Kill the Flood in here, then, open the door on the 
other side of the room.  Through the next door, you’ll get back outside.
Final Run
            Out here are some aliens, Flood, and a Banshee.  If you take your 
time, the Flood will probably kill all the aliens.  Then, you can finish off the 
Flood and get in one of the Ghosts over by the gun turrets if you want to.  Past 
here are more enemies and two health packs.  Past here are more enemies, plus 
gun turrets, and two of the bigger Covenant vehicles.  There are also two 
Banshees on the ground.  Get on one and fly back in the direction you came.  The 
arrow will point you to a high up door.  Up here are Sentinels and a health 
pack.  Inside are more Sentinels that seem to have shields.  The shields go away 
when you shoot them enough.  Now walk into the Pulse Generator to destroy it, 
and there will be a cut scene.
     I. KEYES
Under New Management
            You’re in the big Covenant ship again.  Go along the path; there are 
aliens and the Flood here.  Then, in one room, you’ll fall through the big hole 
and end up in a dark area.  There are more enemies here.  Just continue along 
through here.  Later on, you’ll find a sniper rifle and a health pack right 
before you find two Hunters (and some Elites and Flood).  The sniper rifle is 
useful on getting rid of the Hunters and stuff if you don’t want to wait for the 
Flood to do it.  There’s another health pack where these enemies are, and an 
arrow will start to point where you need to go.  Farther on is another health 
pack and then a lift.  Go under it and after a short time, you’ll get back into 
the ship.
Upstairs, Downstairs
            An arrow will point where to go.  Just go along the path and fight 
off Flood.  In one area, you have to fall through the hole in the floor.  You’ll 
find more aliens and Flood after here.  Later on, you will find a lot of Flood.  
You may need to run past them.  In the next room is a health pack.  Go through 
here and through the next door.
The Captain
            Continue through the hallways.  There are aliens and Flood in here, 
and in the next room is a health pack.  There will also be a cut scene, then, a 
lot of Flood will come in.  Once you kill them, go back the way you came.  
There’s a health pack in the hallway not very far along and more enemies.  In 
the next room, there are aliens, and the Grunts have strong weapons, so be 
careful.  Continue on, and in the next room are two unlocked doors you can go 
through.  The one near the boxes doesn’t go anywhere, so go through the other 
door.  There are more aliens and Flood in here, including two Hunters.  And 
there are many aliens in the next room.  There are also a few Banshees.  Get in 
one, and there will be a cut scene.
     J. THE MAW
…And the Horse You Rode In On
            You’re in the crashed Pillar of Autumn now, and you need to get to 
the bridge.  Some Sentinels will come in here from the outside.  Destroy them, 
then, go into the narrow hallway.  In here, you’ll find a hole in the ground.  
Drop through, and you’ll find some more Sentinels and Flood.  Farther on, in one 
room are Hunters and Flood (and two health packs), and in the next room are 
aliens.  The Grunts in that next room and past it have stronger weapons than 
usual, so be careful.  Past that room (and another health pack), you’ll find the 
bridge, where there will be a cut scene.
After that, you have to destroy some Sentinels.  Go back out into the hallway 
now and over to the left.  You’ll find some Flood over here.  Farther on are 
more Flood, two Hunters, and an Elite (and a health pack).  And past here are 
Flood and Sentinels.  Now duck under the nearby door.  There are more Sentinels 
here and past here are is Cryo B.  (Before going in the room, you can jump over 
the pipes in part of the hallway to find a health pack.)  In the room are Flood. 
 Press A quickly to get up a ladder.  Up here are Sentinels (and a health pack) 
and many more Flood in a hallway.  Further on, you’ll find an over shield.  
Around here is also a doorway into a narrow hallway.  Go along here (there’s 
another health pack in here), and you’ll find a wider hallway with aliens 
(including Hunters), Flood, and Sentinels.  Kill them, then, look around.  
You’ll find arrows labeled Engineering.  One leads to a room with a lot of 
weapons and ammo, including rocket launchers, and invisible Flood.  Get a rocket 
launcher, since you’ll need one, then, follow the other arrows to a big room.
Light Fuse, Run Away
            You’ll find Flood and Sentinels here and a lot of health packs.  Go 
up ramps and stuff to get up to the third floor.  You’ll find controls that will 
move something when you press X.  This will reveal a hole in the wall that you 
need to throw a grenade in or shoot a rocket into.  When that hole is open (when 
you see orange in it), use your explosive.  It seems to be most effective to 
stand on the thing that is moving away from the hole and shoot a rocket in from 
there.  You’ll know when you’ve done it right.  Then, you need to get away, as 
there are Sentinels coming after you.  Do the same thing to the other three 
exhaust thingies, then, go where the arrow points on the third floor.  Go 
through the door and along the path.  Kill some aliens, then, get on the 
elevator and ride it up.
Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Convicts
            You have six minutes to escape.  Get in a Warthog and start driving. 
 You’ll see aliens, Flood, and Sentinels along the way, but just keep driving 
quickly and try hard not to crash.  At one point, Cortana tells you to wait, but 
the ship coming to pick you up crashes or something, so just start driving 
again.  When you can’t drive any farther, get out of the Warthog and run to the 
ship.  Then, there will be a cut scene and the credits.  Hooray, you are done!
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