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blood gulch ghost on building the right way
ok. i'm not sure why everyone needs to use other vehicles to get a ghost on a building, all you need is a ghost. if you search the area around
red base i think it is (the one that dose NOT have the nice little sniper hill behind it) their is a hill right behind the base and if you back up you will even notice a hole in the cliff to back up into. well start from as far in the hole as you can and gun it, then right before you hit the ramp press the button to pull your nose up and you should glide nicely onto the roof (no other vehicles required).
as for the blue base, start in the middle of the map between the bases but still semi-close to the cliff that doesn't have a shadow you will then go as fast as that ghost will take you to the middle (roughly) of the blue base when you do so you will notice you have to go down hill (use that nose pull up so your ghost doesn't hit the ground and loose speed
then hit the same hill you jest went down (but the part of it that curves right in your path)
use that nose pull again and you should sore perfectly.
one thing you need to remember is not to let the ghost drag or you will loose speed and not make it. another is you may want to practice this alone
and jest when you can do it flawlessly then try with firend's. for ex: i used to end up like a shark circling an enemy base weighting for them to jump down from its roof to make a break for it. then i learned this nifty cheat and they would be sitting up their feeling invincible against my running over attack (which work's way better than its weapons) when i would seemingly sprout wings and meet their "feeling invincible" smiles with the bumper of a ghost.
anyway good hunting