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If i had a super weapon...in a building
Well its not really a cheat or tip but more of something fun and challenging. This can be done on AOTCR or the two betrayals.(I think its easier on the two betrayals cous u get the Banshee earlier)You just take the banshee up to where one of those doors are in the mountain,to get it in the door you must quickly jump out then back in, the door will open and you can fly it in, however you have to sort of turn it diagnal then twist it a little to the side and back again simutainiously, this may take some time(and flight skill ) but in the end it helps a lot when you are being bombarded by flood covanant etc.Its best to do when youve beaten the game or are having trouble or unless you suck and got bored of it already, but anyway i hope you have fun with it and one more thing... GIVE THEM HELL MARINES!!