Halo Tips

Multiplayer- Out of arena- PERFECT SNIPING SPOT! IT WORkS
In sidewinder on multiplayer take a tank over where you can get RPGs [rocket launchers]. Not the place with the bridge thingy.
Note: it is hard at first but you get the hang of it.
Set the tank up against the wall as far as it can go
Note:not inside the room and the tank has to be sideways
Go back to a base and get a sniper and ghost. Take the ghost over to the tank.
[You can get a RPG if you want its more fun]
Ramp the ghost off the tank until it gets on the white. Drive the ghost until you find the red base. Get out and walk closer to the flashing light,notice there are rocks stand on the rocks in the MIDDLE [or else you will fall] take out your sniper and snipe away!! Note: DO NOT TRY THIS AT THE BLUE BASE-it has no rocks sticking out. AND ifthe other player fires back step into the white. They cant hit you but you have to be onthe rocks to hit them!