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Halo Tips

Skip Part of Assault On The Control Room
Follow The Level until the chapter -If I Had A Super Weapon-. When you get out onto the bridge thingy there are two banshees parked on it. You have to be quick though because Elites get in them. Before they do, run towards them, forgetting about the other covenant, and kill the elites (Or just one if you are on single player). Pilot the banshee(s) to the pyramid structure. The structure is the last part you have to go through on the level. If you can't even be bothered to fight the last group of enemies though do the following. Get a ghost (there should be one on the lanscape under the bridge near the wraith tank that is free)and go up to the top of the pyramid. Take a small run up and drive your ghost sideways towards the door. Get out when you are about to hit it and the ghost should push you through it. The covenant on the other side will not have loaded properly and will just stand and look around as if you are not there. kill them then finish then level.