[edit] Background

Halo Wars is a RTS game from the Halo series which is set before the events of first game in the series: Halo: Combat Evolved. Unlike other Halo games, the player controls a team of soldiers who are fighting to stop the advancing Covenant army.

The player follows a UNSC warship named “Spirit of Fire” on it's mission to investigate Covenant activity and quickly discovers that the hostile force has been excavating something on a ruined planet. The situation quickly spirals downwards as the Covenant starts attacking the civilians of human colonies and put their super-weapon to use. Spirit of Fire follows the destruction and races to stop the escalating chaos.

It was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft in 2009 for the Xbox 360; a Definitive Edition has been confirmed to be coming for Xbox One and Windows PC in the near future.

[edit] Gameplay

Just like with other RTS games, the player controls the game from a birds-eye view and places emphasis on management; the player needs to take care of their resources which are necessary to construct or upgrade buildings and produce new units.

Combat is also important in the game and each type of unit is effective against another specific type; most units in the game have a special ability which can be used at any time during the game, the Spirit of Fire can also be accessed during battle and summoned to use different abilities.

The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy bases by attacking with them troops constructed from the player's base; the player needs to expand their own bases to collect more resources and upgrade their army. Technology plays an important role in the game and unlocks necessary components for the player to use.

It features a main story-based campaign mode which can also be played co-operatively with a second player through Xbox Live; the Skirmish Mode allows players to compete in quick-battles against the AI or other players in PvP fights. Playing in Skirmish Mode provides players with two different factions to select from and a range of leaders for their army; each leader has unique abilities and both factions have different units.

[edit] Features

Strategic management – Control the army and grow the bases to become strong enough to defeat the Covenant

Story-based Campaign – Fight through the main campaign to stop the evil Covenant plot

Skirmish Mode – Compete in quick battles with a range of unique leaders and play as the Covenant

Multiplayer – Work with a second player to complete the main campaign or fight in PvP skirmishes online

[edit] Players liked:

  • Interesting story and cutscenes
  • Nice mission variety in the main campaign
  • Great unit selection for each faction
  • Co-op is good

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Multiplayer options are limited
  • Maps are too small
  • Flood is missing from the game

Official URL

Official Site


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Halo Wars sells one millionth copy

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Microsoft releases Universe Expanded: Act I

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The Halo series is one of the best series franchise that was ever created, and it is one of the most hyped title. The series started with Halo: Combat Evolved and the latest is Halo Reach, no wonder why this series has this much of popularity, it all started from the very first killer app. The series has an overall natural feeling of epicness for the fans, the answer to the question is the fan. Without the existence of the loyal Halo fan, it wouldn't be that popular.

The game has a story that grabs the reader or the viewer more into it, and gives him lots of questions and answers as well, it is very interesting and complicated. The range at which the story takes place is huge and epic, starting with the ancient Forerunners wars with the Floods and through Human Civil conflicts to Covenant war and Flood domination into peace. This huge plot with tiny little stories, tons of it in each phase, the saga of the elites and the Arbiter. The origins of john-117, and the saga of the Halos. It is just incredible how the fictional universe of Halo was created and developed, it is just so true we can feel it as an alternative dimension. The amount of characters and each's origin and role in the universe, the large amount of technologies and information about everything makes it a huge series.

The Master Chief, John-117, probably the main reason of Halo's popularity. The character of the chief is so plain and simple, with no expression at all since his face is covered the whole time, but though the chief's character is far more complex and complicated by the fans. The fact that his face was never shown, and the assumption of his face being the helmet's glass sometimes, it is the mystery behind that green helmet. Master chief is one of the most popular character within a game's fan, you can tell he is higher in popularity and hype than Chuck Norris in the internet culture. Yes, indeed, it is the internet which also helped to rise this game's popularity.

When the release date for Halo 3 was announced, tons of advertisement were thrown all over the world. You can tell that each person on earth knew about Halo or the Master Chief, he was everywhere. On the streets, on subways, over the internet, TV and even soft drinks. It has stick itself to the culture, this Halo series. And with the end of the series, Reach being the last, the life of this series is still unkown. But predictions were made, and it was guaranteed that the Halo era would last for another 30 years.

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A Halo strategy game. What could go wrong? HaloWars
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