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Halo Reach review
Halo Reach is a one of a kind game, incredible.

The good:

Halo Reach offers a game suitable to any Halo fan. Superb gameplay, new vehicles and the addition of armor abilities. With game modes like Firefight, the introduction of Halo Anniversary maps and a dedicated Multiplayer server, Reach more than caters for FPS fans.

The bad:

There isn't many negatives, apart from the lack of a ranking system. New players can often be ranked with very experienced players, making the online games seem quite daunting for a while. This leaves teams unbalanced, but players will be accustomed to the gameplay quickly.


Halo Reach takes you back to the very beginning of the Covenant/Human struggle. The scene is set on Reach, a large human colony that is home to large research facilities and other various projects, which remain classified. The story takes off with the introduction to 'Noble Team', a squad of Spartan Specialists, with abilities and skills of their own. Here are the names and backgrounds of the Spartans:

• Commander Carter-A259; the leader of Noble Team, a commander in the UNSC forces, Carter has lead Noble Team into many fights, and is considered a fearless leader.

• Lieutenant Commander Kat-B320; second in charge of Noble Team. She is tech savvy, and has quite a fiery temper. Smart, agile, and a great fighter, she is an irreplaceable asset to the team.

• Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052; the third member of Noble Team, and a heavy weapon connoisseur. Often referred to as 'Big Man', Jorge is a tough, headstrong Spartan. Wielding a Turret, he's a dangerous foe to the Covenant.

• Warrant Officer Emile-A239; The quiet achiever, Emile is often seen with his knife, or a Shotgun. Often hot headed, he tends to clash with Jorge, creating tension within the team.

• Warrant Officer Jun-A266; the improvisor. Wielding a Sniper, Jun is a keen shot and is the one person you wouldn't forget to bring to a firefight.

• Lieutenant Spartan-B312; the new recruit to Noble Team. This tenacious Spartan is often known for his Lone Wolf qualities, but will need to learn to work with his team in this fight.

Gameplay brings new elements to the Halo series, which includes new armor abilities such as Sprint, Armor Lock, Bubble shield and Evade.

While the feel of weapons hasn't changed, the uses of some weapons have been modified. For example, the Pistol has changed drastically. It is more accurate, very effective against basic infantry and features a 2x scope, which can help when overwhelmed by a group of grunts, or a couple of pesky jackals. Along with your favorites, Reach brought new weapons to the fray. The 'DMR' is a Semi Automatic Rifle, highly accurate and powerful, it can bring down a shielded enemy quickly, and to an unshielded enemy, a headshot guarantees a kill. This weapon quickly became a fan favorite and has since made it's debut to other games like Halo 4. Another human weapon to be introduced is the Target Locator. A lazer guided weapon, it pinpoints a location for airborne units to begin a 'bombing run'. Once a target or targeted area is selected, a series of devastating bombs will begin to hit the area. Large amounts of enemies can be wiped away with the use of an accurately placed marking.

With the addition of new Human weapons, comes the Covenant weapons. One of these weapons, is called "The Concussion Rifle". This semi automatic weapon shoots large plasma bolts, which not only cause large amounts of damage, but push a player back. While it is semi automatic, it's rate of fire is significantly fast, making it very effective. Another weapon to make it's debut is the "Needle Rifle". The human version of the DMR, this weapon is a semi automatic weapon, not only able to quickly take an enemy shied down, it also shoots projectiles into the enemy, that explode. After a certain amount of projective make contact, that will explode, killing the enemy.

Since Halo 3, enemy AI have been given a boost. Enemies are more likely to dodge fire and grenades, they are more tactically sound and group leaders command the lesser infantry.
Enemies will vary, depending on the situation. When attacking a human base, they will begin to drop off groups of enemies, when met with significant resistance, ships will begin to drop off heavy reinforcements, enemies with heavy weapons, heavily armored or with special abilities such as invisibility, or overshields. Some of the enemies you will encounter include:

• Elites; the leaders of the covenant troops. These fierce enemies range from Elite Minors, Majors, Spec Ops, Stealth, Zealots and Generals. Intelligent, tactility sound, these enemies provide a significant challenge.

• Brutes; first seen in Halo 2, these new and improved enemies will test a player. A simple Brute Minor can be killed by shooting his helmet off, while a Brute Chieftain is shielded, heavily armored and often found with heavy weapons. They are capable of reducing a large group of humans to a pile of bodies.

• Grunts; the basic infantry of the Covenant. While they cower when by themselves, a group of grunts can be quickly underestimated. Fearless when attacking with an Elite or Brute, they are pesky but challenging enemies.

• Jackals; armed with a shield and a plasma pistol, these enemies can be found in pairs. When charging their plasma pistol, they quickly take down shields, allowing other infantry to quickly kill shielded Spartans. It is best to take their shields down, then quickly kill them with a headshot.

The surrounding and buildings are well detailed, and the AI has been improved since the earlier games in the series. The Soundtrack to the game is finely crafted, and really engages the player, drawing them into the world of Reach.

Marty O'Donnell has mastered his craft, and displays this perfectly in Halo Reach.

Noble team must take part in the fight, which will lead them to the keypoints of Reach, as they struggle to take back control. The Covenant are searching for the Human home world, they will collect as much information as possible, and will stop at nothing to find it.

I highly recommend this game, if you are a Halo fan, then you must get Halo Reach, to find out the struggle of Noble Team, and bring the events of the past to life.

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